5122. tounoma
Strong's Concordance
tounoma: by name
Original Word: τοὔνομα
Part of Speech: Adverb, Correlative
Transliteration: tounoma
Phonetic Spelling: (too'-no-mah)
Definition: by name
Usage: by name.
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
contr. for the neut. of ho, and onoma
by name
NASB Translation
named (1).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 5122: τοὔνομα

τοὔνομα (by crasis for τό ὄνομα (Buttmann, 10; WHs Appendix, p. 145)), (from Homer, Iliad 3, 235 down), the name; the accusative absolute (Buttmann, § 131, 12; Winers Grammar, 230 (216) cf. ὄνομα, 1) by name: Matthew 27:57.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

Contraction for the neuter of ho and onoma; the name (is) -- named.

see GREEK ho

see GREEK onoma

Forms and Transliterations
τουνομα τούνομα τοὔνομα tounoma toúnoma
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Englishman's Concordance
Matthew 27:57 Adv-C
GRK: ἀπὸ Ἁριμαθαίας τοὔνομα Ἰωσήφ ὃς
NAS: man from Arimathea, named Joseph, who
KJV: of Arimathaea, named Joseph, who
INT: from Arimathea by name Joseph who

Strong's Greek 5122
1 Occurrence

τοὔνομα — 1 Occ.

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