Love to Christ.


"Whom having not seen ye love." -- 1 Pet.1:8.

"Ich will dich lieben."

[31]Johann Angelus.

transl., Sarah Findlater, 1855

I will love Thee, all my treasure!

I will love Thee, all my strength!

I will love Thee without measure,

And will love Thee right at length.

Oh! I will love Thee, Light Divine,

Till I die and find Thee mine!

Alas! that I so lately knew Thee --

Thee, so worthy of the best;

Nor had sooner turned to view Tbee,

Truest Good, and only Rest!

The more I love, I mourn the more

That I did not love before!

Far I ran, and wander'd blindly

Seeking some created light;

Then I sought, but I could not find Thee --

I had wandered from Thee quite;

Until at last Thou art made known

Through Thy seeking, not my own!

I will praise Thee, Sun of Glory!

For Thy beams have gladness brought,

I will praise Thee, will adore Thee,

For the light I vainly sought;

Will praise Thee that Thy words so blest

Spake my sin-sick soul to rest!

In Thy footsteps now uphold me,

That I stumble not nor stray.

When the narrow way is told me,

Never let me ling'ring stay.

But come my weary soul to cheer,

Shine, Eternal Sunbeam, here!

Be my heart more warmIy glowing,

Sweet and calm the tears I shed;

And its love, its ardor showing,

Let my spirit onward tread.

Still near to Thee, and nearer still,

Draw this heart, this mind, this will.

I will love, in joy and sorrow,

Crowning Joy, will love Thee well,

I will love to-day, to-morrow,

While I in this body dwell!

Oh! I will love Thee, Light Divine,

Till I die and find Thee mine!

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