Homilies on the Epistles to Timothy, Titus, and Philemon.
Aaron, those that rebelled against, perished, [3099]482.

Abraham, riches of, in what they consisted, [3100]447; concealed his purpose about Isaac, [3101]458.

Activity, needful in our spiritual course, [3102]517.

Adam, in what sense not deceived, [3103]435.

Admonition, not meant to grieve, but to correct, [3104]414.

Age, failings of, [3105]531.

Aged, the, not to be rebuked but advised, [3106]450.

Alexander, persecuted St. Paul, [3107]514.

Almsgiving, blessings of, [3108]455; objects of, [3109]ib.; communion in, [3110]479; failure in, enough to cast into hell, [3111]498; must become a habit, [3112]499; mercifully ordained, [3113]ib.; meant to detach from love of riches, [3114]542; effects of, extend to all, [3115]ib.; the chief of virtues, [3116]ib.; the mother of love, [3117]ib.; the ladder fixed to heaven, [3118]ib.

Alms, to be dispensed by ourselves, [3119]455; make way for prayer, [3120]479; of no avail if from wrongful gains, [3121]498; to avail, must be of our own, [3122]500; a good inheritance, [3123]504; benefit the giver more than the receiver, [3124]541; bind together the body of Christ, [3125]542; blessed effects of, [3126]ib.

Androgeus, story of, [3127]538.

Angels, saw the Son, with men, through the Incarnation, [3128]442; Timothy charged before the, [3129]464; the elect, who, [3130]ib.

Apostleship, dignity of the, [3131]408.

Apostles, preaching of the, assailed, not their lives, [3132]439; power of the, [3133]516; power of our Lord exercised through, [3134]517 (note) ; manner of life of, [3135]523.

Appearing, the love of the, of Christ, [3136]512.

Apphia, [3137]547.

Aratus, quoted by St. Paul, [3138]528.

Archippus, [3139]547.

Asia, Church and people of, committed to Timothy, [3140]461; many in Rome from, [3141]484.

Athenians, admitted new gods, [3142]528.

Avarice, a lust, [3143]430; inexcusable, [3144]536.

Balaam, a prophet, though a wicked man, [3145]482.

Barochabel, [3146]551 (note) .

Baptism, the anointing of, [3147]415.

Baths, considered too luxurious for very devout persons, [3148]499 (note) .

Beauty, right use of, [3149]421; increases trials of modesty, [3150]422; want of, no reproach, [3151]ib.; has no advantages, [3152]ib.; imaginary, not in nature of things, [3153]479; moral, alone real, [3154]ib.

Bishopric, of those who desire a, [3155]522.

Bishop, character of a, [3156]437; office of, may be desired from love to the Church, [3157]ib.; vigilant, [3158]438; to be instant in his duties night and day, [3159]ib.; the husband of one wife, [3160]437, [3161]438 (note) ; must be blameless, [3162]438; apt to teach, [3163]ib.; no smiter, [3164]ib.; not to smite the consciences of others, [3165]ib.; why the highest attainments not required of, [3166]439; one to preside in every city, [3167]438; to exhibit good order in his own house, [3168]439; not to be a new convert, [3169]ib.; must be well reported of all, [3170]ib.

Bishops, must know how to manage their household, [3171]408; superior to priests only in power of ordination, [3172]441; set over and to be feared by all, [3173]461; continually slandered wrongfully, [3174]522; dangers and difficulties of, [3175]ib.; must regard their health for the Church's sake, [3176]523.

Blasphemy, produced by ill living, [3177]532.

Books, of St. Paul, [3178]514.

Brutality, of mankind before Christ's coming, [3179]538.

Bulimy, disease called, [3180]502.

Cain, offense of, [3181]498.

Canker, false doctrine compared to a, [3182]493.

Children, good bringing up of, brings its own reward, [3183]436; great responsibilities of those who have, [3184]437; to be well trained from the first, [3185]ib.; greatest care to be taken in choice of tutors for, [3186]ib.

Children, The Three, example of, [3187]543.

Christ, great strength required to bear the name of, [3188]416; true disciples of, the admiration of angels, [3189]417; apathy of men towards, [3190]418; friends preferred before, [3191]ib.; died for the heathen, [3192]431; His suffering a testimony, [3193]ib.; meaning of His directions about prayer (Matt. vi.6) , [3194]432; love of, not returned by us, [3195]431; should put us to shame, [3196]ib.; condescension of, [3197]463; sacramental union with, [3198]464; the good confession, [3199]471; unoriginated, [3200]ib.; cannot be seen in His divine apart from His human nature, [3201]ib., note; the cross of, a remedy against shame, [3202]480; power of, shown when His servants are oppressed, [3203]491; dying with, a pledge of life with, [3204]492; how to suffer for, [3205]512; why ministered to by others, [3206]542.

"Christ, through," meaning of the phrase, [3207]418.

Christians, must learn, and obey, and doubt not, [3208]410; not freed only from punishment, but gifted with immense privileges, [3209]418; must not pray against each other, [3210]427; engaged in a contest, [3211]424; bid to pray everywhere, [3212]432; bad, hinder conversion of heathen, [3213]440; how dead with Christ, [3214]492; should be prepared for everything, [3215]496.

