Revelation 8
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The Seventh Seal

1And when he had opened the seuenth seale, there was silece in heauen aboute the space of halfe an houre. 2And I sawe seue angels stondinge before God, and to them were geuen seuen trompettes.

3And another angell cam and stode before the aultre, hauynge a golden senser, and moch of odoures was geuen vnto him, that he shulde offre of the prayers of all sayntes vpon the golden aultre, which was before the seate. 4And the smoke of the odoures which came of the prayers of all sayntes, ascended vppe before God out of the angelles honde. 5And the angell toke the senser, and fylled it with fyre of the aultre, and caste it into the earth, and voyces were made, and thodrynges and lightnynges, and earthquake.

The First Four Trumpets

6And the seuen angels which had the seuen trompettes, prepared them selues to blowe.

7The first angel blewe, and there was made hayle and fyre, which were myngled with bloud, & they were cast in to the earth: and the thyrd parte of trees was burnt, and all grene grasse was brent.

8And the seconde angell blewe: and as it were a greate mountayne burnynge with fyre was cast in to the see, and the thyrde parte of the see turned to bloud, 9and the thyrde parte of the creatures which had life, dyed, and the thyrde part of shippes were destroyed.

10And the thyrde angell blewe, and there fell a greate starre from heauen, burnynge as it were a lampe, and it fell in to the thyrde parte of the ryuers, and in to fountaynes of waters, 11and the name of the starre is called Wormwod. And the thyrde parte of the waters was turned to Wormwod. And many men dyed of the waters, because they were made bytter.

12And the fourth angel blew, and the thyrde parte of ye Sonne was smytten, and ye thyrde parte of the mone, & the thyrde parte of starres: so that the thyrde parte of them was darckned. And the daye was smytte, that the thyrde parte of it shulde not shyne, and lyke wyse the nyght.

13And I behelde, and herde an angel flyenge thorowe the myddes of heaue, and sayege with a lowde voyce: Wo, wo, wo to the inhabiters of the earth, because of the voyces to come of the trompe of the thre angels which were yet to blowe.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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