Homilies on Philippians, Colossians, and Thessalonians.
Aaron, why he was not smitten with leprosy as Miriam, [657]274.

Abel, suffered through love, [658]342; shall meet Christ, [659]356.

Abraham, example of good use of riches, [660]240; his offering Isaac a type of our Lord's death, [661]283; bid sacrifice Isaac, that he might be rewarded, [662]331; an example to bereaved parents, [663]336; prayed for Sodom, [664]342; preferred God to all things, [665]350; heard even his wife for God's sake, [666]350; blessed in his family for this, [667]350; not heard for Sodom, [668]358; his reward greater for his not knowing the future, [669]361; had children, but was not covetous, [670]369; his hospitality, [671]ib.; wronged by Lot, [672]ib.

Accusation, false, met by explanation, true by acknowledgment and amendment, [673]392.

Achaia, churches of, [674]381.

Achan, sacrilege of, punished, [675]359.

Actions, tradition by, [676]344, [677]394.

Acts, of mercy to be done against the last day, [678]202; noble acts not performed without daring, [679]226; evil actions spring from thoughts, [680]247.

Adam, first of mankind, [681]271; difference between him and a Christian, [682]287.

Adjuration, by Christ, once feared, now despised, [683]372; a woman rewarded for regarding, [684]373.

Admonition, indirect, most effective, [685]348; relieved by praise, [686]ib.; disliked, [687]366; should be gentle, [688]367; followed up with prayer, [689]371; of an offending brother, private, [690]395.

Admonitions, should be coupled with commendations, [691]219.

Adrian, sufferings of Jews from, [692]358.

Adultery, has worse effects than fornication, [693]248; is uncleanness, [694]342; forbidden to men as well as to women, [695]345; a work of darkness, [696]362; most insulting if open, [697]370.

Affliction, of self, now a virtue, at Day of Judgment an unprofitable reflection, [698]245; a benefit, [699]253; no one free from it even in this world's contests, [700]253; from it ease springs, [701]255; admits spiritual joy, [702]325 (see [703]Trial) ; the lot of Christians, [704]335; less felt when we have great blessings, [705]350; grace and comfort in, [706]380; unity a help in, [707]380-81; shakes the weak, confirms the strong, [708]380; comfort in, [709]382; a temptation against love of God, [710]393.

Ahithophel, example of flattery, [711]205.

Alexander the coppersmith, [712]391.

Alexander, called the Macedonian, [713]328; his conquests prophesied of, [714]ib.

Alms, adorn the soul, root out covetousness, raise soul toward heaven, bring blessings, assist the dead, [715]197; a help to catechumens, [716]ib.; measured by the purpose of the giver, [717]251-52; are a sweet savor to God, [718]ib.; should be given in proportion to the property a person has, [719]294; are a more beautiful clothing than golden ornaments, [720]307; surpassed by thanksgiving and losses, [721]337; giving, relieves one's losses, [722]338; stores for, [723]338; oil of our lamp, [724]371; are for those who cannot support themselves, [725]394.

Almsgiving, to ministers a gain to the giver, [726]187; the right disposition of giving, [727]187; removes sins of the giver, [728]ib.; should be to the poorer before the richer, [729]ib.; not to a saint in abundance, [730]ib.; should be without nice curiosity, [731]188; its good effects on man's nature, [732]248; does more good to the giver than the receiver, [733]249; shown to be the best thing by time present and future, [734]263.

Amalek, conquered by Moses' prayer, [735]391.

Ambassadors, honor due to, [736]330.

Amulets, used in sickness, [737]336; applied by old women, [738]298; a device of Satan's, [739]ib.; the use of them condemned by the better sort of heathens, [740]ib.

Ananias, sin and punishment of, [741]359.

Anarchy, Antichrist's opportunity, [742]389.

Anchor, hope of Resurrection, [743]377.

Angels, Colossians' notion about them refuted, [744]270; created by the Son, [745]271; all things done by them are of Christ, [746]ib.; aforetime enemies to man, were reconciled to him by Christ, [747]272; could not persuade men to reconciliation, for they could not bind Satan, [748]275; not needed since men are "knit" to Christ, [749]276; notion about them answered again by Christ's being in Christians, [750]280; Colossians' notion about them arose from some false teacher, out of his vainglory, [751]288; it caused them to let go their hold of Christ, and so be lost, [752]289; attend on children, [753]351; work of in the Resurrection, [754]355-56; host of, described as surrounding Christ, [755]382.

Anointing, metaphorically, for encouraging, [756]378.

Antichrist, might seem a sign of Christ's coming, [757]362; is not an exact one, [758]ib.; will come first, and so far a sign, [759]378; Christ left no room for his deceit, [760]378; he that shall come in his own name, [761]ib.; called the Apostasy, [762]386; will not setup idolatry, [763]ib.; will be worshiped in God's temple, i.e., in Churches, [764]ib.; miracles of, [765]ib.; is not Satan, [766]386; what withheld, the Roman Empire, [767]388-89; Nero a type of, [768]389; Christ's mere appearing shall destroy, [769]ib.; permitted for silencing of unbelievers, [770]ib.

Antioch, monks near, [771]394 (note 2) .

Apollinarius, of Laodicea, [772]206; his followers denied that our Lord took a soul, [773]214.

Apostasy. See [774]Antichrist.

Apostles, The, examples how we should meet pride arising from our wisdom, [775]205; a type, and their life-giving laws, [776]240; taught and then left those they had taught to teach in their place, [777]301; their ignorance no hindrance to the spread of the Preaching, [778]307; rejoiced in suffering, [779]325; chosen as unworldly, [780]329; at first curious about the time of Consummation, [781]360; not so afterwards, [782]ib.; not informed, [783]ib.; St. Peter chief of, [784]ib.

Appearing, not said of the Father, but of the Son, [785]207.

Archippus, probably held some office in the Church at Colossæ [786]257, [787]314; a person to whom St. Paul would have the Colossians entirely subject, [788]315.

Archangel, [789]355-56.

Arians, like Greeks in making a greater and a lesser God, [790]207.

Aristarchus, was brought up from Jerusalem fellow-prisoner with St. Paul, [791]310.

Arius of Alexandria, [792]206; how his heresy falls before St. Paul's text, [793]207.

Ark, one hundred years building, [794]357; resting-place of, [795]ib.

Armor, spiritual, [796]363.

Army, the Church like an, [797]367.

Article, the, often not placed, and yet the word God means The Father, [798]209.

Artisans, oppress their poorer fellows, [799]370.

Arts, knowledge of, should not make men proud, [800]217; to be used in God's service in serving one another, not to withdraw men from spiritual things, [801]233.

Ascalon, country beyond, [802]357; men of, conquered by Samuel's prayer, [803]391.

Assyrians, king of, conquered by Hezekiah's prayer, [804]391.

Atoms, notion of, [805]353.

Avarice, souls sacrificed to, [806]346; wickedness of, [807]368; vain excuses for, answered, [808]368-69; its bad effects, [809]210; consists in loving money at all, [810]211; hinders from seeing Christ's face, [811]ib.; is a root of evils, [812]ib.; hinders from being Christ's servant, [813]ib.

Audacity, examples of, [814]205; is shown in causeless rage, [815]206.

Baptism, called a seal, [816]197; men freed from sin by, and have the Holy Ghost given them, [817]237; men are delivered, as it were, from a fever and wholly diseased state by it, [818]ib.; it gives remission of sin, grace, and wealth, [819]238; prodigal son an example for those that have sinned after baptism, [820]ib.; is through the cross, [821]242; the way prepared for it by the things done of old in water, [822]283; is a circumcision of spirit, [823]285; not burial only, but resurrection, [824]ib.; a death unto sin, [825]286; prefigured in Red Sea, [826]290; its destroying and new-making effects no cause for marvel from what goes on in nature, [827]290; called sleep by heretics, [828]352; too often deferred, [829]361; St. Greg. Naz. on this practice, [830]361 (note 3) ; priest has one with people, [831]392.

Beasts, wild, do not hurt unless straitened, [832]368; man inferior to in bodily qualities, [833]379.

Beauty, no cause for being proud, [834]217.

Bee, lesson from, in that it dies in stinging, [835]368; commended in Scripture, [836]ib.

Beggars, adjure by Christ in vain, [837]373; succeed by praising ladies' beauty, [838]ib.; driven to low jesting and juggling, [839]ib.; and to loose music, [840]ib.; thankful under great privations, [841]ib.; at churches, [842]ib.; cruel treatment of, [843]395.

Begging, a shameful thing, [844]348; misery of, [845]368.

Beginning, used for first impulse, or for grounding, [846]378.

Belief, of things in heaven increased from what takes place on earth, [847]283.

Believers, sins of, punished, [848]359.

Belly, the many ways men make it their god, [849]243; moderation a boundary to it, as the sand to the sea, [850]ib.

Benjamin, tribe of, that in which the priest's portion was, [851]231.

Beræa, persecution at, [852]328.

Bishops, sometimes called presbyters and deacons, [853]184; have authority from Christ by succession, [854]274; come from God, [855]ib.; are ambassadors from God, [856]274-75.

Bishop (see [857]Chrysostom, [858]Priest, [859]Ruler) , responsibility of, [860]372.

Blasphemers, hated by God, taken up by the devil and the demons, [861]209.

Blood, resisting unto, [862]385.

Body, the, may be made spiritual, and at length shine in heaven like Christ's body, [863]243; shall be made immortal by the power of Christ, [864]244.

Body (see [865]Resurrection) , formation of, a mystery, [866]353-54; unity of, requires care of all parts, [867]381; place of head in, [868]397.

Bonds, a furtherance to the Gospel, [869]182, [870]189; a confirmation of the Gospel, [871]186; give confidence to others, [872]190; cause preaching both from envy and for good-will, [873]ib.; the great service they are to St. Paul and to his work, [874]306; a contrast between his and those the women bound their hair with, [875]307; St. Paul's, a support under all kinds of tribulations, [876]315; and in temptations to luxury, [877]315-16.

Books, Christian and heathen, [878]379.

Bowels, of Christ, force of the expression, [879]188.

Breastplate, of faith and love, [880]363.

Brethren, used as a mark of honor, [881]230; murdered by refusing sustenance, [882]359; disorderly, to be punished, not starved, [883]393-94; nor utterly cut off, [884]395.

Bride, with what ornaments she should be adorned, [885]320.

Brutes, superior to man, [886]217.

Bulimy, ravenous disease called, [887]379.

Busybodies, never satisfied, [888]379.

Cain, envied for want of love, [889]342; his sin punished, [890]359; his sin equaled, [891]ib.; had no written law, [892]ib.

Calling, Christian, requires good life, [893]345; many fall from, [894]385; God's will in our, [895]363, [896]385.

Canticles, mystical interpretation of, [897]352.

Care, undue, takes away the native force of the soul, [898]229.

Catechumens, do not benefit by remembrance in the Mysteries, only by alms, [899]197.

Catasta, [900]336 (note 2) .

Ceiling, gilded, common in houses of the rich, [901]232.

Cæsar's household, obedient to St. Paul's preaching, [902]253.

Chapels of martyrs, [903]373; some built by Constantine, [904]ib. (note 1) ; poor at doors of, [905]ib.; alms at [906](reference in note 1) .

Chariot, [907]206.

Charmer, unpitied if bitten, [908]365.

Charms (see [909]Amulets) , offered in sickness, [910]336-37; to be rejected for fear of God, [911]ib.

Chastity, specially called holiness, [912]342; blessing of keeping till marriage, [913]346; sometimes found in heathens, [914]347; first practice of, keeping the eyes, [915]378; foundation of, fasting, [916]ib.

Cheerfulness, right in all events, [917]223.

Children, of nobles, wear golden ornaments round the neck, as those of high birth, [918]182; put it off when men, [919]183; require to be indulged, [920]277; loss of, not a new suffering, and a gain to them, [921]299; may be wept for, but without blasphemous words, [922]ib.; at Constantinople had learnt songs and dances of Satan; should be instructed in psalms and hymns, [923]301; should never be left to intermix freely with servants or friends even, [924]ib.; the many virtuous lessons they may be instructed in from the Psalms, [925]302.

Children, term used by St. Paul when he would correct or show fondness for, [926]229; loss of, too great grief for, [927]349; what children happy, [928]351; good, meet their fathers, [929]356; eaten by women, [930]358; curiosity of, [931]360; made an excuse for avarice, [932]368; God may take away if made an excuse, [933]369; patriarchs had, but were not covetous, [934]ib.; why given, [935]ib.; should be taught to fear judgment, [936]383; to be regulated, [937]384; cares for, sweet to a mother, [938]392.

Children, the three, refreshed in the furnace, [939]325; ventured without knowing they should escape, [940]361.

