Isaiah 32
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Behold, a king shall reign in righteousness, and princes shall rule in judgment.


Isa_31:1-9; Isa_32:1-8

Isaiah continues to denounce the contemplated alliance with Egypt. His compatriots put their trust in horses and chariots, and refused the help of their fathers’ God. Yet was He not so wise as the Egyptians, and equally as strong! And were they not running a fearful risk in rejecting One who would not recall His words of threatened punishment to those who refused His help? At best, the Egyptians were men, and not God, and their cavalry, flesh. If only they would trust Him, God would defy their foes, as a lion defies a company of unarmed shepherds, Isa_31:4. The mother-bird hovers over her brood to protect it from the kestrel; so would He spread His covering wing over Jerusalem, Isa_31:5. We may have deeply revolted, yet we may turn back to God with the certainty that He will receive and rescue us, Isa_31:6.

Sennacherib fell by the sword of his sons. Compare Isa_32:8 with 2Ki_19:36-37. How different is our glorious King, whose many-sided nature meets all our needs! Isa_32:2. Before Him all men are unveiled in their true characters. Only those who are royal in heart shall stand before Him, Isa_31:8.

Rise up, ye women that are at ease; hear my voice, ye careless daughters; give ear unto my speech.



When Christ’s kingdom is set up it will bring dismay to the poor children of fashion. For more days than there are in the year will they be troubled, Isa_32:10, and will smite on their breasts in lamentation, Isa_32:12. The prediction of Isa_32:15-20 includes Pentecost, and looks forward to the era which lies immediately beyond this travail of the world. What is now reckoned as a fruitful field will be regarded as a barren forest in comparison with what shall then exist. Let us remember that righteousness must precede peace. See Mat_5:24 and Heb_7:2. When God’s judgments are hurtling through the air, and proud cities are being leveled to the earth, let us take refuge in His loving care. In Him are our safe dwellings and our quiet resting-places. But when the world is most unquiet, let us pursue our work of salvation; for when waters overflow the banks of the river, oxen and asses may still be sent forth to make furrows for the harvest seed.

Through the Bible Day by Day by F.B. Meyer

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