Church, different stations in the, as in an army, [3216]424; the, a household, [3217]439; a pillar of truth in the world, [3218]442; maintains the preaching of the word, [3219]442; makes known the Incarnation, [3220]ib.; those directing the, assailed with difficulty, [3221]475; equality in the, [3222]547; knows no distinctions of rank, [3223]548.

Claudia, [3224]516.

Clergy, to be maintained, [3225]460; not to be stinted, [3226]ib.; not to spare themselves, [3227]ib.

Cloak, of St. Paul left at Troas, [3228]513.

Commandment, matters of, [3229]449; not left to choice, [3230]521.

Committed, things to us, imply that they are not our own, but to be kept with care, [3231]424.

Communicants, unworthy, delivered by God to Satan, [3232]425.

Communion, Holy, careless preparation for, reproved, [3233]425; one unworthy partaking of, presumption, [3234]ib.

Condescension, of God to man's weakness, [3235]529.

Conduct, of others, not to be judged, but our own, [3236]482.

Conscience, a good, brings rejoicing, [3237]446; a pure, a blameless life, [3238]476; torments of a bad, [3239]494; an impure, defiles all things, [3240]530.

Contentious persons, to be avoided, [3241]468.

Contest, those out of the, sometimes cause of the victory to those who gain it, [3242]485.

Controversy, some unavoidable, [3243]541.

Conversion, none without practical holiness, [3244]440.

Corah, insurrection of, [3245]482.

Corinthian, case of incestuous, [3246]424.

Counsels, of perfection, [3247]521.

Courtesans, finery of, [3248]433.

Covetousness, admits no friendship, [3249]469; cure of, [3250]470; to be brought under by the will, [3251]ib.; self-love source of, [3252]501; evils arising from, [3253]ib.

Creature, none unclean, [3254]445.

Cretans, who said they were liars, [3255]528; to be sharply rebuked, [3256]529.

Cross, the greatest sign of God's love, [3257]479; a rebuke to mistaken shame, [3258]480; sign of the, use of, [3259]499.

Crown, of righteousness, [3260]512; in store for all saints, [3261]ib.

Cynophontis, festival of, at Argos, [3262]470 (note) .

Daniel, humility of, [3263]553.

Daphne, burning of, [3264]508 (note) .

Daughters, to be trained religiously for marriage, [3265]437.

David, his love for Jonathan, [3266]503; humility of, [3267]553.

Day of Judgment, not borne in mind, [3268]462.

Deacons, qualities for, [3269]441; trial of, [3270]ib.; same virtues required of, as of bishops, [3271]ib.; temporal ministry of, [3272]442 (note) .

Deaconesses, [3273]441; necessary and useful to the Church, [3274]ib.

Death, in a monastery, [3275]457.

Demas, chose his own ease before danger, [3276]513, [3277]556.

Desires, foolish, [3278]469; as thorns, [3279]ib.

Despisers of their brethren, despise God, [3280]501.

Devil, his rage greater against the shepherd than the flock, [3281]409.

Devils, abhor the unguent of the Spirit, [3282]415; divinations of, condemned and defied, [3283]508.

Disputes, contagious, [3284]467, [3285]493.

Distinctions, spiritual to be sought for, [3286]444.

Divinations, failure in, [3287]508; sin to have recourse to, [3288]ib.

Divine things not to be measured by human reason, [3289]479.

Doctrine, corrupt, engendered by an evil life, [3290]419; orthodox, useless without a corresponding life, [3291]429; false, a growing evil, [3292]493.

Doxology, inference of heretics from (1 Tim. i.17) , disproved, [3293]421.

Dramas of the heathens filled with abominations, [3294]538.

Dress, finery in, gives occasion of offense, [3295]434.

Drunkenness, drowns the soul, [3296]451.

Duties, plain neglect of, a denial of the Faith, [3297]453.

Earnestness, taught by the Epistle to Philemon, [3298]546.

Elders, bishops called, [3299]524.

Eli, perished for neglecting his children, [3300]436.

Eloquence, inferior to strength of mind, [3301]525.

Encratites, not often mentioned by St. Chrys. [3302]444 (note) ; mentioned by Clem. Al. etc., [3303]ib.

Envy of men passes on to Christ, [3304]419.

Elect, sufferings endured for the, [3305]489.

Epaphroditus, infirmity of, [3306]515.

Epimenides, [3307]528 (note) .

Epiphany, meaning of, [3308]512.

Episcopate, dangers of the, [3309]522.

Epistles, occasional, not superfluous, [3310]545.

Ephesus, false Judaizing apostles at, [3311]410.

Error, never stops, yet never advances, [3312]506.

Essence, no dissimilarity in the Divine, [3313]409.

Eucharist, Holy, always a Holy Passover, [3314]425; the same, whether offered by common men or by Paul, &c., [3315]483.

Evangelist, the work of an, [3316]511.

Eve, bad teaching of, [3317]436.

Excommunication, a proof of the Apostles' power, [3318]425.

Exercise, bodily, spoken of by St. Paul, not fasting, [3319]445; spiritual, [3320]ib. (note) , [3321]446; spiritual, rewarded, [3322]447.

Fables, what St. Paul means by, [3323]410; Jewish traditions such, [3324]445.