Christ, how glorified in St. Paul's life or death, [941]194; exhorts disciples by examples of himself, the Father, and prophets, [942]206; called the great God by St. Paul, [943]207; His not seizing to Himself equality proves Him not lesser than the Father, [944]208; His divinity not matter of robbery, but His right, natural to Him, [945]213; His emptying Himself His own act, [946]ib.; if a mere creature, did not humble Himself in washing disciples' feet, [947]214; in what ways like and unlike other men, [948]ib.; underwent no change or degeneracy in becoming a servant, [949]ib.; proved to have taken a soul against the Apollinarians, [950]214-15; was not servile in becoming willingly obedient to His Father, but greatly honored Him, [951]215; His humiliation corresponding to His height, [952]ib.; His death greater humiliation than His being a servant, [953]ib.; the most ignominious death of all, [954]ib.; humbled as man, [955]ib.; exalted as man, [956]ib.; His glory, honor, or dishonor is the Father's too, [957]216; His obedience, His exaltation, [958]ib.; can be known only by faith, [959]235; fellowship in His sufferings and death through faith, [960]236; comes Himself to take His friends to heaven, [961]244; the grief it will be to be rejected from His kingdom at the judgment, [962]245; men are saints because of their faith in Him, [963]258; His names symbols of His benefits to man, [964]ib.; He cometh to us through the poor, [965]260; present at the table of the poor, [966]261; the greatness of His work in redemption, [967]267; First of the Church, as the Adam of men, [968]271-72; still suffers in His members, [969]276; does many things for them now, [970]ib.; reasons why He came at this time, not in old time, [971]277-79; in Him is hid all wisdom, [972]281; "fullness of Godhead" in Him means that God dwelleth in Him, [973]285; blotted out the bond that was against man by His death, [974]286; and then tore it in two, [975]ib.; conquered Satan on the cross, [976]ib.; His death public, His Resurrection private, [977]ib.; so beautiful it is not possible to tell, [978]295; is put on by clothing the soul with virtues, [979]308; present at marriages, [980]319; with His angels, [981]320; glorified in suffering, [982]325; waiting for, [983]328; His resurrection a ground of hope, [984]328, [985]363; known by the Jews, though slain by them, [986]333; foretold affliction to lighten it, [987]335; suffered for us while enemies, [988]ib.; he that can give to, rich, [989]338; death of, proves incarnation real, [990]352; is in the faithful, [991]353; our Pilot, [992]355; words of, recorded only by St. Paul, [993]ib.; voice of, raises the dead, [994]ib.; honor of meeting, [995]356; checked curiosity about the end, [996]360-61; comes as a thief, and why, [997]361; comes suddenly, though preceded by Antichrist and Elias, [998]362; command of, to obey rulers, though bad men, [999]366; comes to table in the poor, [1000]374; proclaimed at hand to induce disappointment, [1001]377; spoke particularly of consummation to provide against deceivers, [1002]378; coming of, to be like lightning, [1003]ib.; taught humility by washing disciples' feet, [1004]379; suffering for, glorious, [1005]385; coming of, will be with gathering of saints, [1006]385-86; followers of Antichrist would in no case have believed, [1007]389; did not openly call Himself God, [1008]ib.; excuses for not believing, taken away through Antichrist, [1009]389; came in the Father's name, [1010]ib.; called the Love of the Truth, [1011]ib.; friend of man, [1012]390; glory of, to save men, [1013]ib.; is present where men pray together, [1014]392; to be waited for, [1015]393; forbade idleness, [1016]394.

Christians, of old, sharers of St. Paul's sufferings, [1017]200; if they glorify Christ, and live not rightly, insult Him, and worse than heathen, [1018]216; enemies to the cross, who seek ease and luxury, [1019]242; called faithful because of mysteries intrusted to them never intrusted to others, [1020]258; a call to have a portion of the Saints in Light, [1021]266; translated into it by Christ, [1022]ib.; yet prefer ease and luxury in this world, [1023]267; contrasts between state of, at baptism and Adam's state in Paradise, [1024]287; can only be kept in state of purity by a virtuous life, [1025]287-88; are risen with Christ therefore their life is not this life, nor will it appear till He appears, [1026]289; compare to a corpse, [1027]290; have all one royal form, viz., that of Christ, [1028]297; should make the sign of the cross, and not use amulets, [1029]298; should not always be learning, but should be able after a time to teach others also, [1030]301; wisdom with which they should treat those that are not Christians, [1031]309; in having put on Christ, are clothed with ornament enough, [1032]307.

Christian, so may you die, a form of adjuration, [1033]372; first all friends, [1034]331; appointed to trials, [1035]335; present, have borne nothing, [1036]ib.; are not ready for war, [1037]ib.; in peace should provide for war, [1038]336; are Christ's in death or life, [1039]363; first, as one family, hence withdrawal much feared, [1040]395-96.

Christ-mongers, some call, [1041]348.

Christs, false, provided against, [1042]378.

Chrysostom, St., admires St. Paul more for his grief at sinners than for his many trials, [1043]254-55; is not afraid to warn people of their sins because he may be left with a small congregation, [1044]293; the mind with which he had spoken of the defects of his people, [1045]ib.; his hearty joy at the mention of St. Paul's bonds, [1046]306; straitened for an example of friendship, [1047]331; his argument about fornication, [1048]342; apostrophizes Joseph, [1049]343; urges to immediate forgiveness, [1050]ib.; talks like a matchmaker, [1051]346; must speak of unclean things for remedy, [1052]ib.; calls his charge his own body, [1053]ib.; in fear of punishment because of his office, [1054]359; promises to prove that hell is not against God's mercy, [1055]359-60; grieves for scorners, [1056]365; complained of for discipline, [1057]366; prayed for the people, though unworthy to do so, [1058]371; asks their prayers on account of his responsibility, [1059]372; and on account of Satan's assaults, [1060]391; feels for the people as a father, [1061]391; asks to hear any complaint, [1062]392; wishes his charge multiplied, though heavy, [1063]ib.; spiritual children of, [1064]ib.; pangs for, [1065]ib.; preached as bishop once or twice a month, [1066]396; asks help in teaching, [1067]397.

Church, the, the bride of Christ and of His flesh, [1068]319; the real palace, [1069]373; poor around doors of, [1070]ib.; lessons from this, [1071]374; rich are vain and showy in, [1072]387; reverence in, [1073]388; called in God, for distinction from other assemblies, [1074]324; of Constantinople, unworthy to be so called, [1075]ib.; offenders removed from, [1076]336; order of, like that of an army, [1077]367; they that war on, say they know God, [1078]378; whole, claims our love, [1079]381; tradition of, [1080]390; each once like one family, [1081]396; glory of, lost for want of love, [1082]ib.

Churches, Antichrist shall be seated in, [1083]386.

Circumcision, might be performed to the breaking of the Sabbath, [1084]230; nothing but "concision" when the law was no more, [1085]230; what true circumcision is, [1086]ib.; only a type, [1087]231; how it differed from baptism, [1088]285.

Coiner, coineth but in vain, [1089]388.

Colony, Philippi so called, [1090]181.

Colossæ, a city of Phrygia 256.

Colossians, Epistle to the, written while St. Paul was in bonds, and after that to the Romans, [1091]257; later than that to the Philippians, [1092]ib.; their fruitfulness after they had received grace, [1093]259; are brought unto God by ministers of Christ, not by angels, [1094]ib.; praised for their way of life, [1095]265; blamed for their doctrines, [1096]ib.; must be brought unto God by His Son, no more by angels, [1097]264; their love for St. Paul, [1098]280; saw him constantly in the spirit, [1099]ib.; their steadfastness in faith, [1100]281; warned against their notion about angels by being bid walk in Christ, [1101]284; warned against some false philosophizer that would gradually undermine them, [1102]ib.

Commands, different at the end of some Epistles, [1103]303.

Commandments, perfection goes beyond, [1104]344.

Commendation, needs qualifying, [1105]385; carefully guarded, [1106]393.

Concision. See [1107]Circumcision, [1108]230.

Conscience, a terror to those that live in crime, [1109]248; constantly tells men they sin, but they refuse to know it, [1110]269.

Constantine, built chapels to martyrs, [1111]373 (note 1) .

Constantinople, St. Gregory Nazianzen at, [1112]361 (note 3) ; Constantine built chapels to martyrs in, [1113]373 (note 1) .

Consummation, curiosity about time of, [1114]360; curiosity checked, [1115]ib.; time of, best not known, [1116]361; death is to each one, [1117]360; now going on, [1118]360-61; Christ spoke particularly of, to exclude deceivers, [1119]378; Thessalonians perplexed about, [1120]ib.

Contention, nature of man fond of, [1121]217; does away with peace, [1122]248.

Contentious, the, require arguments from reason as well as Scripture, [1123]212.

Contentment, in all states not easy, and requires discipline and trial, [1124]250.

Contrite spirit, God loves, [1125]278.

Conversation, about hell, useful, [1126]382-83; of other men's matters, dangerous, [1127]383.

Corinth, fornicator of, quenched the spirit, [1128]370; cured by withdrawing from him, [1129]396.

Corinthians, were not poor, [1130]332; Timothy sent to, [1131]335; reasoned with, because indocile, [1132]353.

Cornelius, example for a soldier, [1133]241; prayer of, [1134]326.

Correction, by means of hard sayings, [1135]211-12.

Covenant, the nature of a, [1136]287.

Covetousness, its bad effects, [1137]248; more cruel than robbery, [1138]369-70; to be checked, [1139]370.

Courage, not haughtiness, [1140]205 (see [1141]Pride) ; examples of true courage, [1142]205; is shown in the absence of self-love, [1143]206; has scope through uncertainty, [1144]361.

Craticula, [1145]336 (note) .

Cross, the, must be borne by Christians, [1146]242; its power, [1147]ib.; Christians exhorted to sign themselves with it, [1148]298.

Cupping-glass, draws out disease, [1149]387.

Curiosity, must not be indulged, [1150]277, [1151]279; natural to man, [1152]360; indulgence promotes, [1153]ib.; especially about the consummation, [1154]ib.; belongs to an imperfect state, [1155]ib.; reasons against, [1156]ib.; excuse for, to answer heathens, [1157]ib.

Daniel, his humility shows us how we should meet the pride that comes from wisdom, [1158]204 (see [1159]Apostles and [1160]Joseph) ; thought a god, [1161]327; could not have saved Jews, [1162]ib.

Darkness, works of, [1163]362; vice a, [1164]363; is over the earth, [1165]370.

Daughters, of men, [1166]357; Lot would have given up, for the sake of God's servants, [1167]358.

David, example of humility, [1168]205 (see [1169]Humility) ; an example how to behave in a kingdom, [1170]241; Samuel sent to anoint, [1171]339; care of people for, [1172]391.

Day, sons of, [1173]362; to be such our own part, [1174]ib.; of the Lord comes as a thief, [1175]326, [1176]360; of judgment, circumstances of, [1177]355; darkness to some, light to others, [1178]362; comes as travail on a woman, but partially foreknown, [1179]362; as a thief to men in darkness, [1180]ib.; last, will show who have believed, [1181]385; falsely proclaimed at hand, [1182]386.

Deacon, bids silence for lessons, [1183]387.

Dead, of all ages, raised, [1184]356; raised and gathered before caught up, [1185]ib.; all await the end, [1186]361; by nature and in sin compared, [1187]363-64; one who wrongs us is in sin, [1188]368; therefore we need no revenge, [1189]ib.; burial of, [1190]379.

Death, no shame to a Christian, [1191]194; only a coming to life to the Christian, [1192]196; in itself indifferent, [1193]ib.; several causes of the fear of, [1194]198; that by the Cross most ignominious, [1195]215; of the just matter of joy, [1196]223; that of desperately bad, cause of more joy, [1197]ib.; if really death, sad, [1198]349; horror of being led to, [1199]356; eternal more terrible, [1200]ib.; consummation to each one, [1201]360; time of, best unknown, [1202]361; fear of, restrains many, [1203]ib.; vice a, [1204]363; going to, by a broad road unenviable, [1205]364; thought of, humbling, [1206]ib.

Deceit, a good kind of, [1207]284.

Deeds, teach, not words only, [1208]240; make the teacher to be reverenced and obeyed by disciple, [1209]ib.; "of the old man" means that of the bad moral choice, [1210]294-95.

Deep, how to traverse safely, [1211]355.

"Defense, of the Gospel," the expression explained, [1212]190.

Delay, folly of, [1213]325; makes forgiving harder, [1214]343; of Judgment is for our repentance, [1215]384.

Deluge, disbelieved till it came, [1216]356; of Hell, [1217]357.

Demons, statues in houses so called, [1218]232; praised in song at heathen feasts, [1219]262; beset way from earth to heaven, [1220]371.

Desire, the end for which it is implanted in the mind, [1221]233; to be limited except in heavenly things, [1222]370.

Despair, none to, though late, [1223]325-26; makes any one bold, [1224]361; men should not be driven to, [1225]395.

Despondency, relieved by example, [1226]349.

Difficulties, met by difficulties, [1227]353-54; of others turned to our good, [1228]378.

Disciples, Christ washed feet of, [1229]379; in schools are also teachers, [1230]397.

Discipline, Church, thought odious, [1231]366.

Discourses, of Hell, profitable, [1232]359; thought unpleasant, [1233]382; qualify the soul; [1234]383-84; are to it as wind to ships, [1235]383; to be applied to all, [1236]384; preferred by many to lessons, [1237]388; yet not heeded by them, [1238]388; less effective than life, [1239]396.

Dishonor, for Christ's sake glorious, [1240]385.

Disease, produced by carelessness, [1241]364; sin a, [1242]ib.; to be expected, [1243]367.

Disorderly, who are, [1244]367, [1245]394; not to starve to death, [1246]394.

Dispensation, may have two meanings, [1247]277.

Disputing, what it means, [1248]220.

Dives. See [1249]Rich man.

Divinity, not spoken of as unequal in Scripture, [1250]207.

Diviners, not consulting, makes loss a gain, [1251]337; may learn something of Satan, [1252]ib.; going to them pleases him, [1253]ib.

Doctrines, not to be forsaken for human respects, [1254]381.

Docetæ, [1255]352 (note 2) .

Dogs, the poor are, of God's palace, [1256]374.

Draught, of wind puts out lamp, [1257]370.

Dress, should not make men proud, [1258]217.

Drunkenness, any vice a, [1259]362; causes sleep, [1260]364.

Duties, should be done not from nature only, but from higher motive of pleasing God, [1261]304.

Ear, formation of, [1262]354; sin may enter by, [1263]370.

Ears, how to use them in God's service, [1264]233.

Earth, imperfectly known to men, [1265]354; shall give up the dead, [1266]356; things of, quench grace, [1267]370; way from, to heaven beset by demons, [1268]371.

