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... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. ADDICT. a-dikt': Found only in the King
James Version of 1 Corinthians 16:15, for Greek tasso. The ...
/a/addict.htm - 6k

Addicted (9 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (imp. & pp) of Addict. Multi-Version Concordance
Addicted (9 Occurrences). 1 Corinthians 5:11 But what ...
/a/addicted.htm - 9k

Devote (36 Occurrences)
... 3. (vt) To give up wholly; to addict; to direct the attention of wholly or compound;
to attach; -- often with a reflexive pronoun; as, to devote one's self to ...
/d/devote.htm - 18k

Addi (1 Occurrence)

/a/addi.htm - 7k

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (p. p.) Addicted; devoted.

2. (v. t.) To apply habitually; to devote; to habituate; -- with to.

3. (v. t.) To adapt; to make suitable; to fit.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

a-dikt': Found only in the King James Version of 1 Corinthians 16:15, for Greek tasso. The house of Stephanus is said to be "addicted to the ministry of the saints," i.e. they have so "arranged" their affairs as to make of this service a prime object; the Revised Version (British and American) "set themselves to minister."

5021. tasso -- to draw up in order, arrange
... which latter appears only in certain tenses); to arrange in an orderly manner, ie
Assign or dispose (to a certain position or lot) -- addict, appoint, determine ...
// - 7k

How Cyrenius was Sent by Caesar to Make a Taxation Of
... to do almost nothing of themselves; for when they become magistrates, as they are
unwillingly and by force sometimes obliged to be, they addict themselves to ...
/.../josephus/the antiquities of the jews/chapter 1 how cyrenius was.htm

The Soul is not to Afflict it Self, nor Intermit Prayer, Because ...
... uses to give to Beginners, to the end that being endowed with that small relish,
as the natural man is with the sensible Object, they may addict themselves to ...
/.../the spiritual guide which disentangles the soul/chap iv the soul is.htm

The Use of Philosophy to the Gnostic.
... But those who give their mind to the unnecessary and superfluous points of philosophy,
and addict themselves to wrangling sophisms alone, abandon what is ...
/.../clement/the stromata or miscellanies/chapter xviii the use of philosophy.htm

The Threefold Kind of Man Feigned by These Heretics: Good Works ...
... 3. Wherefore also it comes to pass, that the "most perfect" among them addict
themselves without fear to all those kinds of forbidden deeds of which the ...
/.../irenaeus/against heresies/chapter vi the threefold kind of.htm

How the Purity of Indifference is to be Practised in the Actions ...
... the old ones; but having got skill and become masters, they sing for the pleasure
which they take in warbling, and they so passionately addict themselves to ...
/.../francis/treatise on the love of god/chapter ix how the purity.htm

Use of the Foregoing Discussions.
... And furthermore, those who, desirous of learning, addict themselves to the truth,
will be assisted by our discourse to become, when they have learned the ...
/.../hippolytus/the refutation of all heresies/chapter xlv use of the foregoing.htm

Epistle Cvii. To Aregius, Bishop of Vapincum .
... For it is unseemly to addict oneself to wearisomeness of affliction for those of
whom it is to be believed that they have attained to true life by dying. ...
/.../the epistles of saint gregory the great/epistle cvii to aregius bishop.htm

An Appeal to Children of Godly Parents
... out that I was mistaken, I should not have been so foolish as to rejoice that my
sons should follow the same way of life, and should addict themselves with all ...
/.../spurgeon/sermons on proverbs/an appeal to children of.htm

A Book for Boys and Girls Or, Temporal Things Spritualized.
... they touched not. Instead of men, they found them girls and boys, Addict
to nothing as to childish toys. Wherefore, good reader, that ...
/.../bunyan/the works of john bunyan volumes 1-3/a book for boys and.htm

The Papacy not the Antichrist
... Afterwards he will addict himself to every kind of evil, cruelty, and excess, so
as to surpass all who have been unjust and impious before him; having a bloody ...
// antichrist/the papacy not the antichrist.htm



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Addicted (9 Occurrences)

Devote (36 Occurrences)

Addi (1 Occurrence)

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