Faith, excludes questioning, [3325]410; sets reasoning at rest, [3326]ib.; excludes not prayer for knowledge, [3327]ib.; objects of being divine to be revered not questioned, [3328]ib.; adherence to the, safeguard against false opinions, [3329]411; earthly things depend on, [3330]ib.; exacted by heathens, [3331]ib.; produces love, [3332]412; a safe ship, [3333]424; without a good life unavailing, [3334]ib.; apostates from the, have no stay, [3335]ib.; an unshaken rock, [3336]472; dead, [3337]505; common to all, [3338]522.

Faithful, should assist each other, [3339]485.

Family, the, a model for all government, [3340]535.

Fasting, cleanses in vain if we return to sin, [3341]426; useless without alms, [3342]498.

Fate, doctrine of, excludes responsibility, [3343]411; arguments against doctrine of, [3344]ib.

Father, a bad, unfit to be a bishop, [3345]524.

Fear, prevents quarrels, [3346]427; utility of, [3347]462; love opposed to, [3348]477; of God, a firm foundation, [3349]513.

Fight, the Christian, [3350]511.

Flesh, those called, whose souls are dead, [3351]452.

Food, spiritual, [3352]445.

Forgiveness of injuries, [3353]427, [3354]428; peculiar to Christians, [3355]427; brings gain here, [3356]549.

Form, used in a good and in a bad sense, [3357]505.

Free will, not taken away by grace, [3358]418.

Friendship, benefits of, [3359]412; of David and Jonathan, [3360]503; among the wicked, [3361]412.

Freedom, Christian, causes greater faithfulness in serving, [3362]465.

Funeral, in a monastery, [3363]457.

Gamaliel, appears free from ambition, [3364]417.

Garlands, worn by bridegrooms, why, [3365]437.

Garments, vanity of worldly, [3366]414.

Gentiles, tenets of, human, and so to be examined, [3367]410.

Gentleness, comes from thinking what we once were, [3368]537.

Gift, given to Timothy for working miracles, etc., [3369]477.

Glory of the world useless, [3370]414; of the saints internal, [3371]ib.; real, described, [3372]490; a hard taskmaster, [3373]527.

Gluttony, disgusting effects of, [3374]452; unnatural to the body, [3375]ib.; nausea succeeds, [3376]453; evils of, [3377]451.

Gnostics, the name of assumed by pretenders to great knowledge, [3378]472.

God, blessings of, not conceived by reasoning, [3379]410; knowledge of, presupposes faith, [3380]ib.; belief in, destroys notions of fate and nativity, [3381]411; takes earthly gifts away, to lead men to heaven, [3382]412; gifts of, so great as to be incredible, [3383]419; how to be glorified, [3384]421; to be honored by works, [3385]422; longsuffering of, an example to ourselves, [3386]428; goodness of, to His enemies, [3387]ib.; not to be approached in costly ornaments, [3388]433; willeth salvation of all, therefore men must pray for all, [3389]430; threatens in mercy, [3390]461; to be loved not from fear of hell, but from desire of His kingdom, [3391]462; union of man with, in Christ, [3392]463; the best Master, but ill served, [3393]465; acts through evil men, [3394]482; threatens in mercy, [3395]485; why He defers punishment, [3396]486; His work not impaired by the instrument, [3397]483; appeal to, full of awe, [3398]492; charging before, [3399]493; His doings too deep for the curious, [3400]507; His power shown in man's weakness, [3401]515; teaches men through that which they know, [3402]528; our Creditor, [3403]549; goodness of, in punishing, [3404]556, [3405]557.

Godliness, mystery of, [3406]442; exercise of, [3407]445; a means of gain, but not worldly, [3408]468; beautiful in its own nature, [3409]470; requires daily nourishment of good works, [3410]486; the truth, according to, [3411]520.

Gold, good for almsgiving, [3412]432; to be used in loosing captives, not in enslaving the soul, [3413]ib.; bonds of, tend to the chains of hell, [3414]ib.; not to be worn by penitents, [3415]433.

Good, best done in person, [3416]455; real, may be seized by all, [3417]517.

Goods, named from use, [3418]443; inherited, not preserved without trouble, [3419]447; worldly, destroyed in a moment, [3420]ib.; spiritual, not gained without labor and pain, [3421]446.

Good works, perseverance in, [3422]485.

Gospel, why called glorious, [3423]414; gifts of, not of mercy only, but of love and affection, [3424]418; justice and mercy meet only in the, [3425]420; that committed to us, [3426]481; victorious through sufferings, [3427]489.

Government, an appointment of God, [3428]426.

Grace, indwelling and aiding, [3429]516; how gained, [3430]ib.

Grace and free will, [3431]520.

Graces, Christian, true ornaments, [3432]444.

Gratitude, God glorified in, [3433]554.

Habit, force of, [3434]499.

Hands, employed in almsgiving, holy, [3435]432.

Health, to be prized above beauty, [3436]422.

Heathen, the, to be prayed for, [3437]430; there would be no, if Christians were as they ought to be, [3438]440; errors of the wiser, [3439]539.

Heathenism, testimony of heathens against, [3440]528.

Heaven, to be won by pain and labor, [3441]517.

Hell, misery of, not the less for numbers, [3442]440; prepared by God because of His goodness, [3443]557.

Herald, duty of a, [3444]521.

Heresies, want of brotherly love, the cause, [3445]412; arise from love of power, [3446]ib.; foretold, [3447]444; propagated by Jews, [3448]475.