Ease, in this world is not the way to heaven, [1269]255; in this world is not the life of Christians, [1270]289.

Edification, mutual, [1271]366.

Education, soul the chief object in, [1272]346.

Egypt, bad character of, [1273]358.

Egyptians, drowned, [1274]358; irascible and unforgiving, [1275]380.

Elation, more disease to the soul than dropsy to the body, [1276]217.

Elect, the, worth suffering for, [1277]325; to be gathered by Angels, [1278]355; honored by meeting Christ, [1279]356; Antichrist might well-nigh deceive, [1280]386.

Eli, and his sons, punished, [1281]359; sin of, not unimitated, [1282]ib.

Elias, example of courage, [1283]205; type of the Resurrection, [1284]283; to come before Christ, [1285]362, [1286]378, [1287]390; example of poverty, [1288]240.

Empire, Roman, [1289]388.

Endurance, Christian, convinces adversaries, [1290]200.

Enemies, spiritual, enumerated, [1291]336; to be talked to concerning Hell, [1292]384.

Enemy, an, should be treated as a real friend, [1293]249; softened by kindness, [1294]343; good of not having, [1295]395.

Enmities, ruler must incur, [1296]366; of great, not feared by first Christians, [1297]381.

Enmity, had its origin from the earth, [1298]275.

Enoch, type of the resurrection, [1299]283.

Envy, the causes of it, [1300]191; to indulge it makes us friends of Satan's, to resist it makes us sharers in our brother's pleasure, [1301]312; he that resists it, makes his own soul brighter than his whose grace he envies, and gains three crowns, [1302]313; makes to fight against God and His Church, and puts a man in punishment, [1303]313; likened to a savage beast, [1304]ib.; of Cain from want of love, [1305]342; bred at marriage feasts, [1306]384.

Epaphras, See [1307]Epaphroditus.

Epaphroditus, sent by clergy of Philippi to St. Paul, [1308]184; sent to the Philippians by St. Paul, [1309]223; St. Paul's fellow-soldier, [1310]224; "Messenger" or "Teacher" to the Philippians, [1311]225; his sickness and recovery, [1312]ib.; risked his life in going to visit St. Paul, [1313]ib.; the service of all the Philippians fulfilled through him, [1314]226; the bearer of the Epistle to the Philippians, [1315]249; bearer of alms to St. Paul, [1316]252; brought St. Paul the account of the Colossians, [1317]258; commended by St. Paul, [1318]314; a Colossian, [1319]ib.; St. Paul's great praise of him, [1320]315.

Ephesians, Epistle to, written while St. Paul was in bonds, [1321]257.

Ephesus, Elders of, [1322]355.

Epistle to Hebrews, called one of St. Paul's writings, [1323]184; second to Thessalonians, occasion of, [1324]377; one forged as from St. Paul, [1325]377, [1326]386; token of a true, [1327]377; prefaced with prayer for God's favor, [1328]380; not all things given in, [1329]390.

Erythræan sea, [1330]358.

Eternity, of future punishment, [1331]384.

Eve, clothed herself with the garment of sin, and became unseemly, [1332]307.

Evil, not to be rendered for evil, [1333]367; much less for good, [1334]ib.; all to be abstained from, [1335]371.

Evil-speaking, true or false, against superiors brings harm to the speaker, [1336]228; love allows not, [1337]381.

Eusebius, of Constantine's building chapels, [1338]373 (note 1) .

Example, must be from a stronger case, [1339]208.

Examples, of different kinds, in Holy Scripture that each Christian may follow as he is able, [1340]240.

Excuses, vain and inconsistent, [1341]388.

Execution, horror of going to, [1342]356-57.

Executioner, abhorred, [1343]347.

Eyes, the right way of employing them in God's service, [1344]233; formation of, [1345]354; an inlet of danger, [1346]370, [1347]378; must care for whole body, [1348]381.

Ezekiel, his prayer rejected, [1349]327; not on his own account, [1350]ib.; his sufferings, [1351]ib.; his way of speaking, [1352]371.

Faith, alone comprehends mysteries, [1353]236; is perfected by doing works like Christ's works, [1354]ib.; coupled with conduct everywhere by St. Paul, [1355]264; causes solidity when it shuts out reasonings, [1356]282; instances of the need of it in things above human conception, [1357]282-83; implies willingness to suffer, [1358]324proved by it, [1359]ib.; strong, of Thessalonians, [1360]328; what could be lacking in, [1361]341; in Mysteries, [1362]354; needed everywhere, [1363]ib.; sails of, [1364]355; a breastplate, [1365]363; how strengthened, [1366]363, [1367]380; weakness in, [1368]367; design of some to subvert, [1369]377; weak, shaken by affliction, strong confirmed, [1370]381; work of, is patience, [1371]385; not given to all, [1372]391.

Faithful, are God's riches, [1373]385.

Fans, used in Holy Eucharist, [1374]205 (note 1) .

Fasting, foundation of chastity, [1375]378; and prayer, not work of hands, [1376]394.

Fate, a cruel doctrine, [1377]269; believed only by those that defined Pleasure the "end" and did not love Virtue, [1378]ib.

Father, name of The, enough to show His priority, [1379]213; we stand before, when judged by Christ, [1380]342; Christ came in the name of, [1381]389.

Father, St. Chrysostom feels as a, [1382]391; is to many in the spirit, [1383]392; even to those baptized by others, [1384]ib.; all Christians at first as under one, [1385]396.

Fathers, duty of, to their children, [1386]304; reward children for virtue as pleasing them, [1387]332; should keep sons in chastity, [1388]346; good children meet, [1389]356; neglect education of sons, [1390]359; have to annoy their sons, [1391]366; but can do so unresisted, [1392]ib.; relation of, to sons, why appointed, [1393]369; even as such have claims on children, [1394]372; would not lose their children, though burdened, [1395]392.

Fathers, old, wait for us, [1396]356.

Fault, to be spoken of to the persons concerned, [1397]392.

Favorers, [1398]312.

Favor, of God. See [1399]Grace, [1400]380.

Fear of God is better than all things, [1401]197; not so powerful as shame to bring us to right tone, [1402]201; a means of softening the mind, [1403]212; needful for setting a high example, [1404]219; in achieving temporal, much more spiritual matters, [1405]ib.; produced by remembrance of God's presence everywhere, [1406]ib.; should not cast down because God works with man, [1407]220; of man often more persuasive than fear of hell, [1408]226.

Fear, [1409]382; if early learned, not soon effaced, [1410]383-84; we should hear with, in church, [1411]388.

Feast, differences between a Christian and a heathen, [1412]262; best to invite poor to, [1413]374.

Feet, how to use them in God's service, [1414]233.

"Fellowship in the Gospel," what St. Paul means by it, [1415]185.

Fig tree, what it grows from, [1416]353.

Fire, appointed for avaricious [1417]211; see [1418]river of, [1419]365; thought of, good, [1420]382; makes riddance of thorns, [1421]387; kills small insects far off, [1422]389.

Fiery furnace, type of the Resurrection, [1423]283.

Firstborn, of every creature, its meaning, [1424]270; another meaning, [1425]271; from the dead, [1426]352.

Flattery, not humility, is shown by courting for the things of this life, [1427]206.

Fleetness, should not make men proud, [1428]217.

Flesh, the, hath been honored by God, was dishonored by the false teachers of the Colossians, [1429]289; of Christ, deniers of, [1430]352.

Folly, not so bad as haughtiness, [1431]217; all sin so called; contrast between it and wisdom, [1432]300.

Forbearance, of God, [1433]384.

Forgive, not to, cause of greater harm to oneself, [1434]202; we should, like Joseph, [1435]343; while the heart is warm, [1436]ib.; to, a means of pardon, [1437]ib.

Forgiveness, our own, increased by warning others of like sins, [1438]268-69; of what character it should be, [1439]295; and is nothing without love, [1440]ib.

Form, in a simple being, implies one substance, [1441]209; does not mean "work" of a servant, but real humanity, [1442]214.

Fornication, its bad effects on man's nature, [1443]248; opposed to love, [1444]342; to be shunned for sanctification, [1445]344; those who commit, are like filthy swine, [1446]ib.; worst in the married, [1447]345; all, forbidden, [1448]ib.; the young to be kept from, [1449]345; early, makes bad husbands, [1450]346; twenty-three thousand slain for it, [1451]358; law against, then new to them, [1452]ib.; quenches the Spirit, [1453]370; never satisfies, [1454]379; how corrected, [1455]396.

Free will (see [1456]Will) , [1457]220, [1458]362.

Friend, a faithful, how good, [1459]330; times and places loved for, [1460]331; loves to be indebted, [1461]ib.; and to have his friend so, [1462]ib.; Christ is the, of man, [1463]390.

Friendship, of many, brings hurt, [1464]189; many kinds of friendship, [1465]259; it is a cold kind that comes of giving great feasts, [1466]263; become rare, [1467]330; examples of, in first Christians, [1468]ib.; rewarded by God, [1469]332.

Fullness, means Godhead, [1470]272.

Funeral, sight of, humbling, [1471]379.

Gain, loss made a, [1472]337; not to be sought from loss of others, [1473]370; Heavenly, to be desired without limit, [1474]ib.

Gains, dishonest, how to be rid of, [1475]369; example of Zaccheus, [1476]ib.; little, great covetousness shown in seeking, [1477]370.

Galatians, return to observance of the law, [1478]198; quench the Spirit, [1479]370.

Garment, God gives a glorious, [1480]350; Joseph's, rather showed him innocent, [1481]380; wedding, he that had not, cast out, [1482]385.

Garments, stores of, no real gain to the possessors, [1483]232.

Gaza, country beyond, [1484]357.

General, specially attacked in war, [1485]391; all succor him, [1486]ib.

Generation, of Christ, greater mystery than his Resurrection, [1487]236; can be comprehended only by faith, not reason, [1488]ib. (see [1489]Resurrection) ; spiritual, type of the Son's eternal generation, [1490]283.

Gentiles, once were "dogs," but the Jews had now taken their place, [1491]230.

Gifts, God's, to be used in His praise, [1492]233; not what withheld Antichrist, [1493]381; for they had long ceased, [1494]ib.

Glory, not to be obtained, except by fleeing from it, [1495]217; of God to impart good, [1496]385; of suffering for Christ, [1497]ib.; great, of glorifying God, [1498]ib.

Glorying, of St. Paul in his converts, [1499]381.

God, everywhere called great in the Scriptures, [1500]207; all mankind acknowledge Him to be just, [1501]212; His glory does not consist in man's worship, [1502]215-16; when the Son is honored or dishonored He is, [1503]216; everywhere present, [1504]219; His longsuffering motive for repentance, [1505]ib.; works with man only when he has a good will to work, not to make him careless, [1506]220; gives the desire and fulfillment of the good works, [1507]ib.; His working with man does not take away his free-will, [1508]ib.; men flee from Him by sin, [1509]237; to know His will spiritual wisdom is needful, [1510]264; to know His essence, continual prayers, [1511]ib.; longsuffering is said of Him, patience never, [1512]265; His love known by seeing His Son delivered up, [1513]ib.; His gifts cannot be used unless He gives strength, [1514]ib.; does not do things on a sudden, but with consideration of man's weakness, [1515]277; the Church in Him, [1516]224; sinners not so, [1517]ib.; raised up Christ, [1518]328; His trusting implies approval, [1519]329; acts like a friend in dissembling claims, [1520]331; promises His Son as reward for Abraham, [1521]ib.; rewards us for what is good for us, [1522]332; well-doing his gift, [1523]341; true virtue that in His sight, [1524]342; is insulted by uncleanness, and avenges, [1525]345; teaches love of brethren, [1526]348; blasphemed through idlers, [1527]ib.; jealous of our trusting in man, [1528]350; takes away what we prefer to him, [1529]ib.; protects the widow, [1530]ib.; and the fatherless, [1531]351; His undeserved goodness, [1532]350; speaks more kindly than a husband, [1533]351; nature of, inscrutable, [1534]354; His power ends difficulty, [1535]ib.; seen in a manner by prophets, [1536]355; spoke to St. Paul, [1537]ib.; Resurrection His work, [1538]356; will do what He threatens, [1539]357; did so to old world, and to Sodom, [1540]ib.; must punish if impartial, [1541]359; infinite goodness of, [1542]363; mercy of, to the merciful, [1543]365; image of, not to be insulted, [1544]368; salvation of, His purpose, [1545]372; admits the poor to His courts, [1546]374; not knowing, the beginning of pride, [1547]378; knowing, cures pride, [1548]379; St. Paul invokes favor of, [1549]380; favor of, to Joseph, [1550]ib.; praise due to, for our good actions, [1551]ib.; justice of, to be seen at last, [1552]381; must punish on His own account, [1553]382; the King most to be feared, [1554]ib.; forbears, that we may prepare, [1555]384; does all His part to save us, [1556]ib.; punishment of those who know not, [1557]384; coming of, in itself implies vengeance, [1558]385; it is light to some, darkness to others, [1559]ib.; glorified in His saints, [1560]ib.; the faithful His riches, [1561]ib.; imparting good, His glory, [1562]ib.; gratification or persuasion of, [1563]ib.; speaks in Church lessons, [1564]387; letters from, [1565]ib.; all good ascribed to, [1566]390; care of, a pledge, [1567]ib.; we concur with, in our establishing, [1568]ib.; desires united prayers, [1569]391; all depends on, [1570]393; love of, how to show, [1571]ib.

Gomorrah, [1572]358.

Good, to be returned for evil, [1573]367; of Heaven, may be desired without limit, [1574]370.

Goodness, of God, [1575]384-85.

Goods, only good when men do good with them, [1576]232; spoiling of, [1577]349; cruelly seized, [1578]369.

