On the Catechising of the Uninstructed

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On the Catechising of the Uninstructed

Introductory Notice.

Chapter 1.--How Augustin Writes in Answer to a Favor Asked by a Deacon of Carthage.

Chapter 2.--How It Often Happens that a Discourse Which Gives Pleasure to the Hearer is Distasteful to the Speaker; And What Explanation is to Be Offered of that Fact.

Chapter 3.--Of the Full Narration to Be Employed in Catechising.

Chapter 4.--That the Great Reason for the Advent of Christ Was the Commendation of Love.

Chapter 5.--That the Person Who Comes for Catechetical Instruction is to Be Examined with Respect to His Views, on Desiring to Become a Christian.

Chapter 6.--Of the Way to Commence the Catechetical Instruction, and of the Narration of Facts from the History of the World's Creation on to the Present Times of the Church.

Chapter 7.--Of the Exposition of the Resurrection, the Judgment, and Other Subjects, Which Should Follow This Narration.

Chapter 8.--Of the Method to Be Pursued in Catechising Those Who Have Had a Liberal Education.

Chapter 9.--Of the Method in Which Grammarians and Professional Speakers are to Be Dealt with.

Chapter 10.--Of the Attainment of Cheerfulness in the Duty of Catechising, and of Various Causes Producing Weariness in the Catechumen.

Chapter 11.--Of the Remedy for the Second Source of Weariness.

Chapter 12.--Of the Remedy for the Third Source of Weariness.

Chapter 13.--Of the Remedy for the Fourth Source of Weariness.

Chapter 14.--Of the Remedy Against the Fifth and Sixth Sources of Weariness.

Chapter 15.--Of the Method in Which Our Address Should Be Adapted to Different Classes of Hearers.

Chapter 16.--A Specimen of a Catechetical Address; And First, the Case of a Catechumen with Worthy Views.

Chapter 17.--The Specimen of Catechetical Discourse Continued, in Reference Specially to the Reproval of False Aims on the Catechumen's Part.

Chapter 18.--Of What is to Be Believed on the Subject of the Creation of Man and Other Objects.

Chapter 19.--Of the Co-Existence of Good and Evil in the Church, and Their Final Separation.

Chapter 20.--Of Israel's Bondage in Egypt, Their Deliverance, and Their Passage Through the Red Sea.

Chapter 21.--Of the Babylonish Captivity, and the Things Signified Thereby.

Chapter 22.--Of the Six Ages of the World.

Chapter 23.--Of the Mission of the Holy Ghost Fifty Days After Christ's Resurrection.

Chapter 24.--Of the Church in Its Likeness to a Vine Sprouting and Suffering Pruning.

Chapter 25.--Of Constancy in the Faith of the Resurrection.

Chapter 26.--Of the Formal Admission of the Catechumen, and of the Signs Therein Made Use of.

Chapter 27.--Of the Prophecies of the Old Testament in Their Visible Fulfillment in the Church.

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