Heretics, to be prayed for, [3449]430; on the Church's disapproval of putting to death, [3450]ib. (note) ; measure heavenly things by human reasonings, [3451]479; no cause of offense, [3452]504; existed from the beginning, [3453]ib.; arguing with, useless, [3454]540.

Hermogenes [3455]484.

Holiness, the best converter from heathenism, [3456]440.

Honesty of living, in what consists, [3457]429.

Honor, dangerous, [3458]526; to be evaded when offered, [3459]527; to be rejected, [3460]526.

Hope, no real, but in repentance, [3461]441.

Hospitality, must be cheerful, [3462]454; kind of, intended by St. Paul, [3463]525.

Hours, canonical, of prayer, [3464]456.

Household, duty of regulating our, [3465]453.

Humiliation, our utmost due to Christ, [3466]554.

Humility, true, rarely to be met with, [3467]416; puffs up when not genuine, [3468]552; Scripture examples of, [3469]553.

Husband, how to win a heathen, [3470]532.

Idleness, teacher of every sin, [3471]459.

Immortality, admits not of degrees, [3472]421.

Incarnation, The, called The dispensation, [3473]442; immense mystery of, [3474]ib.; mystery of, made known by the Church, [3475]ib.; doctrine of, to be taught with discretion, [3476]ib.

Industry, practiced in monasteries, [3477]456.

Injustice, bitterness of, to those who practice it, [3478]494.

Insincerity, pernicious to the Church, [3479]441.

Intemperance, horrors of, [3480]452.

Intercession, priestly, [3481]426; advantages of, [3482]ib.; for those without never to be relaxed, [3483]ib.

Isaac, why kept in ignorance when about to be slain, [3484]458.

Jacob, had wealth, but it was earned, [3485]447.

Jannes and Jambres, magicians in the time of Moses, [3486]505.

Jews, crimes of the, [3487]414; had no prayers for heathens, [3488]431; their great stumbling block, the love of power, [3489]417; allowed to pray only in one place, [3490]432; tenets of, how fables, [3491]529.

Job, his afflictions, occasion of great good, [3492]504; his alms rewarded, [3493]ib.; his patience, [3494]512.

Joseph, won the confidence of a heathen master, [3495]534; honored in prison, [3496]ib.; a ruler, [3497]ib.

Judas, delivered to Satan, [3498]425; a golden vessel became earthen, [3499]496.

Judgment, day of, awfulness of, [3500]485; to come, a cause of fear to all, [3501]494.

Judging, faculty of, implanted in us, [3502]495.

Jugglers, condemned, [3503]509.

Justice, courts of, symbolical, [3504]486; universal on earth, though incomplete, [3505]ib.

Labarum, the, [3506]416 (note) .

Labor, worldly, vain, [3507]447.

Law, the, lawful use of, [3508]413; if used aright sends men to Christ, [3509]ib.; least needed by those who keep it best, [3510]ib.; necessary for the confirmation of the Gospel, [3511]414.

Life, a corrupt, produces similar doctrine, [3512]424; heathens admire a good, [3513]440; known from death by its acts, [3514]451; true, that of the soul, [3515]452; a dream, [3516]462; eternal, to be won only by great labor, [3517]469; eternal, secured by good works, 572; a time of trial, [3518]506.

Linus, when Bishop of Rome, [3519]516 (note) .

Longsuffering of God, to lead men to repentance, [3520]486.

Lord's Prayer, for all, [3521]428; everything contained in, [3522]ib.

Love, to enemies, possible, [3523]419; to man, brings love to God, [3524]502.

Luke, St., always adhered to St. Paul, [3525]513.

Lust, inordinate desire is, [3526]496.

Lusts, worldly, [3527]536.

Luxury, danger of, [3528]446; unworthy of man, [3529]451; weakens the soul, [3530]453.

Magic, condemned, [3531]440.

Man, union of, with God in Christ, [3532]464; Scriptural definition of a, [3533]452.

Manes, [3534]479.

Manichees, [3535]444 (note) .

Mansions, heavenly and earthly compared, [3536]463.

Marcion, [3537]479.

Marcionites, [3538]444 (note) .

Marriage, not forbidden, [3539]446; he that is chaste before, will be so after, and vice versa, [3540]437; those who contracted a second, ineligible for the episcopate, [3541]524; second objectionable, [3542]ib.; second, better to avoid, [3543]503.

Martyrdom, original idea of, [3544]479 (note) .

Martyrs, The sacrifice offered on the days of, [3545]425.

Masks, worn on the stage, [3546]527.

Masters, to forbear threatening, [3547]465.

Matrona, cave of, [3548]529.

Meat, abstinence from, the doctrine of devils, [3549]445.

Meats, typical, [3550]446; prohibited, to restrain luxury, [3551]ib.

Mediator, nature and office of a, [3552]430; our Lord as, must have two natures, [3553]ib.

Medicine, spiritual, [3554]495.

Men, of flesh, [3555]452.

Mercy, all else vain without, [3556]498; of God, men chiefly attracted by, [3557]ib.; of God, requires mercy in us, [3558]556; implies ill desert, [3559]417; the work of God, [3560]498; by it men resemble God, [3561]ib.

Miracles, not wrought on all occasions, and why, [3562]515.

Monastery, death and sickness in a, [3563]457.

Monasteries, house of mourning, in what sense, [3564]455; as lights to mariners, [3565]456; calm and peace of, [3566]ib.; manner of life passed in, [3567]ib.; morning, in, [3568]ib.

