The Ammonites: Descent of
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Genesis 19:38
And the younger, she also bore a son, and called his name Benammi: the same is the father of the children of Ammon to this day.
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Saul's Expedition against the Nation of the Ammonites and victory ...
... the Assyrians and their forces, he then made you to overcome the Ammonites and the ...
God gave such great signals by thunder and lightning, and the descent of hail ...
/.../josephus/the antiquities of the jews/chapter 5 sauls expedition against.htm

The Nations of the South-East
... occupation of Seir was long subsequent to the settlement of the Ammonites and Moabites ...
Both traced their descent from Abraham; it was only on the side of the ...
/.../sayce/early israel and the surrounding nations/chapter iii the nations of.htm

The Alleged Discrepancy in the Gospels in Regard to the Genealogy ...
... 2. 46. [130] It was the custom of the Jews, to whom tribal and family descent meant
so ... p. 347 sq., 2d ed.). [132] Achior was a general of the Ammonites in the ...
/.../pamphilius/church history/chapter vii the alleged discrepancy in.htm

2 Cor. xi. 21
... not all Hebrews that were Israelites, since both the Ammonites and Moabites were
Hebrews. Wherefore he added somewhat to clear his nobility of descent, and says ...
/.../homilies on the epistles of paul to the corinthians/homily xxv 2 cor xi.htm

The Jewish Institutions and Laws of Far Higher Antiquity than the ...
... whom, the people having sinned again, were delivered to the Ammonites eighteen years ...
of Orpheus the production of Zopyrus of Heraclea, and The Descent to Hades ...
/.../the stromata or miscellanies/chapter xxi the jewish institutions and.htm

The Israelites
... Bedawin, not Bedawin proper; not Bedawin by blood and descent, but Semites ... Moabites
and Midianites, Ammonites and Bedawin, even the king of distant Mesopotamia ...
/.../sayce/early israel and the surrounding nations/chapter i the israelites.htm

The Ascension of Isaiah.
... It is true that David is said to have put the Ammonites under saws; but ... seventh heaven,
as well as Christ's future advent on the earth; His descent into hell ...
// ascension of isaiah.htm

On the Righteousness and Efficacy of the Providence of God
... an act because God willed to have Christ born in direct descent from Judah ... nations,
preferred to march against the Jews rather than the Ammonites, through the ...
/.../the works of james arminius vol 1/disputation 10 on the righteousness.htm

The Historical Books.
... a notice of his exploit in delivering the people of Jabesh-gilead from the Ammonites. ...
A knowledge of the descent of the families of the different tribes would ...
/.../barrows/companion to the bible/chapter xx the historical books.htm

... Even the Israelites and Ammonites are called "Hittites" by an Assyrian king. ... The
Kenites came from the desert, and were apparently of Midianitish descent. ...
/.../sayce/early israel and the surrounding nations/chapter ii canaan.htm



Ammonites: Character of

Ammonites: Confederate With Moabites and Amalekites Against Israel

Ammonites: Conspire Against the Jews

Ammonites: Defeated by the Israelites

Ammonites: Descendants of Ben-Ammi, One of the Sons of Lot

Ammonites: Excluded from the Congregation of Israel

Ammonites: Idols of Milcom

Ammonites: Israelites Forbidden to Disturb

Ammonites: Jews Intermarry With

Ammonites: Kings of Baalis

Ammonites: Kings of Hanun

Ammonites: Kings of Nahash

Ammonites: Prophecies Concerning

Ammonites: Solomon Takes Wives From

Ammonites: Territory of


The Ammonites of Rabbah Reduced to Hard Bondage

The Ammonites with the Philistines Oppressed Israel for Eighteen Years

The Ammonites: Aided the Chaldeans Against Judah

The Ammonites: Assisted Eglon Against Israel

The Ammonites: Called The: Children of Ammon

The Ammonites: Called The: Children of Lot

The Ammonites: Character of Cruel and Covetous

The Ammonites: Character of Fond of Ornaments

The Ammonites: Character of Idolatrous

The Ammonites: Character of Proud and Reproachful

The Ammonites: Character of Superstitious

The Ammonites: Character of Vindictive

The Ammonites: Chief Cities of Ai

The Ammonites: Chief Cities of Rabbah

The Ammonites: Confederated Against Jehoshaphat

The Ammonites: Country of: Belonged to the Zamzummims

The Ammonites: Country of: Bordered on the Amorites

The Ammonites: Country of: Half of, Given to the Gadites

The Ammonites: Country of: Was Fertile

The Ammonites: Country of: Well Fortified

The Ammonites: Defeated by Jotham

The Ammonites: Descent of

The Ammonites: Governed by Hereditary Kings

The Ammonites: Hired the Syrians Against David

The Ammonites: Ill-Treated David's Ambassadors

The Ammonites: Jephthah Raised up to Deliver Israel From

The Ammonites: Jewish Laws Respecting: No Covenant to Made With

The Ammonites: Jewish Laws Respecting: Not to be Distressed

The Ammonites: Jewish Laws Respecting: Perpetual Exclusion from the Congregation

The Ammonites: Miraculous Defeat of

The Ammonites: One of David's Mighty Men Was of

The Ammonites: Predictions Respecting: Destructions for Hatred to Israel

The Ammonites: Predictions Respecting: Punishment for Oppressive Cruelty

The Ammonites: Predictions Respecting: Restoration

The Ammonites: Predictions Respecting: Subjection to Babylon

The Ammonites: Predictions Respecting: Subjection to the Jews

The Ammonites: Proposed a Disgraceful Treaty to Jabesh-Gilead

The Ammonites: Saul's Victories Over

The Ammonites: Seized Upon the Possessions of Gad

The Ammonites: Solomon Intermarried With, and Introduced Idols of Into

The Ammonites: Spoil of, Consecrated to God

The Ammonites: Submitted to Uzziah

The Ammonites: The Jews Reprobated for Intermarrying With

The Ammonites: The Royal Treasure of, Taken

The Ammonites: Vexed the Jews After Captivity

The Ammonites: Victories of Joab Over

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