Numbers 18
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Thou Shalt have no inheritance in their land.
? — No, this was a legal ceremony, and bindeth not now more than that prohibition to drink wine (Leviticus 10:9), with such like. The yoke of the law is taken from us, and not to be reduced again. In the twenty-first chapter of Joshua, see what provision for cities and grounds for them and their cattle. The like in this Book of Numbers (chap. Numbers 35.; Jeremiah 32:8). A purchase and land and title, descent and right, by kindred and blood. mentioneth rents and revenues of the Church. Sabellicus writeth that Lucina, a noble and rich gentlewoman of Rome, made the Church her heir. , how Constantine out of the tribute of every city gave a portion to the Churches for maintenance of their ministers. saith that the Church's lands paid tribute, therefore the Church had lands. Basil saith that bishops were rich and able to give to Churches. telleth how the worthy Empress Theodosius's wife adorned the bishop's house with all goodly furniture, and gave a yearly revenue. Thus have not all ages and persons dealt sparingly or grudgingly with their clergy; but both thought them worthy respect, and most worthily respected them in their maintenance and otherwise.

(Bp. Babington.).

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