Quiet Talks on John's Gospel

Title Page


I John's Story


The Heart-strings of God.

The Fourfold Message.

God on a Wooing Errand.

The Water-Mark of John's Gospel.

Jesus the Dividing Line.

Spelling God.

Three Keys.

He Comes to His Own.

II The Wooing Lover (John i. 1-18.)


In His Own Image.

The Gospel According to--You.

God in Human Garb.

God at His Best.

Packing Most in Least.

The Heart-road to the Head.

Tarshish or Nineveh?

Living Martyrs.

The Forgotten Preacher.

The One Thing to Aim At.

The Real Thing of Light.

Looking for Recognition.

A Heart-breaking Verse.

He Came to His Own.

The Oldest Family.

How We Don't Get In, and How We Do.

Our Tented Neighbour.

Grace and Truth Coupled.

Grace Flooding.

The Spokesman of God.

III The Lover Wooing (John i. 19-xii. 50)


The Mother of all Love-Words.

Five Pictures of Jesus.


Climbing towards the Climax.

Way-marks in John's Narrative.

Tapestry Threads.

Growing Faith.

The Bethany Height of Faith.

The Ugly Thread in the Weaving.

The Glory-Coloured Thread.

Intenser Wooing.

Love Wooing Yet More.

Jesus Recognised by all the Race.

IV Closer Wooing (Chapters xiii.-xvii.)



Teaching Three Things in One Action.


The Great Vine Picture.

Taken into the Innermost Life.

Simplified Spelling.

V The Greatest Wooing (John xviii.-xix.)


Wider Wooing.

Masterful Dying.

VI An Appointed Tryst Unexpectedly Kept (John xx.)


The Appointment.

How the Appointment Was Kept.

Our Guarantee of His Promises.

VII Another Tryst (John xxi.)


Jesus Unrecognised.

The Same Jesus Here Now.


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