Good-will, in man, necessary to God's working, [1579]186.

Good works, done with bad motives, not good, and get a punishment, [1580]190; performance of them makes like to God, [1581]206; the desire of, and fulfillment comes from God, [1582]220.

Gospel, to share in its troubles is a blessedness, [1583]186-87; its progress throughout the world, [1584]259; mystery of, hidden in Christ, [1585]279; only made manifest now to the Saints, [1586]280; in what its great mystery consists, [1587]ib.; proved divine by persecution, [1588]324, [1589]329; preached for no ill purpose, [1590]ib.; a great gift, but easy to give, [1591]330; to be preached to all nations before Christ comes, [1592]378.

Grace, those are made partakers of it who partake of the sufferings of their ministers, [1593]186; not given in Job's time, [1594]222; given in baptism, quenched by sin, [1595]238; works with God's ministers, though unworthy, [1596]274; some quench, some improve, [1597]370; works by unworthy ministers, [1598]371; prayer for, in Epistles, [1599]380; consolation from, [1600]ib.; to endure trials, [1601]385; a pledge for the future, [1602]390; has made many laymen better than rulers, [1603]391.

Graciousness, towards those that oppose the truth, must not lapse into indifferentism, [1604]309.

Grapestone, wonderful growth of, [1605]354.

Grass, growth of barren, and mystery, [1606]354.

Greeks. See [1607]Heathens.

Greeks, how to argue with them, about Christianity, [1608]269; still in an imperfect state, from their own listlessness, [1609]277; how to answer their question, "why Christ came at this time," [1610]ib.

Gregory, St. Nazianzen, sermon of, against deferring baptism, [1611]361 (note 3) .

Gridiron, an instrument of martyrdom, [1612]336.

Grief, to be shown for sinners living, as well as when dying, [1613]196; but with secret, not open, sorrow, [1614]ib.; for sinners, tends to joy, and is evidence of a mind devoted to God, [1615]255; profitable to those that grieve, as leading them to repent for their own sins, [1616]ib.

Guests, poor, are the best, [1617]374; great and rich, are like masters, [1618]ib.

Hades, most said to be punished in, [1619]359.

Hadrian. See [1620]Adrian.

Ham, cursed through want of love, [1621]342.

Hand, of God, is strong, and able to support men, [1622]209.

Hands, the right way of using them in God's service, [1623]233.

Hand-writing, St. Paul's cause of emotion to the Colossians, [1624]314.

Hardships, present lot of Christians, [1625]329.

Harlot, ways of, pleasant to loose minds, [1626]346; dishonor of being united to, [1627]347; hired for wedding-feasts, [1628]317; to do so like mixing vinegar with wine, [1629]318.

Haughtiness. See [1630]Pride, [1631]204.

Head of a family should be its teacher, [1632]397; husband is, of wife, [1633]ib.; office of, in the body, [1634]ib.

Health, good, should not make men proud, [1635]217.

Hearing, quick, should not make men proud, [1636]217.

Heart, the source of good and evil, [1637]342.

Heathens, sometimes chaste, [1638]347; grief at deaths suitable to, [1639]349; answers to, about Resurrection, [1640]353; no better answer by knowing time of Consummation, [1641]360; asked when should be Resurrection, [1642]361; shame they should see Christians despise adjuration, [1643]372; use of their histories, [1644]379.

Heaven, compared to palaces, [1645]351; orphans shine in, [1646]ib.; not to be attained with self-indulgence, [1647]364; way to, beset by demons, [1648]371; opened in description, [1649]382.

Hell, appointed for avaricious, [1650]212 (see [1651]Avarice) ; a warning to bad men, [1652]ib.; though intolerable, yet not equal to the pain of being dishonored at the judgment, [1653]245; deluge a proof of, [1654]357; Sodom a proof of, [1655]ib.; not known to ancients, [1656]358; thought of, implanted in us for good, [1657]359, [1658]382; St. Chrysostom in fear of, [1659]359; sons of, [1660]362, [1661]366; thought of, makes trouble seem nothing, [1662]382; should be talked of, [1663]382-83; thought of, keep from falling into it, [1664]383; he that will not hear of, not ready for persecution, [1665]ib.; St. Paul would have borne for God's will, [1666]ib.; fear of, guides the soul, [1667]384; rich man would have escaped had he feared, [1668]ib.; some think mild and temporary, [1669]384; those refuted, [1670]ib.

Helmet, spiritual, preserves reason, [1671]363.

Heretics, do great and good works, but without a reward, [1672]191; their way of interpreting, "He thought it not robbery," [1673]212; say Christ was humbled not as He is Man, [1674]215; that "Name" means glory, [1675]ib.; and that God's glory consisted in that all worship Him, [1676]ib.; their notions of God false, [1677]216; the wisdom of the Spirit leads them to undertake the fight that they may fail, [1678]234; blot out words of Scripture when against them, [1679]ib.; entrapped by St. Paul's words on the Law, [1680]ib.

Hezekiah, heard, and why, [1681]326; triumphed over king of Assyria by prayer, [1682]391.

History, proves vanity of earthly things, [1683]379.

Holiness, chastity specially called, [1684]342; implies all virtues, [1685]ib.

Homily, unnecessary, [1686]388.

Hope, source of all good, [1687]194; helmet of, [1688]363; an anchor, [1689]377; false in the notion that Hell is temporary, [1690]384; good, supports the soul, [1691]390.

Holy Spirit, His words are as a two-edged sword in a phalanx, [1692]206; given in Baptism, [1693]237.

Holy Scriptures, apply human words to God, [1694]252.

Honor, takes place between a greater and a lesser, [1695]209.

Horse race, [1696]206.

Horse, soul compared to, [1697]384.

Hospitality, to the poor, has a reward at the Judgment, [1698]262; of Abraham, [1699]369; to the poor, [1700]374.

House, a, a memorial of covetousness, [1701]369.

Houses, how to use them in serving God, [1702]233; fallen, of the great, an admonition, [1703]379.

Human nature, imperfect, [1704]192.

Humility, the greatest safety for disciples against their enemies, [1705]182; Joseph's, [1706]204; Christ's cause of men's working greater deeds than Himself, [1707]205; not adulation or meanness, [1708]ib.; shown in David, [1709]ib.; examples of, [1710]ib.; is shown when one shows respect to another, for things pleasing to God, [1711]206; taught by examples of Christ, [1712]ib.; must be an emptying one's self from free choice, [1713]213; what true humblemindedness is, [1714]208; always a way to be exalted, [1715]216; the good things that spring from it, [1716]217; arises from considering our own failings, [1717]229.

Hunger, should be relieved, [1718]368; to perish by no disgrace, [1719]ib.; to make others do so, a crime, [1720]ib.

Husband, duty of, to his wife, [1721]304; bound to keep to his wife alone, as she to him, [1722]345; not to be idolized, [1723]350; what comes of a, [1724]ib.; should teach by example, [1725]396 (and see [1726]Wife) ; head of the wife, [1727]397; his obligations to her, [1728]ib.; should take spiritual food, like a swallow, to the nest, [1729]ib.

Husband and wife, make but one man, [1730]318; what kind of one parents should seek for their daughters, [1731]320.

Husbandman, desires to see his land when fruitful, [1732]341; must attend to the seed sown, [1733]386; natural, has to do with lifeless earth, [1734]ib.; not so spiritual, [1735]387; he must root out thorns, [1736]ib.

Hymns, diviner things than psalms, [1737]301-02; that of the Angels which the faithful know, [1738]302; when a person is about his business, he may sing a hymn in his heart, [1739]ib.

Idleness, mischief of, [1740]348; of Christians is an offense to heathens, [1741]ib.

If, used for because, as assuming certainty, [1742]382.

Ignorance, often cause of sorrow, [1743]352.

Illumination. See [1744]Baptism.

Images, set up in houses of rich, [1745]232.

Image, the, why it is not said of an Angel, yet is of a man, [1746]270.

Image, of God, in man, [1747]368; of a king, not safe to insult, [1748]ib.; impressed on wax while warm, [1749]383.

In, said of the Son as of the Father, [1750]324; in Jesus, [1751]353; used for through, [1752]385, [1753]390.

Incarnation, proved real by Christ's death, [1754]352; unforeseen, [1755]356. See [1756]Flesh.

Indolence, cause of men's believing in fate, [1757]269.

Industry, benefit of, [1758]348.

Initiated, know the order of service, [1759]371.

Injustice, injures the doer of it most, [1760]249.

Insult, not bearing, a weakness, [1761]367; to a man is to Christ, [1762]368; not returning, a lesson, [1763]396.

Intercession. See [1764]Prayer.

Intercessions, good for all, [1765]197.

Interpretation, mystical, [1766]352.

Inworking, of God, requires good-will in man, [1767]186.

Iron. See [1768]Soul, [1769]212.

Israel, conquered thirty-two kings by prayer, [1770]391.

Jacob, prayer of, [1771]326; an example to pastors, [1772]332; had children, yet not covetous, [1773]369; wronged by Laban, but never defrauded him, [1774]ib.

Jacob's ladder, type of the Cross, [1775]283; he deceived his father, by an economy, [1776]285.

Jailor, his business full of wickedness, [1777]182; his sudden conversion, and that of all his family, [1778]ib.

Japheth and Shem, blessed for loving their father, [1779]342.

Jeremiah, his prayer rejected, [1780]327; his way of speaking, [1781]371.

Jerusalem, temple at, not the only seat of Antichrist, [1782]386; above, our Mother, [1783]398.

Jason, made to give security, [1784]324.

Jesus, called Justus, probably a Corinthian, [1785]310; to sleep in, what, [1786]352 (note 4) , [1787]353.

Jews, corrupt Christianity under a show, [1788]182; an example with what mind men should give to Priests, [1789]226; still in an imperfect state from excess of listlessness, [1790]277; were as children under Moses, [1791]ib.; the wilderness was a school to them, [1792]278; Egypt as the tablet on which their letters were written, [1793]ib.; like children in wishing to return to Egypt, [1794]ib.; their doctrines those of children, [1795]ib.; were humored in their passions like children, [1796]ib.; in all respects imperfect like children, [1797]279; prayer not heard for, [1798]326; persecutors of Christ and His Church, [1799]333; and that not for truth's sake, [1800]ib.; slew prophets whose books they use, [1801]ib.; enemies of all men, [1802]ib.; wrath on them, [1803]334; their sufferings, [1804]358.

Job, heard for his friends, [1805]326; he could not have saved the Jews, [1806]ib.; his patience better than almsgiving, [1807]337; wrestled with Satan, [1808]ib.; tried through his wife, [1809]340; mourned little for his children from love to God, [1810]350; thankful in all circumstances, [1811]367; prayers of, for his children, [1812]392; prayer of, for his sons, not for temporal blessings, but for pardon of sin, [1813]197; Satan attacked his soul to make him more approved, [1814]210; an example of suffering without murmuring, [1815]221; the grievousness of his sickness, [1816]ib.; and his state worse than ours, because it was before the gift of grace, and the tidings of the Resurrection, [1817]222; gave thanks in his pain, [1818]265.

John, St., the Baptist, example of courage, [1819]205; came in spirit and power of Elias, [1820]389.

Jonas, type of the Resurrection, [1821]282-83.

Jordan, plain of, like Paradise, [1822]357; now burnt and desolate, [1823]ib.

Joseph, his example shows us how we may overcome the pride that comes from our wisdom, [1824]204; contrast between him and the Egyptian woman, [1825]307; how tempted by his mistress, [1826]342-43; firm, yet moved by tears, [1827]343; forbore revenge, [1828]ib.; an instance of the power of grace, [1829]380; how hardly treated, [1830]ib.

Josephus, records punishment of the Jews, [1831]358.

Joy to be shown for just, dead as well as living, [1832]196; of the world soon over, and bringeth grief, [1833]254; spiritual in affliction, [1834]325; on suffering enables to render good for evil, [1835]367.

Judæa, Churches of, persecuted, [1836]324, [1837]333, [1838]341; Christians of, lost their goods, [1839]349.

Judaizing Teachers, why called dogs, no longer children, [1840]230.

Judas, the traitor, fell, from his love of money, [1841]210; his hardness of heart, [1842]211; his fall told by all the Evangelists, that we may dread it, [1843]ib.

Judgment, to be dishonored in the, worse than pain of hell, [1844]245; the nearness of it, a consolation to the good, [1845]244; Day of, is night and winter to sinners, day to the just, [1846]267; Christian who disbelieves it cannot be called a Christian, [1847]268; none disbelieve it, [1848]269; to disbelieve it not reasonable, [1849]269-70; commencement of, [1850]355; not disproved by prosperity of wicked, [1851]362; suddenness of, [1852]ib.; terrors of, to scorners, [1853]365; deceivers proclaimed at hand to induce disappointment, [1854]377; just, of God, [1855]382; children to be taught about, [1856]383; future, less talked of than earthly, [1857]384; and less prepared for, [1858]ib.; delayed that we may repent, [1859]ib.

Justice, its good effects, [1860]161.

Kindness, softens an enemy, [1861]343.

King, Eternal, fear of, [1862]382; honor of meeting, [1863]355; reprieve from, [1864]356; poor admitted with, to Christ's Table, [1865]374; none Christian at first, [1866]381; fear of, keeps from much evil, [1867]382; letters of, read in churches, [1868]387.

Kings, not free from affliction, [1869]253; instances to show this, [1870]254; their kingdom not like the kingdom of heaven, [1871]ib.; use the bees' work, [1872]368; Israel conquered, [1873]32; by prayer, [1874]391.

Kingdom of God, worth bearing all for, [1875]333, [1876]382; of heaven, obtained through Priests, [1877]367.

Kiss, of charity, given through others, [1878]372.

