Genesis 14
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1And it was in the days of Amarphel the King of Sinar and Ariok the King of Dalasar and Kardlamar the King of Ilaam and Tareel the King of Gelaya; 2They made war with Baara the King of Sadom and with Bersha the King of Amora and Shenab the King of Adama and Shemair the King of Tsebuim and the King of Baala this is Tsaar. 3All of these were gathered to the valley Sedumia, that is the Sea of Salt. 4Twelve years they served Kardlaamar; the thirteenth year they rebelled. 5And in year fourteen Kardlaamar came and the Kings that were with him and they struck the mighty men who were in Asteroth Qornim and the warriors who were among them and the Emney who were in Shwa Qurathim; 6And Khorites that were in the mountains of Sair unto the oak of Pharan that is in the wilderness. 7And they returned and they came to Ayn Deena, which is Raqim, and they struck all the Princes of the Amaleqites and also the Amorites that dwelt in Ayn Ged. 8And the King of Sadom went out and the King of Amora, and the King of Adama, and the King of Tsebuim, and the King of Baala this is Tsaar; all of these made war in the valley of Sedumia; 9With Kardlamar the King of Ileem, and Trayl the King of Galia, and Amarphel the King of Senar, and Ariok the King of Dalasar, four Kings with five.

10And the valley of Sedumia was pits upon pits of tar and the Kings of Sadom fled and the King of Amora and they fell there, and those who survived fled to the mountains. 11And they took all the possessions of Sadom and of Ammora and all their food and they went. 12And they took Lot, son of the brother of Abram, and his possessions, and they went and he dwelt in Sadom.

13And one came who was allowed to escape and he showed Abram the Hebrew and he was dwelling among the oaks of Mamrey the Amorite, brother of Anir and the brother of Ashkul, and those allies of Abram. 14And Abram heard that the son of his brother was captured and he armed his three hundred and eighteen young men born in his house and he pursued after them unto Dan. 15And he and his Servants split up against them in the night and they struck them and they chased them until Khuba that is by the left of Darmsuq. 16And they returned all the possessions, also he returned Lot, son of his brother, and his possessions, also the wives also the people.

17And the King of Sadom went out to meet him after he returned when he destroyed Kardlaamar and the Kings with him in the valley of Shwa that is the Valley of the Kings. 18And Melkizedeq, King of Shalim, brought out bread and wine, and he was the Priest of God, Most High.

19And he blessed him and said, “Blessed is Abram to God the Highest, Possessor of Heaven and Earth:

20And blessed is God the Highest who delivered your enemies into your hands”, and he gave to him a tenth of everything.

21And the King of Sadom said to Abram, “Give to me the souls, and the possessions take to yourselves. 22And Abram said to the King of Sadom, “I have lifted my hands to God the Highest the Possessor of Heaven and Earth, 23I shall never take from a thread or unto a leather strap of a shoe of anything that you have, lest you will say ‘I have made Abram rich’: 24Apart from anything that the young men ate and the portion of the men that went with me, Anir and Ashkul and Mamrey, those shall receive their portion.

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