Money, loved before God, [3569]502; difficulties undergone to gain, [3570]ib.; lovers of, really mad, [3571]469; love of, seizes all classes, [3572]470; love of, the worse as not a natural passion, [3573]536; love of, the root of all evils, [3574]469; given for relief of the poor, [3575]ib.; to make amends for past sins, [3576]ib.; miseries caused by, [3577]ib.

Monks, sleep not naked, [3578]456; psalmody of, [3579]ib.; industry, meals, and sleep of, [3580]457; devotions of the, [3581]ib.

Mortification, for the sake of future blessings, [3582]446.

Mothers, advice to, [3583]437.

Mystery, of the Incarnation, [3584]442; not to be treated irreverently, [3585]ib.

Mysteries, dignity of those who are entrusted with, [3586]442.

Nature, chief blessings of, common to all, [3587]448.

Nero, compared with St. Paul in the Resurrection, [3588]491; called a lion, [3589]514; cupbearer of, converted by St. Paul, [3590]ib.; compared with St. Paul, [3591]490; worshiped as a God, [3592]ib.; tomb of, unknown, [3593]491.

Nicopolis, Titus bid to come to, and why, [3594]541; which, here meant, [3595]ib. (note) .

Nineveh, saved through fear, [3596]462.

Novelties, to be avoided, [3597]493.

Novices, not to be promoted to the episcopate, [3598]439.

Obedience, follows our election, [3599]520.

Oil, in the parable of virgins taken for almsgiving, [3600]498; for good works generally by St. Jerome, and St. Augustin, [3601]ib. (note) .

Onesiphorus, St. Paul's prayer for, [3602]485; his kindness to St. Paul, [3603]ib.

Onesimus, a true and not a true son, [3604]521; a son begotten in bonds, [3605]551; his fault overruled to good, [3606]552; came to St. Paul at Rome, [3607]545; was baptized there, [3608]ib.

Oppositions, certain, not to be answered, [3609]472.

Orders, Holy, none to be admitted to, without frequent and strict examination, [3610]464.

Ordinations, responsibilities of, [3611]464.

Ornaments, of the body to be avoided, [3612]422; of the soul alone to be sought for, [3613]423; inconsistent with penitence, [3614]433; suited to actors and dancers, not to Christians, [3615]ib.

Ostentation, in prayer, to be avoided, [3616]432.

Paint, condemned, [3617]422.

Parade, in religion to be avoided, [3618]527.

Paradoxes of the Gospel, [3619]443.

Parasceve, Holy Communion celebrated on the, [3620]425.

Parents, may be benefited by their children's virtue, [3621]436; to be requited, and how, [3622]450.

Paschal Feast, [3623]425.

Passions, the most cruel tyrants, [3624]473; evil, worse than wild beasts, [3625]512.

Patience, in teaching, [3626]497; shown from the fisher, the husbandman, [3627]ib.; all may exercise for Christ's sake, [3628]512; befits the aged, [3629]532.

Paul, St., why he wrote to Timothy and Titus only, [3630]407; mentions no particular age for the episcopate, [3631]ib.; instructions to Timothy, as to a Teacher, [3632]ib.; appointed by command of God, [3633]408; sent by Father and Son, [3634]ib.; anxiety for Timothy, extended to care for his bodily health, [3635]409; garments of, cast out devils, [3636]415; humility of, [3637]416; always conceals his own merit, [3638]ib.; his former life, dwelt upon as to the glory of God, [3639]417; his opposition not from ignorance, but from zeal, [3640]ib.; ignorance of, produced by unbelief, [3641]ib.; dwells on his sinfulness to extol God's mercy, [3642]420; righteousness of, under the law, [3643]ib.; how blameless, [3644]ib.; his life not impure, but compared with God's righteousness worthless, [3645]ib.; humility in describing his own case, [3646]420; ordained for the Gentiles, [3647]431; why he discourses so much of dress, [3648]433; his trials, encouragement to others, [3649]446; detained in prison, [3650]480; why say so often that he was a teacher of the Gentiles, [3651]ib.; gave offense to Nero, [3652]484; his prayer for Onesiphorus, [3653]485; a tent maker, [3654]490; his name celebrated all over the world, [3655]ib.; victorious over Nero, [3656]ib.; his tomb, in the royal city, its splendor, [3657]491; his glory at the Resurrection, [3658]ib.; no emperor ever so honored as, [3659]ib.; his travels, [3660]511; discourses of his own death, [3661]509; his death a drink offering, [3662]511; preached though imprisoned, [3663]513; whole life passed in afflictions, [3664]507; deserted by man, supported by God, [3665]514; cause of his death, [3666]ib.; more powerful than Plato, [3667]525; his thorn in the flesh, [3668]515; condescension of, [3669]532; "the stigmatized of Christ," [3670]547.

Peace, worldly, useless, if there be war in the heart, [3671]429; with one's self to be desired, [3672]ib.

Peacefulness, duty of, [3673]497.

Perfection, counsels of, [3674]521.

Perfumes, spiritual, suitable to Christians, [3675]415.

Persecutions, afflictions, sorrows, called, [3676]506; the godly must suffer, [3677]ib.

Persons, in the Godhead of the same substance, not distinct in nature, [3678]485.

Peter, St., crucified with his head downwards, [3679]493.