Knowledge, brings condemnation without practice, [1879]206; without action, leads to punishment, [1880]265.

Labor, in vain, [1881]340; of hands recommended, [1882]348; spiritual, made an excuse for idleness, [1883]ib.

Laity, duty of, towards priests, [1884]366; have liberties that priests have not, [1885]ib.; equal in chief benefits, [1886]392.

Lamb, priest and people partake of one, [1887]392.

Lamp, of the Spirit, not to be quenched, [1888]370; robbers first put out, [1889]371; bright, admits to bridechamber, [1890]372; lighted, can light others, [1891]396.

Land, how to use it in serving God, [1892]233.

Laodicea, epistle from, probably written from thence to St. Paul, [1893]314.

Laughter, arising from present things is condemned by Christ, [1894]246; at admonition, miserable, [1895]367.

Law, the, not is loss, but is counted loss for Christ, [1896]235; like a bridge to the Gospel, [1897]ib.; or as a man counts silver when he found gold, [1898]ib.; it is loss by comparison, [1899]ib.; good as the chaff is to the corn, [1900]ib.; not absolutely loss, but for Christ, [1901]ib.; but a doctrine of men, now the time (of Christ) is come, [1902]289.

Laws, father's authority upheld by, [1903]366; fear of, hinders many bad actions, [1904]382; hurt not those who fear them, [1905]383.

Law-suits, men talk much of, [1906]384; and take pains about, [1907]ib.

Laying on, of hands is through the cross, [1908]242.

Lazarus, raising of, [1909]356; rich man despised, [1910]374; needed his help afterwards, [1911]ib.

Leopard, Daniel's vision of, [1912]328.

Letter, forged as from St. Paul, [1913]377.

Letters, from heaven, [1914]387; of kings, read in church, [1915]ib.

Life, is of several kinds, [1916]195; what it is not to live this present life, [1917]ib.; this present, worth living if we live in faith, [1918]196; not life if it has no fruit [1919]ib.; good or bad as we make it, [1920]ib.; the present a good state, [1921]225; future is better than a good state, [1922]ib.; to risk it for saints is martyrdom, [1923]226; cannot be without pain, [1924]254; the present, compared to a nest of mire and sticks, [1925]267; the virtuous, a good thing, [1926]280; the present, should be no cause of care to a Christian, [1927]290.

Light, children of, [1928]362.

Lightning, coming of Christ, evident as, [1929]378.

Like-mindedness, not so great as to be of one mind, [1930]203.

Likeness of man said of Christ, because he was not equal in everything to man, [1931]214.

Listlessness, arises from looking at the faults of others, [1932]229; puts Christians out of the state of grace, [1933]276.

Littlemindedness, as bad as sloth, [1934]367.

Longsuffering, is towards one that we can requite, [1935]264.

Loss of money, made a gain by patience, [1936]337; relieved by giving alms, [1937]338.

Lot, his choice proves fertility of plain of Jordan, [1938]357; did not save Sodom, [1939]358; his love to God, [1940]ib.; Abraham bore wrong from, [1941]369.

Love, spiritual, a support in great trials, [1942]186; it was as a dew to the holy children, [1943]ib.; impossible to convey St. Paul's in words, [1944]188; is unbounded, [1945]189; indiscriminate, leads to weak friendships, and to receiving spurious doctrines, and makes to stumble, [1946]ib.; it should have respect to what is profitable, with understanding, [1947]ib.; maintained by believers standing in one mind, [1948]199; to love one another the best return for spiritual benefits, [1949]203; it is more to St. Paul than to deliver him from dangers, [1950]ib.; greater than like-mindedness, [1951]ib.; how much is meant by oneness of mind, [1952]ib.; shown for others by wrestling in spirit for them, [1953]224; increased by troubles from without, [1954]253; spiritual love alone steadfast, [1955]259; and like a queen over other friendships, [1956]ib.; instanced in St. Paul and Moses, [1957]ib.; is as the bond or root, without which there can be no perfection [1958]295; is more requisite from the governing to the governed than from the governed to the governing, [1959]304; puts down envy, [1960]313; labor of, [1961]324; true, would give the soul, [1962]330; possible, since Christ bids, [1963]331; want of, causes heresies, [1964]ib.; love dissembles favors, [1965]ib.; perpetuates heathenism, [1966]ib.; is indescribable, as a foreign plant, [1967]ib.; needs help of presence, [1968]334; should extend to all, [1969]341, [1970]348, [1971]380; makes unblamable, [1972]342; saints pleased God by, [1973]ib.; fire of, consumes all sin, [1974]ib.; Cain wanted, [1975]ib.; overcame St. Paul, [1976]ib.; why mentioned in passing, [1977]348; God teaches, [1978]ib.; of God to man, [1979]351; a breastplate, [1980]363; how to strengthen, [1981]ib.; overcomes distance, [1982]372; weak, shaken by affliction, strong, confirmed, [1983]380-81; should be equally balanced, [1984]381; danger of division in, [1985]ib.; must be for God's sake, [1986]ib.; of God, hindered by many things, [1987]393; toward God before ourselves, implies before money too, [1988]ib.

Love of money. See [1989]Wealth.

Lowliness, corrects vainglory, [1990]203; its power when found in two persons, [1991]204; shown in a broken heart, [1992]ib.; of mind, [1993]217.

Lust, to be cut off, [1994]344; and its occasions, [1995]345; a drunkenness, [1996]362; insatiable, [1997]379; cured by thought of hell-fire, [1998]ib.

Luxury, gives birth to affliction and pain, [1999]255; not to be envied, [2000]364; talk of, hurtful, [2001]384.

Macedonia country of the Philippians, [2002]181; St. Paul's cultured field, [2003]341.

Macedonians, once as renowned as the Romans, [2004]328; joined with others in St. Paul's crown, [2005]334; empire of, overthrown by Romans, [2006]328, [2007]389.

Madness, vice worse than, [2008]364.

Magistrates, scourge St. Paul more from impulse than wickedness, [2009]182.

Mammon, contradicts Christ's commands, [2010]211; hell and river of fire because of it, [2011]212; turns from love of God, [2012]393.

Man, is superior to brutes only through religion and virtue, [2013]218; and in things that concern the soul, [2014]ib.; may become an angel by practice of virtue, [2015]ib.; not worthy of the grace of God, [2016]266; greatness of his deliverance set forth, [2017]ib.; and of his own will under the power of darkness, [2018]275; could be persuaded to return to God only by Christ, [2019]ib.; can continue in this state only by continuing to have faith and hope in Christ, [2020]276; how he is changed by the Gospel, [2021]276; "the old man" does not mean the substance of flesh, but the bad moral choice, [2022]294; the new man is ever advancing to greater youthfulness, [2023]295; man imperfect when alone, [2024]318.

Manes, [2025]206.

Manichees, [2026]294 (note 5) , [2027]352 (note 2) .

Mansions, splendid, are a loss, [2028]232.

Marcellus, of Galatia, [2029]206; in what way heretical, [2030]207; how his heresy falls before St. Paul's text, [2031]ib.

Marcion, of Pontius, [2032]206; in what way heretical, [2033]207.

Marcionites, their heresy of our Lord being a phantom overturned, [2034]213, [2035]352 (note 2) .

Marriage, early recommended, [2036]346; of chaste persons blessed [2037]ib.; object of, [2038]ib.; second, of widows, [2039]349; feast at, occasions envy and discontent, [2040]384.

Marriages, satanical performances at, [2041]378; how marriage is a mystery, [2042]ib.; marriage union really a pure thing, dishonored from man's wickedness, [2043]319; how it is a mystery of the Church, [2044]ib.; a satanic pomp in, without significancy, [2045]320; pleasure will follow from celebration of a marriage in an orderly way, [2046]ib.; melancholy from such as then were common, [2047]ib.; the right way to keep the wedding feast, [2048]ib.

Martyrdom, is attained by lesser things more than by great, [2049]226; not now usual, [2050]336; may still be imitated, [2051]337.

Masters, duty of, to servants, [2052]305.

Medicine, bitter, useful, [2053]360; to be sweetened, [2054]337.

Memorial, a great house a, of covetousness, [2055]369.

Memory of good deeds makes men remiss and haughty, [2056]238.

Mercy, works of, must never be given up, [2057]182; should be worn as tokens about the necks of Christians, [2058]ib.; a means to convince unbelievers, [2059]183; must be done with caution and true faith, [2060]ib.; can only be done in this world, [2061]ib.; can open the gates of heaven, [2062]183; ofttimes called "righteousness," [2063]189; men soon led to it, no good in our nature so great as it, [2064]201; in the nature even of the fiercest, [2065]ib.; peculiar to power, [2066]ib.; the world established by it, [2067]ib.; most pleasing to God, [2068]ib.; priests, kings, and prophets anointed by it, [2069]ib.; signified by oil, [2070]ib.; it is over all men alike, [2071]ib.; without it all created things would perish, [2072]ib.; cause of light to men, [2073]202; to be merciful God's true character, and so man's, [2074]ib.; it is of it that all things are, [2075]ib.; it delivers from fire of hell, [2076]ib.; comes of love, [2077]ib.; without man's showing it, he shall have no forgiveness, [2078]ib.; must be shown to obtain mercy, [2079]365; where none the Spirit dwells not, [2080]371.

Metals, abuse of precious, through luxury, [2081]292.

Ministers of Christ not clothed by miracle, [2082]229; allowed to be in want that others may be profited, [2083]ib.; though unworthy, have God with them, [2084]274.

Miracle, standing, of fruits of Sodom, [2085]357.

Miracles, danger of men being honored for, [2086]339; of Antichrist, [2087]386, [2088]389.

Moderation, binding on all, not priests only, [2089]227; reasons why it should be shown to enemies and the bad, [2090]246.

Money sent by Philippians to St. Paul at Rome, [2091]226; to be employed in God's service, [2092]233; must be despised for the sake of God, [2093]393.

Monks, near Antioch, [2094]394 (note 2) .

Mortification, as necessary as it is continually to rub the rust off a bright statue [2095]294; of sin in members of the body necessary, [2096]296-97.

Moses, a schoolmaster to the Jews, [2097]277; his intercession, [2098]327; would not have saved Jews at last, [2099]ib.; seat of, [2100]366; conquered Amalek by prayer, [2101]391.

Mother, delights in her cares, [2102]392; her pangs before birth, spiritual parents' lasting, [2103]ib.; heavenly Jerusalem our, [2104]398.

Mothers should take care of their own characters, because their daughters take pattern from them, [2105]308-9.

Motives, temporal weigh with most men, [2106]348.

Mourning, house of, [2107]384.

Mouth, how to use it in God's service, [2108]233; door of our lamp, [2109]370; keep shut when insulted, [2110]ib.

Murmuring, an art of Satan's to take away reward of virtue, [2111]220; occasions stains, [2112]ib.; to be avoided at all times, [2113]223.

Mysteries, Apostles ordered a remembrance to be made of the dead in them, [2114]197; the mystery of God is to be brought to Him by His Son, [2115]280; priest makes partakers of, [2116]367.

Mystery, must be confessed somewhere, [2117]354.

Name, does not mean glory, [2118]215.

"Name of our Lord Jesus," everything done in it prospers, [2119]302.

Name of God, the great power of the, [2120]303.

Nature, human, may be looked on as one continued life from the first to the present time, [2121]277.

Necessity, notion of, from Satan, [2122]269-70.

Nero, emperor when Epistle to Philippians was written, [2123]186; a type of Antichrist, [2124]389.

Night, compared to a caravan of many fountains, [2125]192; children of, [2126]362.

Ninevites, escaped because they feared, [2127]383.

Noah, type of the Resurrection, [2128]283; a just man, [2129]326; could not have saved the Jews, [2130]ib.; his sons' conduct, [2131]342; days of, like the last, [2132]357; men in time of, perished from not fearing, [2133]383.

Number, change of, in speaking, [2134]372 (note 2) .

Obedience to others does not make us inferior to them, [2135]215; cause of exaltation, [2136]216; the duty of the wife to her husband, [2137]304.

Oil, a type of God's love to man, [2138]201; hence kings and priests anointed with it, [2139]ib.; type of mercy as being the cause of light, [2140]ib.; want of, quenches lamp, [2141]371.

Ointment, the Saints are like, [2142]327.

Oneness of mind, the force of it, [2143]203.

Onesimus, sent by St. Paul to the Colossians, [2144]310.

Oppressors, more cruel than robbers, [2145]369; poor as bad as rich, [2146]370.

Ornaments, gold, are a loss to the users, [2147]232; earthly chains to bind sin on, and strip Christ off, [2148]308; love of, incites vainglory, and is the cause of many evils, [2149]ib.

Orators, record vanity of human things, [2150]379.

Oratories, [2151]373.

Ornament, danger of, [2152]338; none like gravity, [2153]350; spiritual, [2154]351.

Palaces, splendid, no cause for pride, [2155]217; none like heaven, [2156]351; way to, borne with, though narrow, [2157]364; one who admits to, loved for it, [2158]367; great men of the world found at, [2159]373; churches the real, [2160]ib.

Palæstra, place in which runners in a race were trained, [2161]239.

Palestine, travelers in, called to witness on overthrow of Sodom, [2162]357; sufferings of the Jews in, [2163]358.

Paradise, plain of Jordan like, [2164]357, [2165]369.

Passions, tempt us as pagans did martyrs, [2166]336; insatiable in their nature, [2167]379.

Patience, a high praise, [2168]325; of Job, [2169]337; toward all men, [2170]367; puts the impudent to shame, [2171]ib.; proved in time, [2172]381; of Christ, [2173]393.

Patriarchs, examples how people should suffer the loss of children, [2174]299.

Patronage, change of religion for, [2175]381.

