C. P. C.

Rev. ii.28

O Name, the psalm and the music

That fills the heavenly place --

O Name by which there I enter

And see Thee face to face --

O Name, Thou art here the music,

And here the sweetness and song,

Though the sea and the waves are roaring,

And though the night is long.

The night -- but a night of glory,

For there in the heavens I see

The Morning Star in its brightness,

Thy gift of love to me.

I have the pledge of the dawning,

The glow of the golden Day,

For Thou, O my Lord, hast arisen,

The guide Star of my way.

The light of the Star outshining

The myriad suns is mine --

Oh sure is the glorious morning,

The morn of joy divine;

Of joy and of gladness and singing,

When deep unto deep shall call;

The sweetness shall answer the sorrow,

The vinegar and the gall;

The depth of the glorious music

The depth of the bitter cry

Of him in the darkness abandoned,

Unsolaced, alone, to die.

To the blackness of darkness shall answer

The light as a jasper stone,

The rainbow of glory encircling

Christ on His radiant throne.

the end of the journey
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