Philemon, argument of the Epistle to, [3680]545; his household a Church, [3681]ib.; his character admirable, [3682]ib.; the lessons to be learned from Epistle to, [3683]546; St. Paul's love to, how shown, [3684]550.

Philosophy, a life of pleasure opposed to, [3685]495.

Phygellus, [3686]484.

Plato, Republic of, [3687]539 (note) .

Pleasure, bodily, more difficult of restraint, [3688]498.

Pleasures, certain, agitate, not productive of calm, [3689]415.

Pomp, absurd and despicable, [3690]443.

Poor, the, are our benefactors, [3691]455; men must become, if they would be rich, [3692]443; benefits of visiting the, [3693]456.

Possessions, contention introduced by, [3694]448.

Poverty, to stand in need of others is, [3695]443.

Power, of Christ's servants insuperable, [3696]490.

Praise, vanity of human, [3697]526.

Prayer, cursing cannot exist with, [3698]427; not limited to one place, [3699]433; for heathens, heretics, [3700]430; without alms, unfruitful, [3701]498; always to be joined with giving of thanks, [3702]427; against another, sinfulness of, [3703]ib.; of Jews, how distinguished from Christians, [3704]432; monastic hours of, [3705]456; preservative of our souls, [3706]556; must be free from all passion, [3707]433; from all doubting, [3708]ib.; power of, [3709]430.

Prayers, for heathen princes, agreeable to rules of justice, [3710]426; to be offered for all men, [3711]427; for heathen princes, and why, [3712]426.

Preacher, duty of a, [3713]428.

Preaching, difficulties of, [3714]461; good, advantageous to the Church, [3715]ib.; pompous language not necessary for, [3716]ib.

Presbyters, why St. Paul gives no directions to, [3717]441; no great difference between, and Bishops, [3718]ib.

Presumption comes of ignorance, [3719]467.

Pride, aroused by ignorance, [3720]467.

Priest, commanding belongs to a, [3721]449; the, as it were a common father of all the world, [3722]426; his office to be honored for God's sake, [3723]481; they that honor him, will honor God, [3724]ib.; if he teach heresy not to be obeyed, [3725]482; a, by his office, a spiritual father, [3726]483; intercession of, [3727]ib.; wicked, impairs not God's work, [3728]481; an angel of the Lord, [3729]ib.; his words, not his own, but God's, [3730]482; God worketh through evil, [3731]483.

Priesthood, dignity of the, [3732]423; responsibility of the, [3733]483 (note) .

Priests, anointing of, typical of inward virtue, [3734]415; but instruments of God, [3735]483; Christ in His, their words His, [3736]ib.

Principles for solving difficulties of God's doings, [3737]507.

Priscilla, her zeal, [3738]515.

Proclamation, the Gospel a, from God, [3739]521.

Promise of God eternal, [3740]520.

Prophets, false, [3741]511.

Prophecy, not of future things only, but of present, [3742]423; used of teaching, [3743]449.

Prosperity, real, shared fairly even now by good and bad, [3744]411.

Psalmody, of the monks, [3745]456.

Punishment, the saints rejoice not in, of the evil, but the Gospel requires it, [3746]514; all who will may escape, [3747]557.

Pure, all things pure to the, [3748]529.

Purification, many means of, [3749]549.

Purity, in what it consists, [3750]433; true, cannot be defiled from without, [3751]530; what real, consists in, [3752]499; outward, attainable by the most wicked, [3753]ib.

Questioning, uselessness of, [3754]467; inconsistent with faith, [3755]ib.

Ransom, meaning of, [3756]431.

Reasoning, evil effects of, [3757]424.

Reading, diligent, necessary for teachers, [3758]450.

Rebuke, offensive, especially of the old, [3759]450; careful enquiry necessary before, [3760]461.

Regeneration, by grace, [3761]538.

Relations, affection to, necessary, [3762]453; cannot be neglected without denial of the faith, [3763]ib.

Religion, to be without show, or parade, [3764]527.

Repetition, of the same subjects not annoying to those who practice them, [3765]428.

Reproof, discretion required for, [3766]450; to be tempered with exhortation, [3767]510.

Republic of Plato, [3768]539 (note) .

Resurrection, of those who said it was past, [3769]493.

Retribution, not here, but hereafter, [3770]411; future, accounts for prosperity of the wicked, [3771]ib.

Reward, of teachers, [3772]488; proved by various illustrations, [3773]ib.

Rich man, a, how he can be good, [3774]448.

Rich, those who will be, blamed, [3775]468; the, in this world, [3776]472; duties of the, [3777]ib.

Riches, do not please of themselves but by means of covetousness, [3778]431; to be despised, [3779]443; true, [3780]ib.; not our own, [3781]ib.; how to take hence with us, [3782]ib.; love of, cannot exist with desire of heavenly things, [3783]ib.; beneath the care of Christians, [3784]447; never justly gathered, [3785]ib.

Righteous, allowed to be rich, rather than made so, by God, [3786]412; peculiarly called men of God, [3787]472.

Righteousness the true purifier, [3788]499.

Robbers, tremble at judgment, [3789]495.

Robe, to be sought by Christians, [3790]414.

Rome, Christians at, probably men of consequence, [3791]513.

Rulers, spotlessness required in, [3792]438; Jewish, sinned not in ignorance, [3793]417.

