Numbers 26
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And it came to pass after the plague, that the LORD spake unto Moses and unto Eleazar the son of Aaron the priest, saying,



The terrible visitation of the preceding chapter swept away the survivors of the old generation. See Psa_95:11. This new census was very important, partly as showing the numbers to which Israel had grown, and partly as fixing families and clans, preparatory to their entrance into Canaan.

The census of the Levites was taken separately, and conducted on different principles. It showed an increase of 1000 since the numbering, forty years before, Num_3:39. That this was no greater was probably due to Korah’s rebellion.

God is ever writing up His people. Can we claim to be included in the divine enumeration and enrolled in the Lamb’s book of life? Compare Psa_87:5-6; Rev_3:5. We are born to a great inheritance, but must claim it by faith.

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