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ma'-ni (Mani): Head of a family (1 Esdras 9:30) equals "Bani" in Ezra 10:29, the form which appears in 1 Esdras 5:12.


the Relation of Manichæism to Buddhism.
... The Relation of Manichæism to Buddhism. The extent of Mani's dependence
on Buddhism is a matter that has been much disputed. ...
/.../chapter vi the relation.htm

The Relation of Manichæism to Christianity.
... While he blasphemed against the historical Jesus, Mani claimed to believe in Christ,
a purely spiritual and divine manifestation, whose teachings had been ...
/.../chapter viii name relation of.htm

The Perversive Heresy of the Manicheans which Began at this Time.
... Footnotes: [2433] The name Manes, or Mani, is not of Greek, but of Persian or
Semitic origin. It has not yet been satisfactorily explained. ...
/.../pamphilius/church history/chapter xxxi the perversive heresy of.htm

... (b) Persian Sources: relating to the life of Mani, the Shâhnâmeh (the King's
Book) of Firdausi; ed. by Jul. Mohl, Paris, 1866 (V.472-475). ...
/.../writings in connection with the manichaean controversy /chapter i name.htm

The Relation of Manichæism to the Old Babylonian Religion as Seen ...
... But there is much reason for believing that the primitive Babylonian faith, in a
more or less pure form, persisted until long after the time of Mani, nay, that ...
/.../chapter v name relation of.htm

The Likeness of the Son to the Father Being Proved...
... [1783] The heresy of Manes or Mani made its first appearance in Persia,
in the reign of Shapur I.((240-272 ad). According to the ...
/.../ambrose/works and letters of st ambrose/chapter viii the likeness of.htm

Relation of Manichæism to Zoroastrianism.
... A closer examination, however, will reveal points of antagonism just as striking,
and will enable us to account for the fact that Mani was put to death by a ...
/.../chapter iv name of manichaeism.htm

Preface to the Anti-Manichæan Writings.
... According to the Chronicle of Edessa, Mani was born AD240. ... The meaning of his name,
Mani, Manes, or Manichæus, has been the subject of endless conjectures. ...
/.../preface to the anti-manichaean writings.htm

The Manichæan System.
... It is highly probable that debates of this kind occurred between Mani and various
Christian leaders in the East, and so Mani may at one time or other have ...
/.../chapter iii name manichaean system.htm

The Relation of Manichæism to Judaism.
... The statement in the Fihrist's narrative, that "Mani treated all the prophets
disparagingly in his books, degraded them, accused them of lying, and maintained ...
/.../chapter vii name relation of.htm

... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia MANI. ma'-ni (Mani): Head of a family (1 Esdras
9:30) equals "Bani" in Ezra 10:29, the form which appears in 1 Esdras 5:12. ...
/m/mani.htm - 6k

Manhood (8 Occurrences)

/m/manhood.htm - 8k

Maniac (1 Occurrence)

/m/maniac.htm - 6k

... Abbahu, Ze`ira (i); 4th generation: Jeremiah, Acha', Abin (i), Judah, Huna; 5th
generation: Jonah, Phinehas, Berechiah, Jose bar Abin, Mani (ii), Tanhuma'. VI. ...
/t/talmud.htm - 37k



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