Genealogy of Jesus Christ
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Matthew's Genealogy of Jesus Christ
of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the ...
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Genealogy of Jesus According to Matthew.
... A Matthew 1:1-17. ^a 1 The book of the generation [or genealogy] of Jesus Christ,
the son of David [the Messiah was promised to David"II. Sam. ...
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C. The Genealogy of Jesus. Ch. 3:23-38
... the ministry of Christ. Therefore, when the career of John has been related, when
the ministry of Jesus is about to be recorded, Luke gives his genealogy to ...
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How Christ could be Said by the Apostle to be Without Genealogy.
... genealogy," when the Gospel of the Evangelist Matthew begins with the Saviour's
genealogy, saying: "The book of the generations of Jesus Christ, the Son of ...
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Whether Christ's Genealogy is Suitably Traced by the Evangelists?
... of Christ; Luke the priestly personality: so that in Matthew's genealogy is signified
the assumption of our sins by our Lord Jesus Christ": inasmuch as by his ...
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The Genealogical Question is Again Taken up and Argued on Both ...
... 2. Augustin replied: As regards what Faustus calls his principal reason for not
receiving the genealogy of Jesus Christ, a complete refutation is found in the ...
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The Action of Jesus Christ in the Souls of Men.
... races of men can be distinguished the origin, race, and genealogy of this ... it contains
only what is necessary to relate concerning the advent of Jesus Christ. ...
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Annunciation to Joseph of the Birth of Jesus.
... and Luke) which give the earthly genealogy of Jesus ... All New Testament writers recognize
Jesus as at once both ... Christ's physical nature was begotten of the Holy ...
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The Birth of Christ in Its Relations to the Jewish Theocracy.
... the new light which emanated from Jesus; and the ... grounds; on the contrary, the doctrine
that Christ was not ... Although Luke's genealogy is not directly stated as ...
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Faustus Claims to Believe the Gospel, yet Refuses to Accept the ...
... the other hand, who recorded the preaching of the Son of God, without any genealogy,
begins most suitably with the words, "The gospel of Jesus Christ the Son ...
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Smith's Bible Dictionary
Genealogy of Jesus Christ

The New Testament gives us the genealogy of but one person, that of our Saviour. This is given because it was important to prove that Jesus fulfilled the prophecies spoken of him. Only as the son and heir of David should he be the Messiah. The following propositions will explain the true construction of these genealogies:--

  1. They are both the genealogies of Joseph, i.e. of Jesus Christ as the reputed and legal son of Joseph and Mary.
  2. The genealogy of St. Matthew is Joseph's genealogy as legal successor to the throne of David. St. Luke's is Joseph's private Genealogy, exhibiting his real birth as David's son, and thus showing why he was heir to Solomon's crown. The simple principle that one evangelist exhibits that genealogy which contained the successive heir to David's and Solomon's throne, while the other exhibits the paternal stem of him who was the heir, explains all the anomalies of the two pedigrees, their agreements as well as their discrepancies, and the circumstance of there being two at all.
  3. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was in all probability the daughter of Jacob, and first cousin to Joseph her husband. Thus: Matthan or Matthat Father of Jacob, Heli Jacob Father of Mary = Jacobe heir was (Joseph) Heli Father of Joseph JESUS, called Christ. (Godet, Lange and many others take the ground that Luke gives the genealogy of Mary, rendering (Luke 3:23) thus: Jesus "being (as was suppposed) the son of Joseph, (but in reality) the son of Heli." In this case Mary, as declared in the Targums, was the daughter of Heli, and Heli was the grandfather of Jesus. Mary's name was omitted because "ancient sentiment did not comport with the mention of the mother as the genealogical link." So we often find in the Old Testament the grandson called the son. This view has this greatly in its favor, that it shows that Jesus was not merely the legal but the actual descendant of David; and it would be very strange that in the gospel accounts, where so much is made of Jesus being the son and heir of David and of his kingdom his real descent from David should not be given.--ED.)


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