Eight Easter Lessons Learned at Emmaus. Luke xxiv. 13-35.
I. -- When friends speak of good things, Jesus draws near.

"These things" which concern Jesus. Even if men speak sorrowfully, if it is of Jesus they speak, He is nigh. If He were the subject of conversation more, His friends would have more of His company. If you are shy of Him, He will be shy of you.

II. -- Unbelief manufactures sorrow for the godly.

Jesus said they looked "sad." It is a pity to employ unbelief; he does not know how to make a smile. When he tries it is a misfit. If the disciples had believed Jesus, they would have been dancing for joy, for they would have been round the tomb to see Him rise. We have lost that picture, because no one believed the Lord enough to expect His words to be fulfilled. -- Mark viii.31.

III. -- Never expect infidels to be converted while saints are sceptical.

Certain women had told them, but they were "slow of heart to believe." Is not this tardiness of faith the secret of popular infidelity? If Christians shewed their faith by works, Bradlaugh, and such like, would have no audiences when they lectured!

IV. -- Suffering was the duty of Christ, as the servant of God.

"Ought not Christ to have suffered?" Before He could have the wages, He must do the work. Eternity alone gives space for the payment of what He earned in Gethsemane and on Calvary.

V. -- The Old Testament was Jesus Christ's Bible.

Has it the place it ought to have in our hearts? These men had their hearts warmed while Christ expounded Psalms and Prophecies. He will do the same to you, if you will ask Him. It is a reflection upon the Holy Ghost to make use of so small a portion of the Bible as some do.

VI. -- Hospitality is a remunerative virtue.

"I was a stranger, and ye took me in." Christ blesses the cupboard from which wayfarers are fed. They fed Jesus, and He filled their hearts with deathless joy.

VII. -- Apostates lose the best news.

Judas had gone out of hearing when the eleven had heard of a risen Christ.

VIII. -- Testifying to grace received brings fresh supplies.

It was while telling what they had seen that they heard the voice of Jesus speak peace.

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