A Plea for the Christians

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Introductory Note to Clement of Alexandria

Chapter I.--Injustice Shown Towards the Christians.

Chapter II.--Claim to Be Treated as Others are When Accused.

Chapter III.--Charges Brought Against the Christians.

Chapter IV.--The Christians are Not Atheists, But Acknowledge One Only God.

Chapter V.--Testimony of the Poets to the Unity of God.

Chapter VI.--Opinions of the Philosophers as to the One God.

Chapter VII.--Superiority of the Christian Doctrine Respecting God.

Chapter VIII.--Absurdities of Polytheism.

Chapter IX.--The Testimony of the Prophets.

Chapter X.--The Christians Worship the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Chapter XI.--The Moral Teaching of the Christians Repels the Charge Brought Against Them.

Chapter XII.--Consequent Absurdity of the Charge of Atheism.

Chapter XIII.--Why the Christians Do Not Offer Sacrifices.

Chapter XIV.--Inconsistency of Those Who Accuse the Christians.

Chapter XV.--The Christians Distinguish God from Matter.

Chapter XVI.--The Christians Do Not Worship the Universe.

Chapter XVII.--The Names of the Gods and Their Images are But of Recent Date.

Chapter XVIII.--The Gods Themselves Have Been Created, as the Poets Confess.

Chapter XIX.--The Philosophers Agree with the Poets Respecting the Gods.

Chapter XX.--Absurd Representations of the Gods.

Chapter XXI.--Impure Loves Ascribed to the Gods.

Chapter XXII.--Pretended Symbolical Explanations.

Chapter XXIII.--Opinions of Thales and Plato.

Chapter XXIV.--Concerning the Angels and Giants.

Chapter XXV.--The Poets and Philosophers Have Denied a Divine Providence.

Chapter XXVI.--The Demons Allure Men to the Worship of Images.

Chapter XXVII.--Artifices of the Demons.

Chapter XXVIII.--The Heathen Gods Were Simply Men.

Chapter XXIX.--Proof of the Same from the Poets.

Chapter XXX.--Reasons Why Divinity Has Been Ascribed to Men.

Chapter XXXI.--Confutation of the Other Charges Brought Against the Christians.

Chapter XXXII.--Elevated Morality of the Christians.

Chapter XXXIII.--Chastity of the Christians with Respect to Marriage.

Chapter XXXIV.--The Vast Difference in Morals Between the Christians and Their Accusers.

Chapter XXXV.--The Christians Condemn and Detest All Cruelty.

Chapter XXXVI.--Bearing of the Doctrine of the Resurrection on the Practices of the Christians.

Chapter XXXVII.--Entreaty to Be Fairly Judged.

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