Numbers 26
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1And it was after the sudden plague that LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe and to Eliazar son of Ahron the Priest: 2“Take a pebblecounting of all of the assembly of the children of Israel from a son of twenty years and above, for the house of their fathers, everyone who goes out in the army in Israel.” 3And Moshe and Eliazar the Priest spoke with them in the plains of Moab by the Jordan of Yerikho. 4And Moshe numbered them, from a son of twenty years and above, as LORD JEHOVAH commanded Moshe and the children of Israel who went out from the land of Egypt.

5Rubil, firstborn of Israel; the sons of Rubil: Khenok the family of Khenok: Pallu, family of Pallu. 6Khetsron, the family of Khetsron: Karmi, the family of Karmi. 7These are the families of Rubil and the number of them was forty and three thousand and seven hundred and thirty. 8And the sons of Pallu: Eliab. 9And the sons of Eliab: Nebuyel and Dathan and Abiram, prominent ones of the assembly that were divided against Moshe and against Ahron in the assembly of Qorakh, and they were divided against LORD JEHOVAH. 10And the Earth opened her mouth and swallowed them and Qorakh in the plague of the assembly when fire consumed two hundred and fifty men, and they were for a sign. 11And the sons of Qorakh did not die.

12And the sons of Shemon for their tribes: Yemuyel, the family of Yemuyel, Yamni, the family of Yamni, Yakhin, the family of Yakhin. 13Zerakh, the family of Zerakh, Shaul, the family of Shaul. 14These are the families of Shemon: twenty and two thousand and two hundred.

15And the sons of Gad for their tribes: Tsephon, the family of Tsephon, Khaggi, the family of Khaggi, Shuni, the family of Shuni. 16Azni, the family of Azni, Adi, the family of Adi. 17Arudi, the family of Arudi, Adil, the family of Adil. 18These are the families of the sons of Gad for their number: forty thousand and five hundred.

19And the sons of Yehuda: Eir and Unan, and Eir and Unan died in the land of Canaan. 20And the sons of Yehuda by their tribes were Shela, the family of Shela, Pharets, the family of Pharets, Zerakh, the family of Zerakh. 21And the sons of Pharets were Khetsron, the family of Khetsron, Khamul, the family of Khamul. 22These are the families of the sons of Yehuda for their number: seventy and six thousand and five hundred.

23And the sons of Issakar for their families: Tula, the family of Tula, Pua, the family of Pua. 24Yashub, the family of Yashub, Shemon, the family of Shemon. 25These are the families of Issakar for their number: sixty and four thousand and three hundred.

26And the sons of Zebulon for their families: Sadar, the family of Sadar, Alun, the family of Alun, Nakhlayel, the family of Nakhlayel. 27These are the families of Zebulon for their number: sixty thousand and five hundred.

28And the sons of Yoseph for their families: Menasheh and Aphrim. 29And the sons of Menasheh: Makir, the family of Makir, and Makir begot Gelad: Gelad, the family of Gelad. 30And these are the sons of Gelad: Yezir, the family of Yezir, Kheleq, the family of Kheleq: 31Ashdayel, the family of Ashdayel: Shekim, the family of Shekim: 32Shamida, the family of Shamida: Khaphar, the family of Khaphar: 33And Tsalphkhad son of Khaphar did not have sons, but daughters; and the names of the daughters of Tsalphkhad: Mekhla and Yaa and Khagla and Melka and Tartsa. 34And these are the families of Menasheh, and their number was fifty and two thousand and seven hundred.

35And the sons of Aphreim for their families: Shuthelakh, the family of Shuthelakh, Bakar, the family of Bakar, Takhan, the family of Takhan. 36And these are the sons of Shuthelakh: Edan, the family of Edan. 37These are the families of the sons of Aphreim by their number, thirty and two thousand and five hundred; these are the sons of Yoseph by their families.

38And the sons of Benyamin for their families: Bala, the family of Bala, Ashbel, the family of Ashbel, Akhiram, the family of Akhiram. 39Shupham, the family of Shupham, Khuphim, the family of Khuphim. 40And the sons of Bala were: Arud and Naaman, the family of Arud; Naaman, the family of Naaman. 41These are the sons of Benyamin by their number: forty and five thousand and six hundred.

42And the sons of Dan for their families: Shukham, the family of Shukham; these are the families of Dan for their families. 43All the family of Shukham for their number: sixty and four thousand and four hundred.

44And the sons of Ashir for their families: Yamna, the family of Yamna, Yashwa, the family of Yashwa, Yashwi, the family of Yashwi, Bria, the family of Bria. 45And the sons of Bria: Kheber, the family of Kheber: Malkiel, the family of Malkiel. 46And the name of the daughter of Ashir: Sarakh. 47These are the families of the sons of Ashir by their number: fifty and three thousand and four hundred.

48And the sons of Naphtali by their families: Nakhtsayel, the family of Nakhtsayel: Guni, the family of Guni. 49Yatsar, the family of Yatsar: Shalim, the family of Shalim. 50These are the families of the sons Naphtali for their families, and their number: forty and five thousand and four hundred.

51All of the numbers of the sons of Israel: six hundred thousand and a thousand and seven hundred and thirty.

52And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and said to him: 53The land will be divided to these in the inheritance for the number of the names. 54For many you will increase their inheritance, and for a few you shall diminish their inheritance; a man will receive his inheritance according to his number. 55However the land will be divided in lots; they will inherit by the names of the families of their fathers. 56An inheritance will be divided by the voice of lots among many to few.

57And these are the numbers of Levi by their families: Gershun, the family of Gershun, Qahath, the family of Qahath, Merrari, the family of Merrari. 58These are the families of Levi: the family of Lebni, the family of the Khebronites, the family of Makhli, the family of the Mushites, the family of Qorakh, and Qahath begot Amram. 59And the name of the wife of Amram: Yukabar, daughter of Levi who was born to Levi in Egypt, and she bore to Amram, Ahron and Moshe and Maryam their sister. 60And Nadab and Abihu and Eliazar and Ithamar were born to Ahron. 61And Nadab and Abihu died when they brought strange fire before LORD JEHOVAH. 62And the number of them was twenty and three thousand, every male from a son of a month and above, for they were not numbered within the children of Israel because an inheritance was not given to them among the children of Israel.

63These were numbered by Moshe and by Eliazar the Priest who numbered the children of Israel in the plain of Moab by the Jordan of Yerikho. 64And among these there was not a man of those numbered by Moshe or by Ahron the Priest, they who numbered the children of Israel in the wilderness of Sinai. 65Because LORD JEHOVAH said to them, “Certainly they shall be killed in the wilderness and no man of them shall remain, except only Kalab, son of Yoophna, and Yeshua, son of Nun.”

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