Quiet Talks on Service

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Personal Contact With Jesus: The Beginning of Service. (John i:35-51.)

The Beginning of an Endless Friendship.

An Ideal Biography.

The Eyes of the Heart.

We are Changed.

The Outlook Changed.

Talking with Jesus.

Getting Somebody Else.

The True Source of Strong Service.

The Triple Life: The Perspective of Service. (Luke ix:1-6; x:1-3, 17; John xx:19-23; Matthew xxviii:18-20.)

On An Errand for Jesus.

The Parting Message.

A Secret Life of Prayer.

An Open Life of Purity.

An Active Life of Service.

The Perspective of True Service.

A Long Time Coming.

Yokefellows: The Rhythm of Service. (Matthew xi. 25-30; Luke x:1, 17, 21-24.)

The Master's Invitation.

Surrender a Law of Life.

Free Surrender.


Yoked Service.

In Step with Jesus.

The Scar-marks of Surrender.

Full Power through Rhythm.

He is Our Peace.

The Master's Touch.

A Passion for Winning Men: The Motive-power of Service. (Mark vi:30-34.)

A Day off.

Moved with Compassion.

Counting on Us.

The Secret of Winsomeness.

"As the Stars."

The Finest Wisdom.

Three Essentials.

A Blessed Library Corner.

"Two Missing"--"Go Ye."

Deep-Sea Fishing: The Ambition of Service. (Luke v:1-11.)

A Water Haul.

Living up in the Spirit Realm.

Saved to Serve.

Ambition in Service.

Use What You Have.

Expectancy in Service.

Jesus Went into the Deeps.

Money: The Golden Channel of Service. (Luke xvi:1-18.)

Touching a Limitless Circle.

Peculiar Effects of Money.

Jesus' Law for the Use of Money.

Foreign Exchange.

Gold-Exchanged Lives.

Spirit Alchemy.

The Fragrance of the Life in the Gift.

Sacrifice Hallows and Increases the Gift.

A Living Sacrifice.

Worry: A Hindrance to Service. (Psalm xxxvii:1-11; Matthew vi:19-34, Philippians iv:6-7. American Revision.)

Fear Not.

A Fence of Trust.

A Lord of the Harvest.

Do Your Best--Leave the Rest.

Anxious for Nothing.

Thankful for Anything.

Prayerful about Everything.

A Steamer Chair for His Friend.

He Has You on His Heart.

Paul's Prison Psalm.

He Touched Her Hand.

Gideon's Band: Sifted for Service. (1 Corinthians i:18-31; Judges vi and vii.)

God Wants the Best.

God's Use of Weak Things.

Call for Volunteers.

A Willing People.

Courageous Volunteers.

Irresistible Logic.

Hot Hearts.

God Still Sifting.


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