Isaiah 17
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1The burden of Darmsuq: “Behold, Darmsuq passes away from the city, and it shall be for a wilderness and for a ruin

2And the cities of Aduir shall be forsaken, and they shall be for flocks that they will lie down in them, and it shall not be harmful for them

3And the strength shall cease from Aphreim and the kingdom from Darmsuq, and the remnant of Aphreim shall be as the honor of the children of Israel, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts

4And it will be in that day, the honor of Yaqob will become poor and the fatness of his flesh shall waste away

5And it shall be as he that gathered a harvest of standing sheaves, and his arm reaps the ears, and it shall be as he who gathers the ears in the Vale of Rephaim

6And gleaning shall be left in it as an olive tree that is beaten, and two or three olives at top of the stem in the branches, or four or five, says LORD JEHOVAH, God of Israel

7In that day a man shall trust upon his Maker, and his eyes shall gaze on The Holy One of Israel

8And he shall not trust on the altars of the works of his hands and the works of his fingers, and he shall not gaze at idols or at worshiped things

9In that day the cities of his strength shall be as a pit of a Sorcerer and a high place that is forsaken from before the children of Israel, and you shall be for destruction

10And you have ignored God your Savior and you have not remembered The Mighty One your Champion; because of this you shall plant a beautiful plant; with foreign shoots you shall sow it

11In the day that you will plant it, it will put forth blossoms, and at dawn you shall sprout your seed like a pole slip of a gathered vintage in the grievous day, and like the sorrow of man

12Woe to the army of many nations whose sound goes forth as the sound of the seas, and the roar of the peoples as the sound of many waters!

13He shall rebuke it and it will flee far away, and it shall run like the dust of the mountains before the wind and like a straw before a hurricane

14In the time of evening, and behold, plundering; before it was morning and nothing was left! This is the portion of our trampler and the part of our plunderer!

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