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liḵ·p̄ō·wr — 2 Occurrences

1 Chronicles 28:17
HEB: הַזָּהָ֤ב בְּמִשְׁקָל֙ לִכְפ֣וֹר וּכְפ֔וֹר וְלִכְפוֹרֵ֥י
NAS: with the weight for each bowl;
KJV: [he gave gold] by weight for every bason; and [likewise silver] by weight
INT: the golden the weight each bowl bowls

1 Chronicles 28:17
HEB: הַכֶּ֛סֶף בְּמִשְׁקָ֖ל לִכְפ֥וֹר וּכְפֽוֹר׃
NAS: bowls with the weight for each bowl;
INT: the silver the weight each bowl

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