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Jabneh. Jamnia.
... A Chorographical Century. Chapters 11-20 Chapter 15 Jabneh. Jamnia.
...Pliny doth dispose the towns here in this order;""Azotus ...
/.../lightfoot/from the talmud and hebraica/chapter 15 jabneh jamnia.htm

... In Josephus, "Simon destroyed the city Gazara, and Joppe, and Jamnia.""And in the
Book of the Maccabees, "And he fortified Joppe, which is on the sea, and ...
/.../lightfoot/from the talmud and hebraica/chapter 75 gadara.htm

... There is a place between Jamnia and Lydda, which was called Bekiin; of which there
is this mention: "R. Jochanan Ben Brucha, and R. Eliezer the blind ...
/.../lightfoot/from the talmud and hebraica/chapter 16 lydda.htm

The Jews Greatly Complain of Archelaus and Desire that they May be ...
... Perea and Galilee, with a revenue of two hundred talents; but Batanea, and Trachonitis,
and Auranitis, and certain parts of Zeno's house about Jamnia, with a ...
/.../chapter 6 the jews greatly.htm

How Judas Subdued the Nations Round About; and How Simon Beat the ...
... did these men also affect the glory of being courageous generals in war, in order
whereto they took the army that was under their command, and came to Jamnia. ...
/.../josephus/the antiquities of the jews/chapter 8 how judas subdued.htm

The Old Testament Canon from Its Beginning to Its Close.
... of Shammai, who had the majority, opposed; so that the book was probably
excluded.(63) The question emerged again at a later synod at Jabneh or Jamnia, when ...
/.../davidson/the canon of the bible/chapter ii the old testament.htm

Travelling in Palestine --Roads, Inns, Hospitality, Custom-House ...
... But the sea-shore road itself, which successively touched Gaza, Ascalon, Jamnia,
Lydda, Diospolis, and finally Caesarea and Ptolemais, was probably the most ...
/.../sketches of jewish social life/chapter 4 travelling in palestineroads.htm

Song of Songs
... That place was practically settled in 90 AD by the Synod of Jamnia, which settled
other similar questions; and about 120 AD we find a distinguished rabbi ...
/.../mcfadyen/introduction to the old testament/song of songs.htm

... it was probably only its reputed Solomonic authorship and the last two verses of
the book that permanently secured its position at the synod of Jamnia in 90 AD ...
/.../mcfadyen/introduction to the old testament/ecclesiastes.htm

Now There was one Joseph, the Son of a Female Physician...
... though they were very rocky of themselves. Their names are Jamnia, and Meroth,
and Achabare. I also fortified, in the Lower Galilee ...
/.../josephus/the life of flavius josephus/section 37 now there was.htm

Jamnia. Jamlech, Jamnia. Jamnites . Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia JAMNIA.
jam'-ni-a. See JABNEEL. Jamlech, Jamnia. Jamnites . Reference Bible.
/j/jamnia.htm - 6k

... JAMNITES. jam'-nits (Iamnitai): The inhabitants (2 Maccabees 12:9) of Jamnia, the
ancient Jabneel, a town on the northern border of Judah near the sea. ...
/j/jamnites.htm - 6k

... was considerably smaller in number and had "not armor nor swords to their minds"
(1 Maccabees 4:6). Later on (164 BC) he held a garrison in Jamnia, and gained ...
/g/gorgias.htm - 7k

Songs (100 Occurrences)
... 1st and 2nd centuries AD (4 Esdras 5:24, 26; 7:26; Ta`anith 4:8). The question of
the canonicity of the So was debated as late as the Synod of Jamnia (circa 90 ...
/s/songs.htm - 62k

Nicanor (1 Occurrence)
... The campaign began in 166 BC; the Syrians were defeated at Emmaus (1 Maccabees
3:57;), while Gorgias at a later stage gained a victory at Jamnia over a body of ...
/n/nicanor.htm - 14k

Song (207 Occurrences)
... 1st and 2nd centuries AD (4 Esdras 5:24, 26; 7:26; Ta`anith 4:8). The question of
the canonicity of the So was debated as late as the Synod of Jamnia (circa 90 ...
/s/song.htm - 78k

Kidron (11 Occurrences)
... he fled, hotly pursued by John and Judas, sons of Simon the Maccabee, who burned
the city (1 Maccabees 16:4;). It is named along with Jamnia (Yebna) and Azotus ...
/k/kidron.htm - 17k

Judaea (45 Occurrences)
... The seacoast also as far north as Ptolemais (`Akka), except Jamnia, Joppa and
(according to the Talm) Caesarea, belonged to this province. ...
/j/judaea.htm - 24k

... Palestine; mentioned among those affected by the expedition of Holofernes (Judith
2:28; 3:1;). The name is used for Jabniel, generally called "Jamnia" by the ...
/j/jemnaan.htm - 6k

Jabneel (2 Occurrences)
... Built by God. (1.) A town in the north boundary of Judah (Joshua 15:11), called
afterwards by the Greeks Jamnia, the modern Yebna, 11 miles south of Jaffa. ...
/j/jabneel.htm - 11k




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