Mark 5:24
And Jesus went with him; and much people followed him, and thronged him.
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5:21-34 A despised gospel will go where it will be better received. One of the rulers of a synagogue earnestly besought Christ for a little daughter, about twelve years old, who was dying. Another cure was wrought by the way. We should do good, not only when in the house, but when we walk by the way, De 6:7. It is common with people not to apply to Christ till they have tried in vain all other helpers, and find them, as certainly they will, physicians of no value. Some run to diversions and gay company; others plunge into business, or even into intemperance; others go about to establish their own righteousness, or torment themselves by vain superstitions. Many perish in these ways; but none will ever find rest to the soul by such devices; while those whom Christ heals of the disease of sin, find in themselves an entire change for the better. As secret acts of sin, so secret acts of faith, are known to the Lord Jesus. The woman told all the truth. It is the will of Christ that his people should be comforted, and he has power to command comfort to troubled spirits. The more simply we depend on Him, and expect great things from him, the more we shall find in ourselves that he is become our salvation. Those who, by faith, are healed of their spiritual diseases, have reason to go in peace.Lieth at the point of death - Is dying; in the last agonies.24. And Jesus went with him; and much people followed him, and thronged him—The word in Luke (Lu 8:42) is stronger—"choked," "stifled Him." See Poole on "Mark 5:21"

And Jesus went with him,.... Immediately without objecting to the weakness of his faith:

and much people followed him; to see the miracle performed, which they were exceedingly fond of:

and thronged him; so that it was with some difficulty and trouble that he passed along the streets to: the ruler's house.

And Jesus went with him; and much people followed him, and thronged him.
24. thronged him] The word thus rendered only occurs here and at Mark 5:31.

Verse 24. - And he went (καὶ ἀπῆλθε μετ αὐτοῦ) - literally, and he went away with him - and a great multitude followed him, they thronged him (συνέθλιβον αὐτόν); literally, pressed close upon him, compressed him. This is mentioned purposely by St. Mark, on account of what follows. St. Matthew says (Matthew 9:19), "And Jesus arose, and so did his disciples." Observe here the promptitude of Christ to assist the afflicted. St. Chrysostom suggests that our Lord purposely interposed some delay, by healing, as he went, the woman with the issue of blood, in order that the actual death of the daughter of Jairus might take place; and that so there might be full demonstration of his resurrection power. Mark 5:24
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