Blessed be He who was Baptized that He Might Baptize You, that Ye Should be Absolved from Your Offences
(Resp. -- Blessed be He Who was baptized that He might baptize you, that ye should be absolved from your offences.)

1. The Spirit came down from on high, -- and hallowed the waters by His brooding. -- In the baptism of John, -- He passed by the rest and abode on One: -- but now He has descended and abode, -- on all that are born of the water.

2. Out of all that John baptized, -- on One it was that the Spirit dwelt: -- but now He has flown and come down, -- that He may dwell on the many; -- and as each after each comes up, -- He loves him and abides on him.

3. A marvel it is that surpasses all! -- To the water He went down and was baptized. -- The seas declared it blessed, -- that river wherein Thou wast baptized: -- even the waters that were in heaven envied, -- because they were not worthy to be Thy bath.

4. A marvel it is, O my Lord, now also, -- that while the fountains are full of water, -- it is the water of baptism, -- that alone is able to atone. -- Mighty is the water in the seas, -- yet is it too weak for atonement.

5. Thy might, O my Lord, if it abides, -- within the humble it exalts him; -- like as royalty if it abide -- within the desert gives it peace. -- Water by Thy might has triumphed -- over sin, for Life has encompassed it.

6. The sheep exulted when they saw -- the hand draw nigh to baptize them. -- Receive, O ye sheep, your sealing; enter and be mingled in the flock! -- for more than over all the flock, -- over you rejoice the Watchers to-day.

7. The Angels and the Watchers rejoice -- over that which is born of the Spirit and of water: -- they rejoice that by fire and by the Spirit, -- the corporeal have become spiritual. -- The Seraphins who sing "Holy" rejoice, -- that they who are made holy have been increased.

8. For lo! the Angels rejoice -- over one sinner if he repent: -- how much more do they now rejoice -- that in all churches and congregations, -- lo! Baptism is bringing forth -- the heavenly from the earthly!

9. The baptized when they come up are sanctified; -- the sealed when they go down are pardoned. -- They who come up have put on glory; -- they who go down have cast off sin. -- Adam put off his glory in a moment; -- ye have been clothed with glory in a moment.

10. A house that is of dust when it has fallen, -- by means of water can be renewed: -- the body of Adam that was of dust, -- which had fallen by water has been renewed. -- Lo! the priests as builders -- afresh renew your bodies.

11. A great marvel is this of the wool, -- that it can take every dye, -- as the mind takes every discourse. -- By the name of its dye it is called; -- as ye who were -- baptized when "Hearers," -- have gained the name of "Recipients."

12. The common waters he sanctified -- even Elisha through the Name that is secret. -- In them washed the leper openly, -- and was cleansed by the Power that is secret: -- the leprosy was done away in the water, as transgressions in Baptism.

13. To-day, lo! your offences are blotted out, -- and your names are written down. -- The priest blots out in the water; -- and Christ writes down in Heaven. -- By the blotting out and the writing down -- lo! doubled is your rejoicing.

14. Lo! mercy has dawned to-day; -- and from bound to bound it stretches: -- the sun has sunk and mercy has dawned. -- Justice has drawn in her wrath; Grace has spread forth her love, -- lo! she pardons and quickens freely.

15. The sheep that beforetime were in the fold -- lo! they hasten forth to greet -- the new lambs that have been added to it. -- They are white and are clad in white; -- within and without white are your bodies as your vestments.

16. From every mouth "Blessed are ye," -- on every side "Blessed are ye." -- Sin from you is driven out, -- and the Holy Spirit on you is dwelling. -- The Evil One is become sad of countenance; -- the Good God makes glad your countenance.

17. The gift that ye have received freely, -- cease not from watching over it: -- this pearl if it shall be lost -- cannot again be sought out, -- for it is like to virginity -- which if it be lost is not to be found.

18. May ye from all defilement -- be kept by the power of your white robes! -- and he whose freedom has defiled itself -- may it be able to wash itself clean by his weeping! -- For me who am servant of the community -- may the supplication of the community win pardon!

19. To the author who has toiled in words, -- be reconciliation in rest! -- to the teacher who has toiled with voice, -- be forgiveness through grace! -- to the priest who has toiled in baptizing, -- let there come the crown of righteousness!

20. From every mouth with one consent, -- of those beneath and those above, -- Watchers, Cherubin, and Seraphin, -- the baptized, the sealed, and the hearers, -- let each of us cry aloud and say, -- "Glory to the Lord of our feasts!"

hymn v blessed be he
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