"What mean ye to weep, and to break mine heart!" -- Acts 21:13

"Was macht ihr, dass ihr weinet."


transl., Sarah Findlater, 1855

What mean ye by this wailing

To break my bleeding heart?

As if the love that binds us

Could alter or depart!

Our sweet and holy union

Knows neither time nor place;

The love that God has planted

Is lasting as His grace.

Ye clasp these hands at parting,

As if no hope could be;

While still we stand for ever

In blessed unity!

Ye gaze, as on a vision

Ye never could recall,

While still each thought is with you,

And Jesus with us all!

Ye say, "We here, thou yonder,

Thou goest, and we stay!"

And yet Christ's mystic body

Is one eternally.

Ye speak of different journeys,

A long and sad adieu!

While still one way I travel,

And have one end with you!

Why should ye now be weeping

These agonizing tears?

Behold our gracious Leader,

And cast away your fears.

We tread one path to glory,

Are guided by one hand,

And led in faith and patience

Unto one Fatherland!

Then let this hour of parting

No bitter grief record,

But be an hour of union

More blessed with our Lord!

With Him to guide and save us,

No changes that await,

No earthly separations

Can leave us desolate!

love to christ
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