John 5:40
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and you are unwillingοὐ
3756: not, noa prim. word
to comeἐλθεῖν
2064: to come, goa prim. verb
to Me soἵνα
2443: in order that, that, so thata prim. conjunction denoting purpose, definition or result
that you may haveἔχητε
2192: to have, holda prim. verb
2222: lifefrom zaó

KJV Lexicon
και  conjunction
kai  kahee:  and, also, even, so then, too, etc.; often used in connection (or composition) with other particles or small words
ου  particle - nominative
ou  oo:  no or not -- + long, nay, neither, never, no (man), none, (can-)not, + nothing, + special, un(-worthy), when, + without, + yet but.
θελετε  verb - present active indicative - second person
thelo  thel'-o:  by implication, to wish, i.e. be inclined to (sometimes adverbially, gladly); impersonally for the future tense, to be about to; by Hebraism, to delight in
ελθειν  verb - second aorist active middle or passive deponent
erchomai  er'-khom-ahee:  accompany, appear, bring, come, enter, fall out, go, grow, light, next, pass, resort, be set.
προς  preposition
pros  pros:  a preposition of direction; forward to, i.e. toward
με  personal pronoun - first person accusative singular
me  meh:  me -- I, me, my.
ινα  conjunction
hina  hin'-ah:  in order that (denoting the purpose or the result) -- albeit, because, to the intent (that), lest, so as, (so) that, (for) to.
ζωην  noun - accusative singular feminine
zoe  dzo-ay':  life -- life(-time).
εχητε  verb - present active subjunctive - second person
echo  ekh'-o:  (used in certain tenses only) a primary verb; to hold
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
and you are unwilling to come to Me so that you may have life.

King James Bible
And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
And you are not willing to come to Me so that you may have life.

International Standard Version
But you are not willing to come to me to have life.

NET Bible
but you are not willing to come to me so that you may have life.

Aramaic Bible in Plain English
And you are not willing to come to me that eternal life may be yours.

GOD'S WORD® Translation
Yet, you don't want to come to me to get [eternal] life.

King James 2000 Bible
And you will not come to me, that you might have life.
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