7520. ratsad
Strong's Concordance
ratsad: to watch (stealthily)
Original Word: רָצַד
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: ratsad
Phonetic Spelling: (raw-tsad')
Definition: to watch (stealthily)
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to watch (stealthily)
NASB Translation
look with envy (1).

[רָצַד] verb Pi`el watch stealthily, or with envious hostility (Arabic watch or wait (often lie in wait) for; ירצר Ecclus 14:22 observe stealthily, so once Aramaic רְצַר LevyNHWB iv. 464); — only Imperfect2masculine plural תְּרַצְּדוּן Psalm 68:17 (figurative of mountains, with accusative).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

A primitive root; probably to look askant, i.e. (figuratively) be jealous -- leap.

Forms and Transliterations
תְּֽרַצְּדוּן֮ תרצדון tə·raṣ·ṣə·ḏūn təraṣṣəḏūn teratztzeDun
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Englishman's Concordance
Psalm 68:16
HEB: לָ֤מָּה ׀ תְּֽרַצְּדוּן֮ הָרִ֪ים גַּבְנֻ֫נִּ֥ים
NAS: Why do you look with envy, O mountains
KJV: Why leap ye, ye high hills?
INT: Why look mountains with peaks

1 Occurrence

Strong's Hebrew 7520
1 Occurrence

tə·raṣ·ṣə·ḏūn — 1 Occ.

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