Ezekiel 31
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1In year eleven, in the third month on the first of the month, the message of LORD JEHOVAH was upon me, saying:

2“Son of man, say to Pharaoh, King of Egypt, and to his mighty ones: ‘To whom are you like in your greatness?

3Behold, the Assyrian, the cedar of Lebanon, whose branches are beautiful and whose shade is heavy, and whose height is high, and whose growth was among the thick ones

4The waters grew it and the depths raised it, and because rivers went around his plants and his branches, he arose above all the trees of the wilderness

5Because of this, his height is exalted more than all the trees of the wilderness, and his branches increased and his branches were long from the abundance of the waters that grew him

6In his branches nested every bird of the sky, and under its treetop every animal of the wilderness gave birth, and in its shade dwelt many nations

7And it was beautiful in its majesty and in the abundance of its branches, because its roots were in many waters

8The cedars in the Paradise of God did not surpass it, and the junipers were not like its branches, and the plane trees were not like its leaves, and no tree in the Paradise of God was like it in its beauty

9I have made him beautiful in the multitude of his branches, and all the trees of Eden, the Paradise of God, were jealous of him

10Because of this, thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: ‘Because he has been lifted up in his stature and his growth shot up among the thick branches, and his heart was lifted up in his pride 11I shall deliver him into the hand of the mighty one of the nations, and he shall do to him according to his sin and he shall destroy him 12And strong foreigners of the Gentiles shall destroy him and shall cast him on the mountains, and in all the valleys its branches shall fall, and its branches shall be broken in all the valleys of the Earth, and all the nations of the Earth shall go down from its shadow, and they shall leave it 13And when it will fall, every bird of Heaven will perch upon it, and every animal of the wilderness will be under its branches 14For none of the trees of waters shall exalt themselves by their height, and they shall not shoot their growth among thick growth, and they shall not stand, and none that drinks the waters shall be like them, because all of them were handed over to death, into the lower earth, among the children of men that descend into the pit

15Thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: “In the day that he descended to Sheol, I made a grieving and I covered the depths over him and I held back his rivers, and the many waters were restrained, and I made Lebanon mournful over him, and all the trees of the wilderness drooped 16From the sound of his fall the Earth trembled, and when I brought him down to Sheol with the descenders to the pit, all the trees of Eden and the chosen ones, the beautiful ones of Lebanon that drink the waters, were comforted in the lower Earth 17Also those went down with him to Sheol, to the ones slain by the sword, and his seed dwelt in his shadow among the nations

18To which of the trees of Eden are you compared in glory and in greatness? And you came down with the trees of Eden to the lower Earth. You shall lie among the uncircumcised with those who were killed by the sword. This is Pharaoh and all his army, says THE LORD OF LORDS

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
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