Arms and Armor
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Arms and Armor

The Hebrews used in war offensive arms of the same kinds as were employed by other people of their time and of the East-swords, lances, spears, darts, javelins, bows, arrows, and slings. For defense armor, they used helmets, cuirasses, bucklers, armor for the thighs, etc. See WAR.

In the accompanying engravings are represented specimens of the various weapons anciently used; also of the several parts of the armor for defense, and the manner in which they were worn:

1. The cuirass, or defense of the body-this is called in Scripture the coat of mail, habergeon, and breastplate; it appears to have been made of leather or some pliant material, sometimes covered with metallic scales, and capable of taking the form of the parts of the body it protected;

2. The helmet, usually of metal, with its flowing crest;

3. The shield, target, or buckler, either of wood covered with tough hides, or of metal;

4. The leg-pieces, or greaves, of thick leather or brass: also the bow and arrow; the battleaxe; the spear, dart, and javelin or short spear; and the sword with its sheath, the ancient sword being short, straight, and two-edged.

Each Jewish tribe had its own banner. Under Abomination is a cut representing the ensigns of the Roman legions, which the Jews regarded as idolatrous, not only because they had been consecrated to idols, and by heathen priests, but as they had images on them, and were objects of adoration. Exodus 20:4.

831. authenteo -- to govern, exercise authority
... 831 (from 846 , "self" and , "arms, armor") -- properly, to , ie acting
as an -- literally, -appointed (acting without submission). ...
// - 6k

3696. hoplon -- a tool, implement, weapon
... an instrument, arms, weapons Definition: an instrument; plur: arms, weapons. ... word
Definition a tool, implement, weapon NASB Word Usage armor (1), instruments (2 ...
// - 7k


The House of Offense
... "On the day that you came into Jerusalem, Titus, as a display of amicable intentions,
rode up to the walls without arms or armor, trusting to the Jews ...
// city of delight/chapter xi the house of.htm

Travel. A Personal Experience.
... array from the time of Edward I, 1272, down to that of James II, 1688." In glass
cases, and in forms of trophies on the walls, we find arms and armor of the ...
/.../ix travel a personal experience.htm

Jonathan's Brave Deed
... But Saul sounded a call to arms throughout all the land, saying, "Let the Hebrews
hear ... the son of Saul said to the young man who carried his armor, "Come, let ...
// childrens bible/jonathans brave deed.htm

Rom. xiii. 11
... Yet fear not at hearing of array and arms. For in the case of the visible
suit of armor, to put it on is a heavy and abhorred task. ...
/.../chrysostom/homilies on acts and romans/homily xxiv rom xiii 11.htm

Placidus Attempts to Take Jotapata and is Beaten Off. Vespasian ...
... followed ten out of every hundred, carrying along with them their arms, and what
was ... of the whole army, being both footmen, and those in their armor also, with ...
/.../chapter 6 placidus attempts to.htm

The Idumeans Being Sent for by the Zealots, came Immediately to ...
... to do this so suddenly; because certainly you would not take on your armor on the ...
And now you Idumeans are come hither already with your arms, it is your duty ...
/.../chapter 4 the idumeans being.htm

A New Pretender
... There was a clatter of arms and several men in Jewish armor rushed through
the chamber from the passage that led in from the Temple. ...
/.../miller/the city of delight/chapter xiii a new pretender.htm

How Titus Marched to Jerusalem, and How He was in Danger as He was ...
... one another when they were gotten together, and took their armor immediately, and
ran ... and on that account had in great measure laid aside their arms; for they ...
/.../chapter 2 how titus marched.htm

The Fulfilment
... the corner of the Old Wall in time to behold Jews in armor and Romans ... Feeble arms
clasped the Christian about the knees and he looked down on the tangled white ...
/.../miller/the city of delight/chapter xxiii the fulfilment.htm

Imperial Caesar
... The ten in brazen armor threw themselves from their horses with the enthusiasm of
boys and spread a panic of whooping and of waving arms about the startled ...
/.../miller/the city of delight/chapter vii imperial caesar.htm



Arms and Armor

Military Arms for Sieges: Battering Rams

Military Arms for Sieges: Engines for Casting Stones

Military Arms of Conquered Nations Taken Away to Prevent Rebellion

Military Arms of the Vanquished: Sometime Burned

Military Arms of the Vanquished: Sometimes Kept As Trophies

Military Arms of the Vanquished: Taken off Them

Military Arms were Provided by Individuals Themselves

Military Arms were Provided: from the Public Arsenals

Military Arms: Armouries Built For

Military Arms: Before Using: Anointed

Military Arms: Before Using: Burnished

Military Arms: Before Using: Tried and Proved

Military Arms: Defensive: Buckler

Military Arms: Defensive: Called Armour

Military Arms: Defensive: Called Harness

Military Arms: Defensive: Coat of Mail, Breastplate, Habergeon, or Brigandine

Military Arms: Defensive: Girdle

Military Arms: Defensive: Greaves

Military Arms: Defensive: Helmet

Military Arms: Defensive: Shield

Military Arms: Defensive: Target

Military Arms: Great Stores of, Prepared

Military Arms: Hung of the Walls of Cities

Military Arms: Inferior to Wisdom

Military Arms: Judgments of God

Military Arms: Made of Iron, Steel, or Brass

Military Arms: Not Worn in Ordinary Times

Military Arms: Offensive: Battle-Axe

Military Arms: Offensive: Bow and Arrows

Military Arms: Offensive: Called Instruments of Death

Military Arms: Offensive: Called Instruments of War

Military Arms: Offensive: Called Weapons of War

Military Arms: Offensive: Dagger

Military Arms: Offensive: Dart or Javelin

Military Arms: Offensive: Hand Staff

Military Arms: Offensive: Sling

Military Arms: Offensive: Spear or Lance

Military Arms: Offensive: Sword

Military Arms: Offensive: Two-Edged Sword

Military Arms: Often Given As Presents

Military Arms: Part of, Borne by Armour-Bearers

Military Arms: Put on at the First Alarm

Military Arms: Spiritual Armour

Military Arms: Spiritual Weapons

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