Paul, St., scourged at Philippi, [2176]181, see [2177]Philippi; gives high testimony to Philippians, [2178]ib.; in bonds when wrote Epistle to Philippians, [2179]ib.; let go afterwards, [2180]ib.; wrote it in his first imprisonment, [2181]ib.; consoles Philippians about his bonds, and exhorts to unanimity and humility, [2182]182; writes to encourage, not to rebuke, Philippians throughout, [2183]ib.; praises them for their well-doing, [2184]ib.; his great love for them, [2185]ib.; why he calls himself "servant" in writing to the Philippians, [2186]184; reason for his writing to the clergy of Philippi, [2187]ib.; his joy at their virtues, and constant readiness to assist him, [2188]185; to be loved by him, sign of being great, [2189]186; imprisoned under Emperor Nero, [2190]ib.; in what sense he calls God to witness, [2191]188; his bonds useful, [2192]189; cause of confidence to himself, [2193]ib.; did not mind grievous things of this life, [2194]193; rejoices though he has many enemies, [2195]ib.; his humble-mindedness and trust in God, [2196]194; would glorify Christ by life or death, [2197]ib.; not to die at this imprisonment, [2198]ib.; how dead as this present life, [2199]195; because he did not care for it, [2200]ib.; it would be by God's dispensation, not of man's sin, [2201]196; though in the midst of suffering chooses to live, [2202]198; in what way like the sun, [2203]199; why willing to stay on earth, [2204]ib.; not a flatterer, [2205]205; how he was humble and courageous, [2206]ib.; exhorts to humility by example of Christ, [2207]206; by awe at presence of the Holy Spirit, [2208]ib., and note 2; one text of his lays low many heresies at once, [2209]206; takes away fear of being debased because of humility by example of the Incarnation, [2210]212; his discretion in admonishing, [2211]219; his death like a drink-offering, and cause of rejoicing to the Philippians, [2212]222-23; frees the Philippians from suspicion of his giving comfort merely by sending Timothy, [2213]223; does all for Christ, [2214]ib.; tidings of the Philippians would give him courage, [2215]224; did not know all things absent by revelation, [2216]ib.; his dependence on God in everything, [2217]ib.; had not neglected them because he sent so late, [2218]225; his soul never free from sorrow, [2219]ib.; careful to teach Philippians humility, [2220]226; had more than one cloak, and lived the life of faith, [2221]228; provided his proper clothing, [2222]ib.; does not give exhortation without first commending, [2223]230; his high state as a Jew in birth and way of life, [2224]231; died to his body while alive, [2225]236; not confident of attaining to the resurrection that leads to Christ, [2226]ib.; his life one of contest to the end, [2227]237; taught by deeds as well as words, [2228]240; an example of the constancy of virtue under all circumstances, [2229]241; his care to recommend laborious persons, and the benefit of this, [2230]244; is refreshed at the advancement of his disciples, [2231]249; probable reason of his receiving at one time, and not at another, [2232]250; partly excuses the negligence of the Philippians, [2233]ib.; how he put down proud thoughts from well-doing and yet did not check it, [2234]ib.; his way of encouraging liberality and keeping independence, [2235]251-52; his grief for sinners remarkable, [2236]255; those of his epistles most holy which were written while he was in bonds, [2237]257; had not seen Colossians when he wrote to them, [2238]ib.; his presence everywhere a great thing, [2239]258; everywhere couples conduct with faith, [2240]264; first praises, then blames, [2241]265; his striving for his disciples, [2242]281; in all his epistles he tries to show that Christians are partakers with Christ, [2243]290; his lowliness of mind, [2244]306; his work prospered much more when he in bonds than out of them, [2245]ib.; reasons for his not putting everything into his epistles, [2246]309; his behavior to Agrippa, an instance of Christian wisdom, [2247]309; treated worse than the prophets were [2248]310; the considerate way in which he spoke of persons, [2249]ib.; his warnings how to deal with persons he calls "without," [2250]310-11; his wisdom instanced in his discourse to the Athenians, [2251]311; and in treatment of Elymas, [2252]ib.; his reminding the Colossians of his bonds a great support to them in trials, [2253]314-15; meaning of his wish to be accursed from Christ, [2254]317; his humility in placing others with himself, [2255]323; his thanksgivings and prayers for others, [2256]324; asked prayers of others, [2257]326; persecuted at Beroea, [2258]328; at Philippi, [2259]329; no flatterer, [2260]329, [2261]333; sought not honor, [2262]329-30; like a nurse, [2263]330; ready to endure hell, [2264]331; worked with his own hands, [2265]332, [2266]394; like a father, [2267]333; spoke to each singly, [2268]ib.; asked only that men would gain the kingdom, [2269]ib.; felt separation like an orphan, [2270]334; satisfied his love through others, [2271]ib.; his vehement love, [2272]334, [2273]341, [2274]372; hindered by Satan, [2275]334; by the Spirit, [2276]ib.; not all things revealed to, [2277]339; his thorn in the flesh, [2278]ib.; stayed in spite of danger, [2279]340; his labor, [2280]ib.; his joy at good report, [2281]ib.; his sufferings, [2282]ib.; firm, yet moved by love, [2283]342; exhorts by Christ, [2284]344; had no false delicacy, [2285]346; Christ spoke in, [2286]355; heard expressly from God about Judgment, [2287]ib.; checks curiosity, [2288]360; improved his gifts, [2289]370; had great confidence before God, [2290]371; sends kiss of charity, [2291]372; subscribed with his own hand, [2292]377-78; begins with prayer for grace, [2293]380; humility of, [2294]ib.; gloried in the Thessalonians, [2295]381; would have borne hell for God's will, [2296]383; wisely hinted the fall of the Roman Empire, [2297]388; prayer of, for Thessalonians, [2298]390; he asks theirs, [2299]390-92; indicates his dangers, [2300]390-91; had right to be maintained, [2301]394; humility of, in speaking of his own doings, [2302]396.

Paul of Samosata, [2303]206; in what way heretical, and how his heresies fall before St. Paul's text, [2304]206-07; said our Lord was a mere creature, [2305]214; his doctrine refuted, [2306]271.

Peace, we are at peace with God, through virtue, [2307]247; must be maintained with God and our neighbor, [2308]248; restored between men and angels, [2309]273; the frequent mention of it in the church, [2310]ib.; not the Bishop's, but Christ's, by means of him, [2311]274; is an umpire in the heart between anger and charity, [2312]296; human peace cometh of revenging, [2313]ib.; prayer for, [2314]395.

Peacemakers, always imitate the Son of God, [2315]248; why called the sons of God, [2316]273.

Pearson, Bp., an argument of, [2317]353 (note 2) .

People, should obey priests with good will, [2318]366; many of, excel ruler, [2319]391; equal with priests in chief blessings, [2320]391; partake of one Baptism, one Lamb, with him, [2321]ib.

Perfecting, implies deficiency, [2322]341.

Perfection, not in the Law, nor in Angels, but in Christ only, [2323]280-81; goes beyond commandments, [2324]344.

Persecuted, God's glory to reward, [2325]385.

Persecution at an end, [2326]182; why permitted, [2327]324; at Beroea, [2328]328; at Philippi, [2329]329; endurance of, proves the Gospel, [2330]329; men that will not hear of hell are not ready for, [2331]383; patience under, [2332]385.

Persecutors, will be punished, [2333]328, [2334]334; shall be confounded at glory of saints, [2335]385.

Persians, king of the, wears his beard of gold, [2336]292; empire of, [2337]389.

Persuasion, of God, [2338]385, and note 1.

Peter, St., had common convenience of clothing, [2339]228; freed by prayers of others, [2340]326, [2341]391; refuses honor for miracles, [2342]339; chief of Apostles, [2343]360; not told time of consummation, [2344]360; improve grace given, [2345]370.

Phalanx, pushing through, [2346]335.

Phantom, our Lord so called by the Marcionites, [2347]214.

Pharaoh, punishment of, [2348]358.

Pharisee, spoiled good works by pride, [2349]378.

Pharisees, made men sons of hell, [2350]362, [2351]366; in Moses' seat, and to be obeyed, [2352]366.

Philemon, Epistle to, written while St. Paul was in bonds, [2353]257; written upon close of St. Paul's preaching, [2354]257; probably with the Colossians at one time, [2355]ib.

Philippi, persecution at, [2356]329; named from its founder, a colony, [2357]181; the seller of purple converted there, [2358]ib.; keeper of the prison believed there, [2359]ib.; St. Paul and Silas scourged there, [2360]ib.; St. Paul's preaching had a remarkable commencement here, [2361]ib.; had shown great readiness for the Faith, [2362]182.

Philippians, of a city in Macedonia, [2363]182; sent Epaphroditus to St. Paul in prison, [2364]ib.; patterns of charity, [2365]ib.; partook of St. Paul's sufferings, [2366]200; their virtue made St. Paul illustrious, [2367]222; had attained to a life of love, concord, and peace, [2368]240; had at some time been negligent in well-doing, [2369]249; the first to think of giving to St. Paul, [2370]251; their gifts would turn to their salvation, [2371]252; they were poor men, handicraftsmen, [2372]ib.; Epistle to, written while St. Paul was in bonds, [2373]257; Timothy sent to, [2374]334.

Philosopher, true, not grieved by things of this life, [2375]193.

Philosophers, speak of future punishment, [2376]359; of changes of fortune, [2377]379.

Philosophy, heathen, not true wisdom, [2378]193-94; true, not to wish for revenge, [2379]338.

Physicians, trusted when they have foretold symptoms, [2380]335; defile their hands to cure, [2381]346; must displease the sick, [2382]366; useless, going to, unless for remedy, [2383]387.

Photinus, in what way heretical, [2384]206; how his heresy falls before St. Paul's text, [2385]ib.

Piety, belongs to man alone of creatures, [2386]218.

Pilot, Christ a, [2387]355.

Pity, [2388]201.

Places, loved on account of friends, [2389]321.

Plants, wonderful growth of, [2390]352-354.

Plane-tree, golden, made by an ancient king, [2391]291-92.

Pleasure, less in splendid feasts, than in poor ones, [2392]261; is not the life of Christians, [2393]289.

Plenty, inclines to evil, and requires great virtue in the use of it, [2394]250.

Poets, speak of future punishment, [2395]359; of great men's falls, [2396]379.

Pomegranates, of Sodom, full of ashes, [2397]357.

Poor, to feast them is to make God our debtor, [2398]260; called to Christ, [2399]292, [2400]294; it is no good to feed them and live voluptuously one's self, [2401]ib.; sometimes oppress the poorer, [2402]370; exemplary in thankfulness, [2403]373; sit at Church doors, [2404]ib.; are dogs of God's palace, [2405]374; communicate with the great, [2406]ib.; descendants of, may he great, [2407]374; pride cured by sight of, [2408]ib.; best guests to entertain, [2409]ib.; Christ comes in, [2410]ib.; contempt of, comes of pride, [2411]378; dishonor to, provokes God, [2412]395.

Potiphar, unreasonable, [2413]380.

Poverty, a happiness, [2414]191; false reasons for fearing it, [2415]193; good or bad, according to the disposition, [2416]ib.; is good or bad, according to a man's will, [2417]233; the procurer of heaven, [2418]ib.; distresses most men, [2419]349; furnace of, [2420]373; comforted in house of mourning, [2421]384.

Power of Christ, cause of men's working greater deeds than himself, [2422]205; persons in power ever changing like dust, [2423]290.

Practice, of the commands of Christ brings us His gifts, [2424]206.

Prætorium, palace of Nero so called, [2425]181; palace so called, [2426]189.

Praise, when rightly given and withheld, [2427]208; men should not live dependent on it, or do praiseworthy actions for its sake, [2428]248.

Prayer, assists the dead, [2429]197; a consolation at all times, [2430]246; should be joined with thanksgiving, [2431]ib.; not acknowledged without thanksgiving, [2432]247; frequent, makes persons listless, therefore they must join watching with it and thanksgiving, [2433]305; a Saint's prayer, [2434]ib.; remembering others in, [2435]324; of others useful, if we do our part, [2436]326; made for all men, [2437]ib.; expressed from love, [2438]341; due to pastors, [2439]372; houses of, [2440]373; of arrogant, not heard, [2441]ib.; of St. Paul for Thessalonians, [2442]390; he asks theirs, [2443]ib.; St. Chrysostom asks earnestly, and more on his own account, [2444]ib.; united, powerful, [2445]391; for people bold in St. Chrysostom, [2446]ib.; yet he makes it in private as well as in public, [2447]ib.; seals precepts, [2448]395; for peace, [2449]ib.; in salutation, [2450]ib.

Prayer of the Faithful, Lord's Prayer so called, [2451]306.

Preachers, of strife taught as St. Paul did, against their will, as instruments of the devil, [2452]190.

Presbyters, sometimes called Bishops, [2453]184; could not lay hands on a Bishop, [2454]ib.

Pride, to be corrected by thanking God for our wisdom, [2455]204; makes men even unlike the devil, [2456]205; haughtiness not courage, [2457]ib.; cause of Satan's fall, [2458]216; is worse than folly, [2459]217; the evils that come from it in a man's temper, [2460]ib.; natural good qualities and blessings should not make men proud, [2461]ib.; makes a man lower than irrational creatures, [2462]218; shown in thinking fine houses superfluities, etc., a gain, [2463]232; attendant on the feasts of the heathen, [2464]262; cure of, in seeing the poor, [2465]374; exclaimed against, [2466]ib.; comes of not knowing God, [2467]378; beginning of sin, [2468]ib.; of Pharisee, spoiled good works, [2469]ib.; a constant misery, [2470]379; a sign of wanting reason, [2471]ib.; of rich at Church, [2472]387.

