Quiet Talks with World Winners

Title Page

The Master Passion

The Earliest Calvary Picture.

The Love Passion.


The Genesis Picture.

God Giving Himself.

God's Fellow.

The Genesis Water-mark.

A Human Picture of God.

On a Wooing Errand.

Jesus' World-passion.

The Plan

Will the World Be Won?

Some Bad Drifts.

Great Incidental Blessings.

The World Really Lost.

God's Method of Saving.

The Programme of World-winning.

Early Moorings.

Service Unites.

The World-winning Climb.

The Need

Three Great Groups.

The Needle of the Compass of Need.

A Quick Run Round the World.

West by Way of the East.

Christian Lands.

The Greatest Need.

Groping in the Dark.

Living Messages of Jesus.

The Great Unknown Lack.

The Present Opportunity

Somebody's Knocking at the Door.

They're Standing in the Dark.

Who's There?

The Coming Great Leaders.

What Do They Want?

Returning Our Call.


The Pressing Emergency

The October Panic.

Danger and Victory Eying each other.

Spirit Contests.

A Crisis of Neglect and Success.

A Westernized Heathenism.

A Powerless Christianity.

Death or Deep Water.

Saved by Saving.

The Past Failure

Some of God's Failures.

Where the Reproach of Failure Lies.

God's Sovereignty.

The Church Mission.

"Christ also Waits."

The Coming Victory

Failure Swallowed by Victory.

The Revised Missionary Motto.

Ahead, But Behind.

In a Swift Current.

Power of Leadership.

A Minority Movement.

A Great World-chorus.

The Oratorio of Victory.

The Church

Forces That Win.

The Divine Law of Leadership.

God's Messenger.

Reaching Out For a World.

"Keep Step."

"Find My World and Win it Back."

Each One of Us

Our Drawing Power.

Sowing Ourselves in Life's Soil.

Our Need of a World to Win.

Living Broad Lives in Narrow Alleys.

Giving God Free Use of Ourselves.

Growing Bigger for Service's Sake.

My Mission-field.

Our Spirit-touch.


Jesus Draws Men.

Jesus Draws Out the Best.

Many Doors, but One Purpose.

Make it a Story.

How Peter Told Paul.

"A More Excellent Way."

The Holy Spirit

The Last Talk Together.

The Partnership of Service.

The Power That Never Fails.

The Trinity of Service.

Living on the Top Floor.

Partial Weavings of the Strands.

Unbroken Connection Above.


The Greatest Doing Is Praying.

At the Other End.

A Weekly Journey round the World.

Prayer a Habit.

A Praying Bent of Mind.

The Man is the Prayer.

Unseen Changes Going On.



The Best Partnership.

Jesus' Teaching.

Be Your Own Executor.

Missing the Master's Meaning.

Money Talks.


Rusty Money.

Are We True To Our Friend's Trust?


One Hank Over For the Candle.

Sin's Healing Shadow.

The Underground Way Into Life.

A Rare Harvest.

The Fellowship of Scars.

"Won't You Save Me?"


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