Proverbs 7
Douay-Rheims Bible

Warnings about the Adulteress

1{2}Keep my commandments, and thou shalt live: and my law as the apple of thy eye:

2{3}Bind it upon thy fingers, write it upon the tables of thy heart.

3{4}Say to wisdom: Thou art my sister: and call prudence thy friend,

4{5}That she may keep thee from the woman that is not thine, and from the stranger who sweeteneth her words.

5{6}For I looked out of the window of my house through the lattice,

6{7}And I see little ones, I behold a foolish young man,

7{8}Who passeth through the street by the corner, and goeth nigh the way of her house,

8{9}In the dark when it grows late, in the darkness and obscurity of the night.

9{10}And behold a woman meeteth him in harlot's attire, prepared to deceive souls: talkative and wandering,

10{11}Not bearing to be quiet, not able to abide still at home,

11{12}Now abroad, now in the streets, now lying in wait near the corners.

12{13}And catching the young man, she kisseth him, and with an impudent face, flattereth, saying:

13{14}I vowed victims for prosperity, this day I have paid my vows.

14{15}Therefore I am come out to meet thee, desirous to see thee, and I have found thee.

15{16}I have woven my bed with cords, I have covered it with painted tapestry, brought from Egypt.

16{17}I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.

17{18}Come, let us be inebriated with the breasts, and let us enjoy the desired embraces, till the day appear.

18{19}For my husband is not at home, he is gone a very long journey.

19{20}He took with him a bag of money: he will return home the day of the full moon.

20{21}She entangled him with many words, and drew him away with the flattery of her lips.

21{22}Immediately he followeth her as an ox led to be a victim, and as a lamb playing the wanton, and not knowing that he is drawn like a fool to bonds,

22{23}Till the arrow pierce his liver: as if a bird should make haste to the snare, and knoweth not that his life is in danger.

23{24}Now, therefore, my son, hear me, and attend to the words of my mouth.

24{25}Let not thy mind be drawn away in her ways: neither be thou deceived with her paths.

25{26}For she hath cast down many wounded, and the strongest have been slain by her.

26{27}Her house is the way to hell, reaching even to the inner chambers of death.

27{8:1}Doth not wisdom cry aloud, and prudence put forth her voice?

Douay Rheims Version - Bishop Challoner Revision

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