8472. Tachpenes
Strong's Concordance
Tachpenes: an Eg. queen
Original Word: תַּחְפְנֵיס
Part of Speech: Proper Name Feminine
Transliteration: Tachpenes
Phonetic Spelling: (takh-pen-ace')
Definition: an Eg. queen
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from the same as Tachpanches
an Eg. queen
NASB Translation
Tahpenes (3).

תַּחְמְּנֵיס proper name, feminine Egyptian queen; — 1 Kings 11:19,20, נֵס- 1 Kings 11:20; Θεκ[χ]εμεινα.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
Tahapanes, Tahpanhes, Tehaphnehes

Of Egyptian derivation; Tachpenes, an Egyptian woman -- Tahpenes.

Forms and Transliterations
תַּחְפְּנֵ֗יס תַּחְפְּנֵ֥יס תַחְפְּנֵ֔ס תחפניס תחפנס tachpeNeis tachpeNes taḥ·pə·nês ṯaḥ·pə·nês taḥpənês ṯaḥpənês
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Englishman's Concordance
1 Kings 11:19
HEB: אִשְׁתּ֔וֹ אֲח֖וֹת תַּחְפְּנֵ֥יס הַגְּבִירָֽה׃
NAS: the sister of Tahpenes the queen.
KJV: the sister of Tahpenes the queen.
INT: wife the sister of Tahpenes the queen

1 Kings 11:20
HEB: ל֜וֹ אֲח֣וֹת תַּחְפְּנֵ֗יס אֵ֚ת גְּנֻבַ֣ת
NAS: The sister of Tahpenes bore his son
KJV: And the sister of Tahpenes bare
INT: bore the sister of Tahpenes Genubath his son

1 Kings 11:20
HEB: בְּנ֔וֹ וַתִּגְמְלֵ֣הוּ תַחְפְּנֵ֔ס בְּת֖וֹךְ בֵּ֣ית
NAS: Genubath, whom Tahpenes weaned
KJV: his son, whom Tahpenes weaned
INT: his son weaned Tahpenes among house

3 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 8472
3 Occurrences

taḥ·pə·nês — 2 Occ.
ṯaḥ·pə·nês — 1 Occ.

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