Blessed is He who Atoned Your Sins, that Ye Might Receive his Body Worthily!
(Resp. -- Blessed is He Who atoned your sins, that ye might receive His Body worthily!)

1. The flock of Jacob came down -- and stood round the well of water. -- In the water they put on the similitude of the wood that was covered by it. -- Mysteries these and types of the Cross, -- wherein the parables are interpreted.

2. There are shown in these rods similitudes, -- and in the sheep, parables. -- The Cross in the rods is figured, and in the sheep the souls of men. -- His wood was a mystery of our Wood; -- likewise his sheep a mystery of our flock.

3. The sheep of Christ rejoice, -- and stand round the laver of baptism; -- in the water they put on the likeness -- of the living and goodly Cross -- whereon gaze all things created, -- and all of it is stamped on them all.

4. At the well Rebecca received -- in her ears and hands the jewels. -- The Spouse of Christ has put on -- precious things that are from the water: -- on her hand the living Body, -- and in her ears the promises.

5. Moses drew water and watered the sheep -- of Jethro the priest of sin. -- But our Shepherd has baptized His sheep -- Who is the high priest of truth. -- At the well the flocks were dumb, -- but here the sheep have speech.

6. The People passed through the water and were baptized: -- the People came up on dry land and became as heathen. -- The Commandment was savourless in their ears; -- the manna corrupted in their vessels. -- Eat ye the living Body, -- the medicine of life that gives life to all!

7. To the sons of Lot Moses said, -- "Give us water for money, -- let us only pass by through your border." -- They refused the way, and the temporal water. -- Lo! the living water freely [512] given, -- and the path that leads to Eden!

8. From the water Gideon chose for himself -- the men who were victorious in the battle. -- Ye have gone down to the victorious waters: -- come ye up and triumph in the fight! -- receive from the water atonement, -- and from the fight the crowning!

9. Ye baptized, receive your lamps, -- like the lamps of the house of Gideon; -- conquer the darkness by your lamps, -- and the silence by your hosannas! -- Gideon likewise in the battle -- triumphed by the shout and the flame.

10. David the King longed after -- the water of the well, and they brought it him; -- but he drank it not, for he saw that with blood of men it was bought. -- In the midst of the water ye have revelled -- that was bought with the blood of God.

11. Out of Edom the prophet saw -- God coming as one that presses the grapes. -- He made ready the winepress of wrath, -- He trod down the peoples and delivered the People. -- He has turned and ordained Baptism; -- the peoples live, the People is come to nought.

12. In the river Jeremiah buried -- the linen girdle that was marred; -- and [the People] waxed old and decayed. -- ... -- The peoples that were decayed and marred, -- by the waters have been clad in newness.

13. In Siloam, [513] the blessed stream -- the priests anointed Solomon. -- His youth was had in honour; -- his old age was despised. -- Through the pure waters ye have been clad -- in the purity of Heaven.

14. The fleece that was dry from the dew, -- Jerusalem was figured in it: -- the bason that was filled with water, -- Baptism was figured in it. -- That was dry after the manner of its type; -- this was full after the manner of its symbol.

15. The wearied body in water -- washes and is refreshed from its toil. -- Lo! the laver in which are hidden -- refreshing and life and delights. -- In it wearied Adam had rest -- who brought labour into the creation.

16. The fountain of sweat in the body -- is set to protect against fever: -- the fountain of Baptism -- is set to protect against the Flame. -- This is the water that avails -- for the quenching of Gehenna.

17. He who journeys through the desert, -- as armour takes to himself water -- against all-conquering thirst. -- Go ye down to the fountain of Christ, -- receive life in your members, -- as armour against death.

18. Again, the diver brings up -- out of the sea the pearl. -- Be baptized and bring up from the water -- purity that therein is hidden, -- the pearl that is set as a jewel -- in the crown of the Godhead.

19. Sweet water in his vessel -- the seaman lays up as a store; -- in the midst of the sea he lays up and keeps it, the sweet in the midst of the bitter. -- So amidst the floods of sin, -- keep ye the water of Baptism.

20. The woman of Samaria said to our Lord, -- "Lo! verily the well is deep." -- Baptism though it be high, -- in its mercy has stooped down with us: -- for the atonement is from above -- that has come down unto sinners.

21. "He that drinks the water that I shall give him, -- verily never again shall he thirst." -- For this holy Baptism, -- for it be ye athirst, my beloved; -- never again shall ye be athirst, -- so that ye should come to another baptism.

22. In the baptism of Siloam -- the blind man washed, and his eyeballs -- were opened and enlightened by the water; -- he cast off the darkness that was on them. -- The hidden darkness ye have cast off; -- from the water ye have been clad in light.

23. His hands Pilate washed -- that he might not be of them that slew. -- Ye have bathed your bodies, -- your hands together with your mouths. -- Go in and be of them that eat, -- for this medicine of life gives life to all.

24. "Come after Me and verily I will make you -- fishers of men." -- For instead of a draught of that which perishes, -- they fished for the draught that is forever. -- They who had taken fishes for death, -- baptized and gave life to them that were to die.

25. An hundred and fifty fishes were taken -- by Simon's net from the water; -- but there were taken by his preaching, -- out of the bosom of Baptism, -- ten thousands and thousands of men, -- a draught of the sons of the Kingdom.

26. Lo! our priest as a fisher -- over the scanty water is standing; -- he has taken thence a great draught -- of every shape and of every kind; -- he has drawn up the draught to bring it near -- to the King of kings, most high.

27. Simon took the fishes and drew them up, -- and they were brought near before our Lord: -- Our priest has taken from out of the water, -- by the Hand which he received from Simon, -- virgins and chaste men who are brought near -- in the festival of the Lord of feasts.

28. In Thy mercy I adjure Thee pardon me, -- for in mercy Thou too hast sworn, -- Rabboni, "In the death of him that dieth, -- I have no pleasure, but in his life." -- Thou hast sworn and I have adjured: -- O Thou Who hast sworn, pardon him who has adjured!


[512] Revelation 21:6, xxii. 17.

[513] So in Peshitto, 1 Kin. i. 38; but Gihon in the Hebrew.

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