For the Temple
For the Temple
G. A. Henty

Produced by Martin Robb.
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Chapter 1: The Lake Of Tiberias.

Chapter 2: A Storm On Galilee.

Chapter 3: The Revolt Against Rome.

Chapter 4: The Lull Before The Storm.

Chapter 5: The Siege Of Jotapata.

Chapter 6: The Fall Of The City.

Chapter 7: The Massacre On The Lake.

Chapter 8: Among The Mountains.

Chapter 9: The Storming Of Gamala.

Chapter 10: Captives.

Chapter 11: A Tale Of Civil Strife.

Chapter 12: Desultory Fighting.

Chapter 13: The Test Of Devotion.

Chapter 14: Jerusalem.

Chapter 15: The Siege Is Begun.

Chapter 16: The Subterranean Passage.

Chapter 17: The Capture Of The Temple.

Chapter 18: Slaves.

Chapter 19: At Rome.

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For the Temple
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