Exhortation to the Heathen
Exhortation to the Heathen
Clement of Alexandria

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Introductory Note to Clement of Alexandria

Chapter I.--Exhortation to Abandon the Impious Mysteries of Idolatry for the Adoration of the Divine Word and God the Father.

Chapter II.--The Absurdity and Impiety of the Heathen Mysteries and Fables About the Birth and Death of Their Gods.

Chapter III.--The Cruelty of the Sacrifices to the Gods.

Chapter IV.--The Absurdity and Shamefulness of the Images by Which the Gods are Worshipped.

Chapter V.--The Opinions of the Philosophers Respecting God.

Chapter VI.--By Divine Inspiration Philosophers Sometimes Hit on the Truth.

Chapter VII.--The Poets Also Bear Testimony to the Truth.

Chapter VIII.--The True Doctrine is to Be Sought in the Prophets.

Chapter IX.--"That Those Grievously Sin Who Despise or Neglect God's Gracious Calling."

Chapter X.--Answer to the Objection of the Heathen, that It Was Not Right to Abandon the Customs of Their Fathers.

Chapter XI.--How Great are the Benefits Conferred on Man Through the Advent of Christ.

Chapter XII.--Exhortation to Abandon Their Old Errors and Listen to the Instructions of Christ.

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Exhortation to the Heathen
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