Proverbs 7:12
Now is she without, now in the streets, and lieth in wait at every corner.)
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7:6-27 Here is an affecting example of the danger of youthful lusts. It is a history or a parable of the most instructive kind. Will any one dare to venture on temptations that lead to impurity, after Solomon has set before his eyes in so lively and plain a manner, the danger of even going near them? Then is he as the man who would dance on the edge of a lofty rock, when he has just seen another fall headlong from the same place. The misery of self-ruined sinners began in disregard to God's blessed commands. We ought daily to pray that we may be kept from running into temptation, else we invite the enemies of our souls to spread snares for us. Ever avoid the neighbourhood of vice. Beware of sins which are said to be pleasant sins. They are the more dangerous, because they most easily gain the heart, and close it against repentance. Do nothing till thou hast well considered the end of it. Were a man to live as long as Methuselah, and to spend all his days in the highest delights sin can offer, one hour of the anguish and tribulation that must follow, would far outweigh them.Loud and stubborn - Both words describe the half-animal signs of a vicious nature. Compare Hosea 4:16. 11, 12. loud—or, "noisy," "bustling."

stubborn—not submissive.

without … streets, … corner—(Compare 1Ti 5:13; Tit 2:5).

Without; standing or waiting without or nigh the door of her house.

In the streets; in places of resort.

At every corner; at the corners of the streets, where she might either conceal or discover herself, as she saw fit.

Now is she without,.... The word for whore is sometimes rendered in the Targum (i) one that goes abroad, or without her house; sitting or standing at the door of it, in an idle posture, and in order to invite her lovers in; and if she can get none this way, or quickly, grows impatient: she is

now in the streets; takes her walks abroad in the streets of the city, to see who she can light of, to pick up and bring home;

and lieth in wait at every corner; of the street, where more ways meet, sometimes at one corner, and sometimes at another, that she may take all that comes; sometimes she is "without" in the fields, and in the country, to see what she can meet with there; and sometimes in the "streets" of the city, and in the populous places of it, in the markets, and courts, and in every private corner, trying all ways to gain lovers, and satisfy her lust (k): all which may represent the diligence and industry, art and cunning, of the Romish emissaries to gain proselytes to their idolatrous worship, who everywhere lie in wait to deceive.

(i) Targ. Onk. in Genesis 34.31. (k) "Mille modi veneris", Ovid de Arte Amandi, l. 3. prope finem.

Now is she without, now in the streets, and lieth in wait at every corner.)
12. without … streets] Rather, in the streets, in the open spaces, or squares.

corner] Where two or more ways meet, and there is therefore more likelihood of passers-by. Comp. Matthew 6:5.

Verse 12. - Now is she without, now in the streets. At one moment outside her own door, at another in the open street. Septuagint: "At one time she roams without (ἔξω ῤέμβεται)." The woman is represented not as a common prostitute, but as a licentious wife, who, in her unbridled lustfulness, acts the part of a harlot. Lieth in wait at every corner; seeking to entice some victim. Then the narrative proceeds; the writer returns to what he beheld on the occasion to which he refers. Proverbs 7:12This verse shows how she conducts herself when she wanders abroad. It is no common street-walker who is designated (no "Husterin," Arab. ḳaḥbt, after which also the female demon-name (Arab.) se'alâ is explained), but that licentious married wife, who, no better than such a strumpet when she wanders abroad, hunts after lovers. The alternating פּעם (properly a stroke) Fleischer compares with the Arab. synonyms, marrt, a going over, karrt, a going back, una volta, una fiata, une fois (Orelli, Synon. der Zeit und Ewigkeit, p. 51). Regarding חוּץ, vid., at Proverbs 5:16 : it is the free space without, before the house-door, or also before the gate of the city; the parallelism speaks here and at Proverbs 1:20 more in favour of the former signification.
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