Isaiah 19:24
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In that dayבַּיֹּ֣ום
3117: daya prim. root
3478: "God strives," another name of Jacob and his desc.from sarah and el
will be the thirdשְׁלִ֣ישִׁיָּ֔ה
7992: third (an ord. number)from the same as shalosh
[party] with Egyptלְמִצְרַ֖יִם
4714: a son of Ham, also his desc. and their country in N.W. Africaof uncertain derivation
and Assyria,וּלְאַשּׁ֑וּר
804b: the second son of Shem, also the people of Asshur, also the land of Assyr.of uncertain derivation
a blessingבְּרָכָ֖ה
1293: a blessingfrom barak
in the midstבְּקֶ֥רֶב
7130: inward part, midstfrom an unused word
of the earth,הָאָֽרֶץ׃
776: earth, landa prim. root

KJV Lexicon
In that day
yowm  (yome)
a day (as the warm hours),
shall Israel
Yisra'el  (yis-raw-ale')
he will rule as God; Jisrael, a symbolical name of Jacob; also (typically) of his posterity: --Israel.
be the third
shliyshiy  (shel-ee-shee')
third; feminine a third (part); by extension, a third (day, year or time); specifically, a third-story cell) -- third (part, rank, time), three (years old).
with Egypt
Mitsrayim  (mits-rah'-yim)
Mitsrajim, i.e. Upper and Lower Egypt -- Egypt, Egyptians, Mizraim.
and with Assyria
'Ashshuwr  (ash-shoor')
Ashshur, the second son of Shem; also his descendants and the country occupied by them (i.e. Assyria), its region and its empire
even a blessing
Brakah  (ber-aw-kaw')
benediction; by implication prosperity -- blessing, liberal, pool, present.
in the midst
qereb  (keh'-reb)
the nearest part, i.e. the center, whether literal, figurative or adverbial (especially with preposition)
of the land
'erets  (eh'-rets)
the earth (at large, or partitively a land) -- common, country, earth, field, ground, land, natins, way, + wilderness, world.
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
In that day Israel will be the third party with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing in the midst of the earth,

King James Bible
In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria, even a blessing in the midst of the land:

Holman Christian Standard Bible
On that day Israel will form a triple alliance with Egypt and Assyria--a blessing within the land.

International Standard Version
At that time, Israel will be in a triple alliance with Egypt and Assyria; they will be a blessing in the midst of the earth.

NET Bible
At that time Israel will be the third member of the group, along with Egypt and Assyria, and will be a recipient of blessing in the earth.

GOD'S WORD® Translation
When that day comes, Israel will be one-third [of God's people], along with Egypt and Assyria. They will be a blessing on the earth.

King James 2000 Bible
In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria, even a blessing in the midst of the land:
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