The End of the Journey
C. P. C.

I Cor. vi.17

One with Christ -- within the golden City

Welcomed long ago,

When for me He passed within the glory

From the depths below.

Still the gladness of that blessed welcome,

Mystery of that kiss,

Meeting of the Son and of the Father,

Floods my soul with bliss.

That sweet welcome mine -- and mine for ever

That eternal Home,

Whereunto when all these wanderings over,

I shall surely come --

There my heart is resting, and is joyful,

With a joy untold --

Earth's dark ways lit up with that fair glory,

Gleam as streets of gold.

Words of blessed greeting as I wander

Fall upon my ear;

As a song aloft in palace towers,

Deep, and sweet, and clear,

In the midnight steals o'er him who saileth

On a a lonely sea,

Then I know I near the blessed country

Where He waits for me.

God, my Father, waiteth there to greet me,

Child of His delight;

In the well-beloved Son presented

Faultless in His sight.

Loved with all the love that fills the heavens

With eternal song --

Weep not, weary heart -- how short the sorrow,

And the love how long!

a song
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