1 Chronicles 5
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1And the sons of Rubil, the firstborn of Israel, because he was the firstborn of his father and he despised the bed of his father, his birthright was given to Yoseph his brother, son of Israel, and upon these two came a blessing from all the tribes of Israel. 2From Yehuda will come forth The King Messiah , and the right of the firstborn shall be given to Yoseph. . 3The sons of Rubil, the firstborn of Israel: Khenuk and Palu and Khetsrun and Karmi. 4And the sons of Karmi: Shemaiah his son, Duag his son, Shemei his son 5Mikah his son, Uriah his son, Bela his son 6Abdiah his son, whom TeglathPalasar, King of Assyria, took captive. He was the Prince of the tribe of the house of Rubil, 7And his brothers with their families, and when they were written by genealogy in their lineage, their Chief Azrayl, the second, Zechariah 8And Bela, son of Uzi, son of Shemei, son of Yoel, was dwelling in Aduir, and unto Nebu and to the Plain of Maun. 9And to its East unto the borders of the wilderness that is from the river Euphrates, because they and their possessions increased in the land of Gelad. 10And in the days of Shaul they made war with Arabians dwellers of Saka, and they were given into their hands, and they dwelt in their tents on all the face of the east of the land of Gelad.

11And the children of Gad dwelt opposite them in the land of Mathnin, unto the border of Siba and of Salka. 12And Yoel went out at their front, and he was judging them and he taught them beautiful scriptures. 14These are the sons of Abaykhel, son of Khur, son of Zarakh, son of Gelad, son of Makir 15Son of Abdeil, son of Eli, Chiefs of their fathers. 16And they dwelt in Mathnin and in its villages. 17All of them were written by genealogy in the days of Yotham, King of the house of Yehuda, and in the days of Yorbaam, King of Israel.

18And the sons of Rubil and Gad and half the tribe of Menashe, men holding a sword and shield, and shooters of the bow and acquainted with war, forty and four thousand and six hundred and sixty and six, these all went out into war. 19And they made war with the dwellers of Saka. 20And they were delivered into their hands, because they had prayed to LORD JEHOVAH in battle, and he paid attention to their voice, because they trusted upon him. 21And they plundered many riches and property and fifty thousand camels and two hundred and fifty thousand sheep and two thousand male donkeys, and a hundred thousand souls of men. 22Because many fell slain from their tents in battle, and they remained in their places by their tents.

23And the children of half of the tribe of Menashe dwelt in the land of Mathnin unto the valley of Mount Hermon and unto Sair, the great Mountain of Hermon, they increased unto HarTeman, and they became great. 24And these were the heads of the house of their fathers: Apha and Shub and Eldaa and Azrayel and Adumya and Uriyah and Khezayel, mighty men of the army, men of fame, for they were the heads of the house of their fathers.

25And they denied the God of their fathers, and they went astray after gods of the nations of the Earth whom LORD JEHOVAH had destroyed from before them. 26And LORD JEHOVAH God of Israel aroused the spirit of TeglathPalasar King of Assyria against them, and he led the tribe of the house of Rubil captive, and the tribe of the house of Gad, and the half tribe of Menashe, and he brought them to Khalakh and to Khabar the River, Guzan, cities of Media, and they dwell there until today.

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