Sabbath Day, distinguished from Lord's Day, [3794]425.

Sacrifice, The, mystery of, always the same, [3795]425; no limit of time for the celebration of, [3796]ib.

Sacrifice of goods rewarded in this life, [3797]443.

Saints, various as jewels, [3798]458; many ways of becoming, [3799]ib.; conflicts of the, shared by aiding them, [3800]484; their present honor a sign of future, [3801]491; ever mixed with the wicked, [3802]504; pleasantry of the, has serious meaning, [3803]555; infirmities of the, why permitted, [3804]515.

Satan, offending Christians delivered to, and why, [3805]424; made subject to the Apostles, [3806]425.

Saturn, plain of, in Cilicia, [3807]529.

Scripture, accuracy of, [3808]430; folly of thinking any superfluous, [3809]546.

Scriptures, Holy, called sacred writings, [3810]507; thorough knowledge of, prevents offense, [3811]ib.; storehouse of instruction, [3812]510.

Seal of Christians, [3813]494.

Secrecy, in sinning [3814]548.

Self-command, real power, unfailing, [3815]472.

Self-denial, grudging men exact extreme, [3816]523.

Self-examination, [3817]482.

Self-preference, sin of, [3818]482.

Sensuality leads to hatred, [3819]539.

Serians, [3820]470 (note) .

Sermons, better not to hear, than not to derive benefit from, [3821]428; weariness in hearers caused by unwillingness to practice what they hear, [3822]ib.

Servants, advice to, [3823]533 sq.; may gain the regard of the worst masters, [3824]534; should continue in service, [3825]546.

Service, daily, [3826]426.

Services of God and mammon contrasted, [3827]473.

Sepulchre, the body a, when the soul is dead, [3828]499.

Shame, sufferings no cause for, [3829]481; causes of false, [3830]493.

Sickness, in a monastery, [3831]457; a time for reflection, [3832]495.

Sin, foulness of, [3833]415; pleasures of, unsatisfying, [3834]416; great, in small matters, [3835]468; small, guiltier from slight temptations, [3836]ib.; danger of one, indulged in, [3837]498.

Sins, some to be checked with authority, [3838]495.

Sinners, made better by prayers offered for them, [3839]426; open and secret, [3840]465.

Slave, a Christian life will be admired in a, [3841]533.

Slaves, duties of, [3842]465; the bishop's concern in, [3843]465; obedience of, puts men to shame, [3844]466; to be imitated by Christians towards God, [3845]ib.; brethren of Christ, [3846]552; to be treated as such, [3847]ib.

Slavery, to passions, miserable, [3848]473; moral disadvantages of, [3849]533; state of, lawful and capable of good use, [3850]546.

Sobriety, what it consists in, [3851]536.

Soldiers, spiritual, must endure hardness, [3852]488.

Solomon, experience of, in knowledge of the world, [3853]462.

Son, heretical comments on the term, applied to Timothy, [3854]409 (note) .

Sons, not all true, [3855]521.

Sorrows, not to cause impatience or despair, [3856]477; no exemption from, in this life, [3857]ib.; each thinks his own most severe, [3858]478; productive of advantage, [3859]ib.

Soul, called the spirit to distinguish it from the body, [3860]421; a healthy state of, called a sound mind, [3861]477; neglected when sick, [3862]540.

Spirit, the, mark of the Church, [3863]425.

Stephen, St., prayer of, [3864]427.

Strangers, kindness to be shown to, [3865]455.

Strife, inconsistent in a Christian, [3866]497.

Submission, in suffering, [3867]553.

Suffering, needful to the righteous, [3868]507; inequality of, no cause for offense, [3869]ib.

Superstitions, condemned, [3870]440.

Sympathy, with those in misery, [3871]478; lightens grief, [3872]ib.; want of, brings its own reward, [3873]504.

Swine, flesh of, not unclean, [3874]445.

Teachers, engaged more than the taught in the contest, [3875]424; what is required of, [3876]ib.; not to disdain instruction, [3877]ib.; as luminaries, as leaven, as angels among men, [3878]440; must use diligent study, [3879]450; need both gentleness and authority, [3880]467; responsibilities and claims of, [3881]481; must think their disciples everything, [3882]ib.; we must not judge our, but ourselves, [3883]483; succession of, [3884]488; must not be impatient, [3885]497; two things that disquiet, [3886]506.

Teaching, when to be used, [3887]449; called prophecy, [3888]ib.; made useless by impatience, [3889]497.

Thanksgiving, to be made for others' good, [3890]427; binds men to love one another, [3891]ib.

Theater, the heavenly, [3892]526.

Timothy, submitted to be circumcised, [3893]407; affection of St. Paul for, [3894]ib.; his youth no hindrance to his promotion, [3895]ib.; alleged miracles by the bones of, [3896]ib. (note) ; the time when placed at Ephesus, [3897]409; manner of his appointment, [3898]423; his strictness, abstinence, [3899]439; commanded to read, [3900]449; whole church and people of Asia committed to, [3901]461; fastings of, [3902]464; why not cured, [3903]465; miracles of, [3904]ib.; encouraged in his duties, [3905]475; intensity of St. Paul's love for, [3906]476; faith of, hereditary, [3907]ib.; gift given to, [3908]477; advice to, through him to all teachers, [3909]488; consoled, [3910]511; second Epistle to, a sort of Testament, full of consolation, [3911]ib.; why St. Paul begs him to come to him, [3912]513.

