Within the Veil
Gerhard Ter Steegen

Ps. c.4

God is present with us -- let us fall and worship,

Holy is the place;

God is in the midst, our souls are silent,

Bowed before His Face.

Lord, we kneel before Thee,

Awed by love Divine,

We of Thee unworthy

Own that we are Thine.

Gladly cast before Thee all delights and pleasures,

All our hoarded store --

Lord, behold our hearts, our souls, and bodies,

Thine, and ours no more.

We, O God, Thine only,

Nevermore our own --

Thine the praise and honour,

Thine, and Thine alone.

Thou Who fillest all things, in Thee, living, moving,

Evermore are we;

Shoreless sea unsounded, mystery and wonder,

Sinks my soul in Thee --

I in Thee -- no longer

Bound in self's dark prison,

And the life that moves me,

Fills me, Christ arisen.

Thou the Light that fillest all the endless heavens,

Shinest on my face,

As the tender flowers joyfully unfolding

In their silent grace,

Whilst the Sun beholds them --

Thus my soul is still,

Thine the glorious power,

Thine the mighty will.

Mine but to be simple; in the fields of heaven

All my sweet employ,

Loving and delighting, as a child that singeth

With unbiden joy --

As an eagle soaring

Up the radiant skies,

Even now to find Thee

In Thy Paradise.

the river of god
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