Priest, should be obeyed with good-will, [2473]366; hated for reproving, [2474]ib.; authority of, sanctioned by Christ, [2475]ib.; gives up the world for his office, [2476]ib.; imparts the Holy Mysteries, [2477]367; communicates first but equally with people, [2478]392.

Priests, grudging to support them upbraided, [2479]226-27.

Prize, the, the Christian runs for in heaven, [2480]239; it is far more precious than gold or jewels, [2481]ib.; those who could gain it must follow example of runners in a race, [2482]ib.; Christ gives it in heaven, [2483]ib.

Proclamation, the, is made further known when St. Paul is bound, [2484]306-07.

Prodigal Son, an example to those that sin after Baptism, [2485]238.

Prophecies, about Christ and Antichrist, [2486]389.

Prophesyings, true and false, [2487]371.

Prophets, slain by Jews, [2488]333; speak as from God, [2489]355; speak irresponsibly at the time, [2490]371; less listened to than king's messengers, [2491]387.

Proselytes, not circumcised on the eighth day, nor of the stock of Israel, [2492]231.

Providence, signs of, [2493]283.

Proving all things, what, [2494]371.

Prudentius, on St. Lawrence, [2495]336 (note 2) .

Psalms, singing a less irksome way of gaining instruction than reading, [2496]301; the warnings they contain for the practice of virtue, [2497]302.

Pulpit, not opened to all, [2498]371.

Punishment, example of, necessary to lead bad-principled to virtue, [2499]220; all sin incurs, [2500]344; comes of evil will, [2501]347; temporal, for those who knew not eternal, [2502]358; instances of, [2503]358-59; from God not to be questioned, [2504]358; present unequal, [2505]359; for not obeying the Gospel, [2506]382, [2507]384; of others not to be rejoiced in, [2508]382; the heavier for delay, [2509]384; future, proved eternal, [2510]ib.; of disorderly by withdrawing from them, [2511]394, [2512]396.

Purity, blessedness of, [2513]342; enjoined on Timothy, [2514]344.

Reader, at Church speaks God's words, [2515]387.

Reason, cannot comprehend mysteries, [2516]236, [2517]282; pride shows want of, [2518]379; overwhelmed by ill discourses, [2519]383.

Reasoning, not used to the docile, [2520]352; on some things unwise, [2521]354; like swimming without boat or pilot, [2522]ib.; good not to indulge in, [2523]380; conclusive, from God's justice, [2524]382.

Rebecca, an example for a bride, [2525]317.

Reconciliation, the way of, through Christ, [2526]272.

Red Sea, burial to Egyptians, generation to Israelites, [2527]290.

Rejoicing in Christ arises from mourning for sins, [2528]246.

Relations, domestic, intent of, [2529]369.

Remembrance, good, what, [2530]340.

Remission, of sins, given in baptism, [2531]238.

Repetition, needful, [2532]386; in Holy Scriptures complained of, [2533]388.

Report, of actions, greatest near the spot, [2534]328; credible from those who might envy, [2535]ib.

Reprieve, [2536]356.

Reproof, preparation for, [2537]380, [2538]393.

Restitution, should exceed wrongful gains, [2539]369.

Resurrection, the, a motive to good living, [2540]212; no tidings of, in Job's time, [2541]222; that of Christ, known only by faith, not reason, [2542]236; one which leads to honor, one to punishment, [2543]236; the glorious one to be attained by going through the like sufferings with Christ, [2544]237; doctrine of, believed by only a few of those who live in sin, [2545]269; men rewarded in it according to desert, [2546]ib.; prefigured in Enoch, Elias, Jonah, Noah, fiery furnace, generation of plants, and of man, [2547]283; of Christ an encouragement, [2548]328, [2549]363; future, a comfort in troubles, [2550]349; belief in, stays sorrow for deaths, [2551]ib.; sorrow in spite of believing, [2552]352; first Resurrection [2553]ib.; objections to, [2554]353-54; of garments supposed by some, [2555]353; in a moment, [2556]356; comes unawares, [2557]ib.; some said already past, and why, [2558]377; lively picture of, [2559]382; time of, not known, [2560]386.

Retribution, to come, [2561]357-360; future, just, [2562]381; exceeds actions, both good and evil, [2563]382.

Revenge, best found in taking none, [2564]367.

Reward, according to proportion of righteousness, [2565]381; more desired than revenge, [2566]382.

Rich, not refused by Christ, [2567]374; but warned of their danger, [2568]ib.; man, despised Lazarus, [2569]ib.; asked his help in vain afterwards, [2570]ib.; men, advised to entertain the poor, [2571]ib.; fall anyhow in war, [2572]374; goods of, often confiscated, [2573]ib.; man would have escaped hell had he feared it, [2574]ib.; make a show in church, [2575]387; think they do a favor in coming to church, [2576]ib.

Riches, cause of unnumbered evils, [2577]183; bring trouble, [2578]191; make unable to receive pleasure, [2579]192; their value shown in instance of Dives and Lazarus, [2580]ib.; how to be rich indeed, [2581]193; should be joined with great mercy, [2582]201; no cause for being proud, [2583]217; may deprive men of future consolation, [2584]228; the conditions of, are loss accompanied with inexpressible trouble, and without gain, [2585]231-32; men must soon leave them, [2586]232; their ill effects, [2587]ib.; are a good, if used as a means to gain heaven, [2588]ib.; love of, shows unreadiness for trial, [2589]335; love of, increased by gazing, [2590]338; of ancients, in things necessary, [2591]ib.; a disgraceful memorial, [2592]369; ill-gotten, to be restored with addition, [2593]ib.; desire of, comes of pride, [2594]378; vanity of, proved by death, [2595]384; of God are the faithful, [2596]385; must be despised if we are to despise self, [2597]393.

Righteousness, not according to Christ is a simply moral life, [2598]189; the kind which comes from man's own diligence is not to be compared with that which is God's gift through faith, [2599]235; reward according to, [2600]381.

River of fire, [2601]365.

Robber, watchfulness defeats, [2602]362; armor needed against, [2603]363; covetous man a, [2604]369; first puts out lamp, [2605]371.

Robbers, crucified with our Lord, both of them impious at one time, [2606]215.

Robbery, a work of darkness, [2607]362; hard dealing more cruel than, [2608]369.

Roman, laws. See [2609]Laws. Empire, what withheld Antichrist, [2610]388; fall of, predicted, [2611]ib.; but covertly, [2612]ib.

Rudiments, same as elements, the sun and moon, [2613]284.

Rule, a, is destroyed by addition or subtraction, [2614]240.

Ruler, incurs enmities, [2615]366; obedience due to, [2616]ib.; should be gentle, [2617]367; interest of, is the people's, [2618]391; should excel in virtue rather than in honor, [2619]397.

Rulers, fall of, frequent, [2620]379; men seek favor of, [2621]380; none Christian at first, [2622]381; why now to be prayed for, [2623]391; most assailed by Satan, [2624]ib.

Runners, in a race an example for Christians in their course to heaven, [2625]239.

Sabbath, was broken for the sake of circumcision, [2626]230; breaking of, punished, [2627]359.

Sabellius, the Libyan, [2628]206; what his heresy was, [2629]ib.; how his heresy falls before St. Paul's text, [2630]207.

Sacraments, keys of heaven, [2631]367.

Sacrifice, the, [2632]273.

Saints, they that wait on them sharers of their crown, [2633]185; to wait on them makes up for inability to fast, [2634]ib.; how they live not this present life, [2635]195; to be received with honor, [2636]225; service to them no favor, but a debt, [2637]226; it is a free service, and brings a reward on the giver, [2638]227; united by afflictions, [2639]253; pray with thanksgiving for every person and thing, [2640]305; those that attend on them share their troubles, [2641]312; and sharers of their sufferings share their crowns, [2642]ib.; the way to share with them, [2643]ib.; prayers of, useful, [2644]326, [2645]393; not to the careless, [2646]ib.; to be sought, [2647]327; spread a perfume of virtue, [2648]ib.; all things not revealed to, [2649]339; remembrance of, warms us, [2650]343; God glorified in, [2651]385; shall come with Christ, [2652]386.

Salvation, hope of, a helmet, [2653]363; ground for such hope, [2654]363, [2655]372; by sanctification and belief, [2656]390; of man, Christ's glory, [2657]ib.

Salutation, a proof of good-will, [2658]253; in St. Paul's own writing, [2659]377-78, [2660]395; prayer called a, [2661]395.

Samson, lost in marriage, not from marriage, but his own free will, [2662]241.

Samuel, prayed in vain for Saul, [2663]326; with effect for Israel, [2664]326, [2665]391; prophecy restored in, [2666]327; knew not whom to anoint of himself, [2667]339.

Sanctification, fornication opposed to, [2668]344; through the Spirit, [2669]390; faith needed after, [2670]ib.

Sapphira, sin and punishment of, [2671]359.

Satan, allowed to ravage upon unfruitful souls, [2672]210; likened to different wild creatures according to his disposition, [2673]ib.; great or small in power as men choose, [2674]ib.; cannot enter man's soul except God permit him, [2675]ib.; fell by pride, [2676]216; received his death-stroke from a dead body, [2677]286; did what he could to make Christ's death private, [2678]ib.; the deviser of charms, [2679]298-99; hinders human purposes, [2680]334; an enemy ever urgent, [2681]336; his robbing Job, [2682]337; his means of divination, [2683]ib.; robbers his servants, [2684]ib.; his crafty assaults, [2685]ib.; attacks men through others' trials, [2686]339-40; suggester of questioning God's justice, [2687]358; ever lying in wait, [2688]364; foretold things future, [2689]371; but falsely, [2690]ib.; would cut off hope of Resurrection, [2691]377; suborned false teachers, [2692]ib.; fills children with false notions, [2693]378; Antichrist like him in pride, [2694]ib.; by which he fell, [2695]ib.; specially attacks rulers, [2696]391.

Saul, not saved by Samuel's prayer, [2697]326; sinned in sparing against commandment, [2698]359.

Schools, of learning, scholars teach in, [2699]397.

Scorners, miserable and unreasonable, [2700]365.

Scribes and Pharisees in Moses' seat, [2701]366; not to be imitated, [2702]ib.

Scripture, without reason not enough to persuade the contentious, [2703]212; shows admiration for jewels out of regard for man's weakness, [2704]234; should be read not lightly, but with earnestness, [2705]301; makes suffering less burdensome, [2706]ib.; better than men-teachers, [2707]300; not to know it the cause of all defects in practice, [2708]301; hearkening to, keeps up good thoughts, [2709]382; chief things plain in, [2710]388; read in known language to the people, [2711]ib.; people challenged to give account of, [2712]ib.

Seed, analogy of, [2713]352-53; sown on a rock, [2714]367; spiritual, needs culture, [2715]386; devil carries away, if neglected, [2716]ib.

Self-command, makes man superior to irrational creatures, [2717]218.

Self-denial, now a means of escaping future punishment, [2718]245.

Self-indulgent, deny the cross, and are worthy of tears, [2719]242; their belly their god, [2720]ib.

Seller of purple converted at Philippi, [2721]181.

Senses, all originate in the head, [2722]397.

Sentences, what indisputable, [2723]382.

Servant, of Jesus Christ, a high rank, [2724]184.

Servants, duty of, to their masters, [2725]304-05; should serve heathen masters with the same care they would Christian, [2726]305; to be spoken to concerning hell, [2727]384.

Service, lessons in, [2728]387; silence called for in, [2729]ib.

Severity, not needed where there is no guilt, [2730]220.

Shame, is not in being bound for, but in betraying Christ, [2731]195; implanted in our nature by God, more powerful than fear to bring us to virtue, [2732]201; sense of, motive to improvement, [2733]224.

Shem, loved his father, [2734]342.

Shimei, examples of audacity, [2735]205.

Ship, lightened in dangers, [2736]338; Scriptures, a, [2737]355; wind to, as discourse to soul, [2738]383.

Sickness, recovery from, a mercy, and how, [2739]225.

Silas, scourged at Philippi, [2740]181.

Silvanus, St., named before Timothy, [2741]323; implied in plural, [2742]341.

Sin, more object of dread, if we lament for it in others, [2743]196; many things lead to our avoiding it, [2744]201; why called "upon earth," [2745]294; those who walk in, are not in God, [2746]324; frustrates prayer for us, [2747]326; all, defiles, [2748]342; to shun, no praise, [2749]344; punished temporally to teach men, [2750]358; instances of, punished, [2751]358-59; different characters of, [2752]359; leads to certain death, [2753]367; pride the beginning of, [2754]378; to be cut off by talking of hell, [2755]384.

Sinners, dying in sin without hope, [2756]196; must be pained here that they may escape the river of fire, [2757]212; know they sin by their conscience, [2758]269; think one that rebukes them austere only, [2759]320.

Sinai, angels at Mount, [2760]355.

Slave, female, about to be sold with her husband, [2761]372; may teach a master virtue, [2762]397.

Slaves, scourged, [2763]372; adjure their masters, [2764]ib.

Sleep, comes over the virtuous without fear, [2765]248; spiritual, danger of, [2766]326, [2767]363, [2768]393; in Jesus not death, [2769]352; our helplessness in, humbling, [2770]379.

Sloth, to avoid it we must do the labors within our measure, [2771]191.

Sodom, sin of, surpassed, [2772]357; fruits of, full of ashes, [2773]ib.

Soil, spiritual, not inanimate, [2774]386.

Soldier, rewarded for wounds, [2775]335; always keeps to exercise and arms, [2776]ib.; an example to Christians, [2777]336; in heaven a child may be made, [2778]351.

Son, why it is said of man, but never of Angel, [2779]270; The, the image of God, [2780]270; not a creature because called Firstborn, [2781]ib.; "before all things," [2782]ib.; first in the Church, [2783]ib.; types of His eternal generation, [2784]283; same words applied to as to the Father, [2785]324; given for us, [2786]363; generation of, above reasoning, [2787]354; of God, he who knows, is not proud, [2788]378; named before the Father, [2789]390.

