Job 6:7
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"My soulנַפְשִׁ֑י
5315: a soul, living being, life, self, person, desire, passion, appetite, emotion from an unused word
3985: to refusea prim. root
to touchלִנְגֹּ֣ועַ
5060: to touch, reach, strikea prim. root
[them]; They are like loathsomeכִּדְוֵ֥י
1741: illnessfrom davah
3899: bread, foodfrom lacham
to me. 

KJV Lexicon
The things that my soul
nephesh  (neh'-fesh)
a breathing creature, i.e. animal of (abstractly) vitality; used very widely in a literal, accommodated or figurative sense (bodily or mental)
ma'en  (maw-ane')
to refuse -- refuse, utterly.
to touch
naga`  (naw-gah')
beat, (be able to) bring (down), cast, come (nigh), draw near (nigh), get up, happen, join, near, plague, reach (up), smite, strike, touch.
are as my sorrowful
dvay  (dev-ah'ee)
sickness; figuratively, loathing -- languishing, sorrowful.
lechem  (lekh'-em)
food (for man or beast), especially bread, or grain (for making it) -- (shew-)bread, eat, food, fruit, loaf, meat, victuals.
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
"My soul refuses to touch them; They are like loathsome food to me.

King James Bible
The things that my soul refused to touch are as my sorrowful meat.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
I refuse to touch them; they are like contaminated food.

International Standard Version
I cannot bring myself to touch them; food like this makes me sick."

NET Bible
I have refused to touch such things; they are like loathsome food to me.

GOD'S WORD® Translation
I refuse to touch such things. They are disgusting to me.

King James 2000 Bible
The things that my soul refused to touch are as loathsome food to me.
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