The Instructions of Commodianus in favour of Christian Discipline
The Instructions of Commodianus in favour of Christian Discipline

Translated by the Rev. Robert Ernest Wallis, Ph.D.
Table of Contents

Title Page

Introductory Note to the Instructions of Commodianus.


II.--God's Indignation.

III.--The Worship of Demons.



VI.--Of the Same Jupiter's Thunderbolt.

VII.--Of the Septizonium and the Stars.

VIII.--Of the Sun and Moon.



XI.--Apollo the Soothsaying and False.

XII.--Father Liber--Bacchus.

XIII.--The Unconquered One.



XVI.--Of the Gods and Goddesses.

XVII.--Of Their Images.

XVIII.--Of Ammydates and the Great God.

XIX.--Of the Vain Nemesiaci.

XX.--The Titans.

XXI.--The Montesiani.

XXII.--The Dulness of the Age.

XXIII.--Of Those Who are Everywhere Ready.

XXIV.--Of Those Who Live Between the Two.

XXV.--They Who Fear and Will Not Believe.

XXVI.--To Those Who Resist the Law of Christ the Living God.

XXVII.--O Fool, Thou Dost Not Die to God.

XXVIII.--The Righteous Rise Again.

XXIX.--To the Wicked and Unbelieving Rich Man.

XXX.--Rich Men, Be Humble.

XXXI.--To Judges.

XXXII.--To Self-Pleasers.

XXXIII.--To the Gentiles.

XXXIV.--Moreover, to Ignorant Gentiles.

XXXV.--Of the Tree of Life and Death.

XXXVI.--Of the Foolishness of the Cross.

XXXVII.--The Fanatics Who Judaize.

XXXVIII.--To the Jews.

XXXIX.--Also to the Jews.

XL.--Again to the Same.

XLI.--Of the Time of Antichrist.

XLII.--Of the Hidden and Holy People of the Almighty Christ, the Living God.

XLIII.--Of the End of This Age.

XLIV.--Of the First Resurrection.

XLV.--Of the Day of Judgment.

XLVI.--To Catechumens.

XLVII.--To the Faithful.

XLVIII.--O Faithful, Beware of Evil.

XLIX.--To Penitents.

L.--Who Have Apostatized from God.

LI.--Of Infants.


LIII.--To the Soldiers of Christ.

LIV.--Of Fugitives.

LV.--Of the Seed of the Tares.

LVI.--To the Dissembler.

LVII.--That Worldly Things are Absolutely to Be Avoided.

LVIII.--That the Christian Should Be Such.

LIX.--To the Matrons of the Church of the Living God.

LX.--To the Same Again.

LXI.--In the Church to All the People of God.

LXII.--To Him Who Wishes for Martyrdom.

LXIII.--The Daily War.

LXIV.--Of the Zeal of Concupiscence.

LXV.--They Who Give from Evil.

LXVI.--Of a Deceitful Peace.

LXVIII.--To Ministers.

LXIX.--To God's Shepherds.

LXX.--I Speak to the Elder-Born.

LXXI.--To Visit the Sick.

LXXII.--To the Poor in Health.

LXXIII.--That Sons are Not to Be Bewailed.

LXXIV.--Of Funeral Pomp.

LXXV.--To the Clerks.

LXXVI.--Of Those Who Gossip, and of Silence.

LXXVII.--To the Drunkards.

LXXVIII.--To the Pastors.

LXXIX.--To the Petitioners.

LXXX.--The Name of the Man of Gaza.


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The Instructions of Commodianus in favour of Christian Discipline
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