Titans, [3913]470.

Titanes, a warlike dance called, [3914]470 (note) .

Titus, an approved companion of St. Paul, [3915]519; his character, [3916]ib.; his jurisdiction, [3917]ib.; mentioned in the Acts, [3918]ib. (note) ; perhaps a Corinthian, [3919]ib.; required not many words, [3920]ib.; Epistle to, written before that to Timothy, [3921]ib.; character of Epistle to, [3922]520; why left in Crete, [3923]524; St. Paul at liberty when he wrote to, [3924]519.

Tongue, the, to be kept pure, [3925]427.

Transgression, real cause of uncleanness in meats, &c., [3926]531.

Trials, prolonged to the impatient, [3927]543.

Tribulation, should not haste to be rid of, [3928]543.

Trophimus, why not healed by St. Paul, [3929]515; when left at Miletus, [3930]ib.

Truth, disregarded by those ambitious of power, [3931]413; supports the Church, [3932]442; contrasted with Type, [3933]520; acknowledgment of, from faith, not from reasoning, [3934]ib.

Unclean, nothing by nature, [3935]446, [3936]530; sin alone, [3937]530; an evil will, [3938]ib.

Uncleanness, of meats, done away with by sign of the cross, [3939]445; not in themselves, but in receivers, [3940]ib.; legal, typical of sin, [3941]531; what is, [3942]530.

Uncleanliness, no honor in, [3943]523.

Unguents, kind of, to be sought for by Christians, [3944]415.

Unmarried, duties of the, [3945]454.

Unrighteous, sufferings of the, [3946]495.

Unthankfulness, [3947]501.

Vainglory, difficulty of overcoming, [3948]526.

Valentinus, [3949]479.

Vanity, of earthly things, [3950]462.

Value, of things imaginary, [3951]470.

Vessels, earthen, twofold meaning of, [3952]496.

Vices, unnatural, of the heathen, [3953]539.

Violence, hinders influence, [3954]525.

Virgins, to be simple in their dress, [3955]433; hoods and veils worn by, [3956]434; reproved for over-carefulness about dress, [3957]ib.; have Christ for their Bridegroom, [3958]ib.; have entered upon a great contest, [3959]ib.; should be an example to others, [3960]435; the foolish, failed in almsgiving, [3961]498 (note) .

Virginity, not enjoined, [3962]446; a higher state, [3963]ib.

Virtue, the best inheritance we can leave to our children, [3964]437; alone can depart with men hence, [3965]443; most men practice, from constraint, [3966]461; prevails over everything, [3967]535; bad men overawed by, [3968]ib.

Virtues, real goods, [3969]448.

War, three kinds of war, [3970]429; with one's self the worst, [3971]ib.

Warfare, good and bad, [3972]424.

Washing, bodily, clears not from guilt, [3973]499; of the body, no great matter, [3974]ib.

Water, worldly things as, [3975]512.

Way, the narrow, [3976]542.

Wealth, no power of itself, [3977]431; folly of hoarding, [3978]432; not a possession, a loan for use, [3979]443; however gained, is God's, not ours, [3980]448; not a good, [3981]ib.; trusting in, produces pride, [3982]472.

Wicked, if rich, because they are disesteemed of God, [3983]412; various reasons why suffered to remain, [3984]496.

Wickedness, has its torments here as well as hereafter, [3985]445, [3986]446; to prevail in the last days, [3987]500; no one to be offended because of, [3988]506; shall increase as the end draws near, [3989]ib.

Widowhood, better not professed than to be forsaken, [3990]459; Christian, [3991]503; how to bear, [3992]ib.

Widows, what makes, [3993]450; to receive honor from the priest, [3994]ib.; domestic duty of, [3995]ib.; God the stay of, if desolate, [3996]ib.; must renounce pleasure, [3997]451; intemperate threatened, [3998]453; "list of widows" relieved by the Church, [3999]ib. (note) ; strictness required of, [4000]454; directions to younger, [4001]459; marriage of, recommended to prevent evil, [4002]460; with relations, [4003]ib.

Widows, church, age of, [4004]454; duties of, [4005]ib.

Wine, women given to, [4006]441; danger of, [4007]442; those who served in the temple never tasted, [4008]ib.

Woman, taught once and ruined all, [4009]436.

Women, to be modest in dress, [4010]433; to be silent and modest, [4011]435; not to speak in Church, [4012]ib.; in St. Chrysostom's time open to reproof, [4013]ib.; must not teach, but occupy station of learners, [4014]ib.; why made subject to men, [4015]ib.; salvation to, through child-bearing, [4016]436; yet saved without children, [4017]ib.; what they may do, [4018]516; many suffered martyrdom, [4019]ib.; not inferior in spiritual matters, [4020]ib.; forbidden to teach, [4021]532; those who led to war, condemned, [4022]539; duties of, [4023]454.

Word, of God, not bound, [4024]489; how rightly divided, [4025]493.

Works, good, are to shine and be manifest, [4026]440; to be concealed, [4027]458.

World despised, heaven gained, [4028]516.

Worth, moral, alone real, [4029]470.

Youth, requires much restraint, [4030]436; exposed to lust, [4031]533.

Zeal, in good works, [4032]537.

Zenas, the lawyer, [4033]541.

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