Sophronius, [2790]206; in what way heretical, [2791]207; how his heresy falls before St. Paul's text, [2792]ib.

Sorrow, not to be without hope, [2793]389; excuses for, [2794]ib.; comfort in, [2795]350; often caused by ignorance, [2796]352; for sinners, [2797]ib.

Soul, Christian, noble in life or death, [2798]194; brought into tune by hard sayings, [2799]212; the truly wise is disturbed by nothing, [2800]241; the diseased is ever changing, [2801]242; is delighted with sweet savors, [2802]252; that of servants, free in its service, [2803]305; to give, hard, [2804]330; defiled by all sin, [2805]342; chief object in education, [2806]346; notion of its transmigration, [2807]353; thought to be consumed by fire, [2808]ib.; a vicious, dead and dry, [2809]363; fear of hell should be seated on, [2810]383-84; shaken, can make no effort, [2811]390.

Speech, heavy, good to correct the soul, [2812]212; rules for, in dealing with people of different estates, [2813]311; rules for it in a teacher, [2814]ib.

Spirit, the Holy, comes through mercy, [2815]201; man nothing but by Him, [2816]258; gives joy in suffering, [2817]325; lamp of, not to be quenched, [2818]370; flame of, what strengthens, [2819]371; gifts of, Satan would abuse, [2820]ib.; fire of, cures thorny land, [2821]387; clergy fathers in, [2822]392; unclean, false prophets spoke by, [2823]386.

Spirits, wicked, [2824]371; discernment of, [2825]ib.

Steadfastness, cannot be shaken by deceit or trial, [2826]281.

Stores, of bread, wine, and oil, [2827]338.

Strangers, all Abraham had at their service, [2828]369.

Strength, should not make men proud, [2829]217; to be employed in God's service, [2830]233.

Subscription, to letters in sender's own writing, [2831]378; of St. Paul, a token, [2832]395.

Suffering, for Christ, joyous, [2833]325; rejoicing in, enables one to render good for evil, [2834]367; for Christ is glory, [2835]385.

Sufferings, for Christ, are of grace, [2836]200; their dignity, [2837]236; make men comformable to Christ's death, [2838]ib.; are lightened by thinking of harder ones, [2839]299; and by thanksgiving, [2840]300; knowledge of Scripture lightens them, [2841]ib.

Sun of Righteousness, melts away all hardness, [2842]343.

Superior, a, draws his disciple towards him, by showing concern for him, [2843]225.

Surfeit, worse than hunger, [2844]261.

Tabitha, raised by prayer, [2845]326.

Table, holy, poor admitted to, with the rich, [2846]374; equally with the emperor, [2847]ib.; an example for our entertainments, [2848]ib.

Tables, description of two sorts, [2849]260.

Teacher, spiritual, surpasses a natural father in kindness, [2850]203; leads on his disciple by deeds, not words only, [2851]240; must use discretion in teaching hard things, [2852]311; should be ready for hardship, [2853]332; claims of, to support, [2854]332, [2855]394; troubles of, try disciples, [2856]335; good, cares for his disciples, [2857]340; obliged to incur enmities, [2858]366; obedience to, enjoined, [2859]ib.; not every one made, [2860]ib.; patience good in, [2861]367; head of a family should be at home, [2862]397; so relieving the teacher of the Church, [2863]ib.

Teaching, affects us with compunction, [2864]397-98.

Tears, excessive, spring from passion, not true affection, [2865]197; St. Paul's better than the fountain in Paradise, [2866]316; such tears Christ pronounces blessed, [2867]ib.; those for others' sins are better than the sight of Christ, [2868]ib.; should be used when we entreat a sinning brother, [2869]317; overcame St. Paul, [2870]342.

Temple, of God, in which Antichrist shall sit, [2871]378.

Temptation, uses of term, [2872]335 (note 2) ; may be where no wavering, [2873]340; endangers grace, [2874]370; God glorified in, [2875]385; may turn from love of God, [2876]393.

Thankfulness, right under all events, [2877]223; for good of others, [2878]380; present things cause for, [2879]390.

Thanksgiving, a duty in grievous as well as pleasant things, [2880]247; may be given even in anguish, [2881]265; the good effects of it in evil, [2882]298; lightens suffering, [2883]300; for every person and thing should be joined with prayer, [2884]305; in all things, true philosophy, [2885]367; of many, when prayer of many is answered, [2886]391.

Theaters, tempt to uncleanness, [2887]347; talking of, useless and dangerous, [2888]382.

Thessalonians, new converts, [2889]323; praise of, implied in thanksgiving, [2890]324; their sufferings, [2891]ib.; and joy in them, [2892]328; called elect, [2893]325; an example, [2894]325, [2895]327praised everywhere, [2896]328; were poor, [2897]332; proved sincere by trials, [2898]396; joined with others in St. Paul's crown, [2899]334; honored by his sending Timothy, [2900]ib.; praised for love of brethren, [2901]348; had lost their goods, [2902]349; many of the, prophesied, [2903]371; occasion of the second Epistle to, [2904]377; perplexed about the last times, [2905]378; heard of in distant places, [2906]381; St. Paul gloried in, [2907]ib.; check to proud thoughts in, [2908]385; so commended as to learn trust in God, [2909]393; admonished about idleness, [2910]394.

Thorns, riches are, [2911]386; feed sulky camels, [2912]387.

Thought. See [2913]Reason.

Threats of God will be performed, [2914]357.

Time, spent with unbelievers, made useful to their salvation, [2915]310; examples given, [2916]311.

Times, accused by St. Chrysostom, [2917]201; loved because of friends, [2918]321; question about deferred, [2919]377.

Timothy, St., with St. Paul, when he wrote Epistle to Philippians, [2920]181; shown to be a Bishop, [2921]184; sent to the Philippians, [2922]223; the only one like-minded with St. Paul, [2923]224; Epistle to, written later than that to the Philippians, [2924]238; Epistle to, written while St. Paul was in bonds, [2925]257; probably later than that to Colossians, [2926]ib.; why named after Silvanus, [2927]323; why sent by St. Paul, [2928]334-35; hard to be spared, [2929]340; brought good news, [2930]ib.; bid keep himself pure, [2931]344.

Toil, to seek remission from, is to leave off seeking the things of Christ, [2932]224; toil distinguished from labor, [2933]340 (note 4) .

Tradesmen, hard on poorer tradesmen, [2934]370.

Tradition, by actions, [2935]344, [2936]394; of the Church, to be received, [2937]390.

Traffic, spiritual, carried on by giving to the good, [2938]251.

Tragedies, ancient, please because they are formed from true incidents, [2939]254.

Travail, time of, not exactly known, [2940]362.

Travelling, should not make men proud, [2941]217.

Trials, less grievous if foretold, [2942]335; he who cannot bear is feeble-minded, [2943]367; is "sown on a rock," [2944]ib.; thought of hell prepares for, [2945]383; God glorified in, [2946]385.

Tribulation for Christ is glory, [2947]385.

Tribulations according to Christ, bring joy, [2948]229.

Trumpet, at the Resurrection, [2949]356.

Truth, he that resists it wounds himself, [2950]191.

Tychicus, bearer of the Epistle to the Colossians, [2951]258; sent by St. Paul to the Colossians, [2952]309.

Tyrants, reduced to sit on ground, [2953]379.

Unanimity, the greatest safety for disciples against their enemies, [2954]182; comes of humility, [2955]ib.

Unbelief, prevalent at all times, [2956]267; it arises from a bad conscience, [2957]268; punishment increased by it, [2958]269.

Unbelievers, are with the condemned at death, [2959]197.

Uncleanness, expresses a class of sins, [2960]294; legal, opposite of holiness, [2961]342 (note 1) .

Understanding, how to use it in God's service, [2962]233; the, gets dizzy at things faith does not stagger at, [2963]282.

Unity, the work of the Holy Spirit, [2964]200; breakers of, rend Christ's members, [2965]273.

Universe, not made by chance, [2966]283.

Usurpers, fear to lay aside what they have usurped, [2967]213.

Vainglory, the evils that come of it, [2968]203; cause of men's thinking, dress, ornaments, and fine houses, a gain, [2969]232; leads men to use God's gifts for enjoyment merely, [2970]234; turns from love of God, [2971]393.

Valentinus, [2972]206.

Vice, practice of, increases it, [2973]220; at enmity with man's nature, [2974]247; purged out by thought of hell, [2975]359-60; a drunkenness, [2976]362; life of, a dream, [2977]363; a death, [2978]ib.; a darkness, [2979]ib.; seizes us when we think not, [2980]364.

Vienne, martyrdoms at, [2981]336 (note 2) .

Vineyard, God's, type not of Jerusalem only, but of the soul, [2982]209.

Virgins, may appear at a wedding to attend on the bride, [2983]318; should be modest at all times and states, [2984]ib.; parable of the ten, [2985]355, [2986]372, [2987]385.

Virtue, advancement in it the only thing to be sought, [2988]199; entirely a gift from God, [2989]200; many natural affections lead to it, [2990]201; belongs to man alone of all creatures and makes him superior to them, [2991]218; practice of, will make a man an angel, [2992]ib.; practice of, increases it, [2993]220; in the midst of affliction, shines like stars in the night, [2994]222; path of, easier to poor than rich, [2995]233; perfection of, attained by constant striving, [2996]239; shines forth under all circumstances, [2997]241; makes men at peace with God, [2998]247; is friendly to man's nature, [2999]248; required in knowing how to abound, as well as to be in want, [3000]250; planted everywhere in the later times by God's grace, [3001]279; called wisdom, [3002]300; rewarded by God, as if His gain, [3003]332; true, that in God's sight, [3004]342; two-fold, in shunning evil and doing good, [3005]344; promoted by uncertainty of life, [3006]361; consistent with a married life, [3007]396.

Vision of Christ seen by a woman, [3008]372-73.

Voice, a fine, should not make men proud, [3009]217; of Christ raises dead, [3010]355; of Archangel, [3011]355-56.

Want, inclines to evil things, [3012]250.

War, spiritual, always our duty, [3013]336.

Warning, should be gentle, [3014]367.

Watchful, nothing will hurt him, [3015]241.

Watchfulness, a security, [3016]326, [3017]362; in our power, [3018]362; in vain without arms, [3019]363; perpetual, needed, [3020]364.

Water, wonderfully transformed, [3021]353; extinguishes a lamp, [3022]370.

Way, narrow, requires care, [3023]364; and light equipment, [3024]ib.; broad, leads to death, [3025]ib.

Weak, to be supported, [3026]367; in faith, [3027]ib.; wish to see enemies punished, [3028]381.

Wealth, not a cause of honor, but of dishonor, [3029]290; its bad effects seen in a luxurious king, [3030]291-92; its evils arise from the greediness of the desires, [3031]292; makes men mad and turns them into demons, [3032]292; a mischievous thorn, [3033]386-87; often lost for want of a wife, [3034]397.

Well-doing, brings good, [3035]249; well-doings of man are gifts of grace, [3036]219-20.

Widows, unable to manage slaves, [3037]349; excessive grief of, [3038]356; comfort for, [3039]350-51; children of, may do well, [3040]351; widows indeed, [3041]ib.

Wife, what her duty is to her husband, [3042]304; wife and husband make but one man, [3043]318-19; how she should please her husband, [3044]346; often ill-treated, [3045]350; to be taught to fear hell, [3046]384; will learn meekness of her husband, [3047]397; and contempt of money, [3048]ib.; directed to learn of her husband, [3049]ib.

Will, good, increased. by doing good, [3050]220; free, not taken away by God's working with man, [3051]ib.; it makes riches or poverty a gain to man, [3052]233; of God must cast out every other will, [3053]314; the chief thing for amendment, [3054]347; can turn a wrong into a benefit, [3055]367; ours must concur to our salvation, [3056]393-395.

Wind, as, to a ship, so discourse to a soul, [3057]383; help of God like a, [3058]393.

Wisdom, is opposed to all luxury, [3059]292; consists in a virtuous life, [3060]300; not craftiness nor hypocrisy, [3061]309; shown in a proper way of behaving, to persons of all estates, [3062]311.

Withdrawal, a severe punishment, [3063]394, [3064]396; success of, [3065]396.

"Without," means Greeks, [3066]310.

Witness, God an unseen, [3067]332.

Women, who labored with St. Paul, recommended to care, [3068]244; some warned to amend, or not to come into the Church, [3069]293; adorn their hair with trinkets of gold, [3070]307; excessive mourning of, [3071]349; one taken, another left, [3072]356; eating their own children, [3073]358.

Word, The, appeared as Man, not to change from being God, or to be a Phantom, but to be an example of humility, [3074]214-15.

Words, idle, will be punished, [3075]228; terrible enough without further explanation, [3076]384; love must be more than, [3077]393.

Work, of faith, what, [3078]324, [3079]385; of hands, how made spiritual, [3080]348.

Works, of darkness, what, [3081]362; good do not make prayers for us needless, [3082]393; love of God to be shown in, [3083]ib.; tradition through, [3084]394.

World, the, thought a God by some, [3085]360; end of, see [3086]Consummation, etc.

Wrath, the, of God, against Jews, [3087]334; of God, testimonies of, [3088]358; to be forborne, [3089]343.

Wrong, the doers of, pitiable, [3090]368; how to revenge, [3091]367; more cruel when with contempt, [3092]370.

Yokefellow, brother or husband of some one at Philippi, [3093]244.

Young men, to be kept from fornication, [3094]346; are able to resist the temptation, [3095]347; blamed for going to theaters, [3096]ib.

Zeal, makes up for late beginning, [3097]325.

Zeba, example of flattery, [3098]205.

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