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ṯaḥ·pōṣ — 2 Occurrences

Psalm 51:16
HEB: כִּ֤י ׀ לֹא־ תַחְפֹּ֣ץ זֶ֣בַח וְאֶתֵּ֑נָה
NAS: For You do not delight in sacrifice,
KJV: For thou desirest not sacrifice;
INT: for not delight sacrifice give

Psalm 51:19
HEB: אָ֤ז תַּחְפֹּ֣ץ זִבְחֵי־ צֶ֭דֶק
NAS: Then You will delight in righteous
KJV: Then shalt thou be pleased with the sacrifices
INT: Then will delight sacrifices righteous

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