Job 2
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1And it was day, and the Sons of God came to stand before LORD JEHOVAH, and Satan came also in their midst to stand before LORD JEHOVAH 2And LORD JEHOVAH said to Satan: “From where have you come?” Satan answered and said to LORD JEHOVAH: “I have encircled the Earth and I have walked in it!” 3And LORD JEHOVAH said to Satan: “Behold, you have set your heart on my Servant Job, for there is none like him in the Earth, a man perfect and upright, and he worships God and departs from evil, and until now holds firmly to his perfection, and you provoke me against him that I would destroy him for nothing!” 4And Satan answered and said to LORD JEHOVAH: “Skin in exchange for skin and everything that a man has he gives in exchange for his life, and he escapes 5But reach your hand and touch his flesh or his bone, and he will curse you to your face!” 6And LORD JEHOVAH said to Satan: “Now he is handed over into your hands, only save his life!”

7And Satan went out from before the face of LORD JEHOVAH and struck Job with evil abscesses from the sole of his foot and unto his brain 8And he took for himself a clay vessel to scrape himself and he was sitting down on the ashes

9And his wife said to him: “Even now you hold to your integrity? Curse God and die! 10He said to her: “You talk like one of the crazy women talks! Do we receive the good things of God, and will we not receive his bad things?” And in all these things Job did not sin, neither did he blaspheme God with his lips

11And the three friends of Job heard of all this evil that had come upon him, and they made an appointment and they came to him, each man from his place: Eliphaz the Taymanite and Beldad the Shukhite and Tsuphar the Namthite, and they made an appointment as one to come and to speak with his heart and for his comfort 12And they lifted up their eyes from a distance and they did not recognize him, and they lifted up their voice and wept, and they ripped, each man his cloak, and they sprinkled dust on their heads toward Heaven 13And they dwelt with him on the ground seven days and seven nights, and there was none that said a word, because they saw that his plague was very severe with him

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