Jeremiah 20
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1And Pashkhur son of Amaria the Priest heard Jeremiah the Prophet when he prophesied these words, and he was the Commander and Ruler in the house of LORD JEHOVAH 2And Pashkhur struck Jeremiah the Prophet and threw him into the outer wall building that was at the gate of the upper house of Benjamin that is in the house of LORD JEHOVAH 3And it was the day after, and Pashkhur brought Jeremiah out from the outer wall, and Jeremiah said to him: LORD JEHOVAH has not called your name Pashkhur, but “Foreigner” and “Beggar” 4Because of this, thus says LORD JEHOVAH: “Behold, I make you a foreigner, you and all your friends, and they shall fall by the sword of their enemies, and your eyes will see, and all Yehuda I shall hand over into the hand of the King of Babel, and he shall take them captive to Babel, and he shall kill them by the sword 5And I shall hand over all the fortresses of this city, and all its labor, and all its honor, and all the treasures of the King of Judea I shall give into the hand of their enemies, and they shall capture them and they shall plunder them and they shall bring them to Babel 6And you, Pashkhur, and all dwellers of your house, you shall go into captivity and you shall go to Babel, and there you shall die, and there you shall be buried, you and all your loved ones to whom you prophesied with a lie”

7You have enticed me, LORD JEHOVAH, and I was enticed. You prevailed over me and you conquered me. I have been a laughing stock every day and they all mock me

8And at the time that I was speaking and crying out against extortionists and against plunderers, I was calling out, because the word of LORD JEHOVAH has been to me for reproach and for mockery every day

9And I said, “I shall not call him to mind and I shall not speak again in his name!” And he was in my heart as a fire that burns, and he kindled in my bones, and I begged to endure it, and I could not

10Because I heard the plans of many who were gathered from around me, and all of them were saying that they inquire for my peace with their mouths, and they hate me in their heart: ‘Expose him to us! We shall rise against him! Doubtless he will be enticed by us and we will seek revenge from him!’

11And LORD JEHOVAH is with me as a mighty warrior, because of this, all my persecutors shall be ashamed and they will not be found. They were very ashamed, because they were unwise in eternal shame that is not forgotten

12And LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts proves the right. He sees the kidneys and the heart. I shall see your payment to them, because to you I revealed my just cause

13Praise LORD JEHOVAH! Praise LORD JEHOVAH who has saved the soul of the poor from the hand of the evil doers!

14Cursed is the day in which I was born, the day when my mother bore me! Let it not be blessed!

15Cursed is the man who brought news to my father and said to him “A son is born to you!”, and announced news of his joy with rejoicing!

16Let that man be as the cities that LORD JEHOVAH overturned, and he was not reconciled to them! Let him hear wailing at dawn and bawling at noonday!

17Because he did not put me to death in the womb, and my mother would have been to me but a tomb, and my conception would have been in the womb forever!

18Why have I proceeded from the womb to see labor and misery, and my days are finished in shame?”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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