Strong's Concordance
: second, after the first.
Original Word: δευτερόπρωτος, ον
Part of Speech: Adjective
Phonetic Spelling: (dyoo-ter-op'-ro-tos)
Definition: second, after the first
Usage: second-first, a word of uncertain meaning.
Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 1207: δευτερόπρωτος

δευτερόπρωτος, δευτερόπρωτον, second-first (cf. δευτερεσχατος second-last, last but one): ἐν σαββάτῳ δευτεροπρώτῳ in Luke 6:1 seems to be, the second of the first sabbaths after the feast of the Passover; cf. Redslob in the Intelligenzblatt zur Hall. Lit. Zeit. 1847, N. 70; Ewald, Jahrbb. d. Biblical Wissensch. i., p. 72; (WH's Appendix, at the passage). The various opinions of others are reviewed by Meyer (and McClellan) at the passage and Lübkert in the Studien und Kritiken for 1835, p. 664ff (Eustrat. in vita Eutych. n. 95 calls the first Sunday after Easter δευτεροπρωτην κυριακην). (But the genuineness of the word is questionable. It is lacking in א B L 1, 33, 69 and some other authorities. Hence, Tr text WH omit the word; L Tr marginal reading brackets it. Tischendorf, after expunging it in his 2nd edition, restored it in his 7th edition, subsequently put it in brackets, and finally (8th edition) inserted it again. It is questioned or discarded, by Meyer, Bleek, Alford, Weiss (on Mark, p. 101), Holtz., Hilgenf., Volkm., Farrar (commentary at the passage and Life of Christ 1:435), others. For the evidence see Tdf.s note, and for discussions of it see WHs Appendix at the passage; Scrivener, Introduction, p. 515f; Green, Developed Criticism at the passage.)

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
second, after the first.

From deuteros and protos; second-first, i.e. (specially) a designation of the Sabbath immediately after the Paschal week (being the second after Passover day, and the first of the seven Sabbaths intervening before Pentecost) -- second... After the first.

see GREEK deuteros

see GREEK protos

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