Jeremiah 3
Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary
It. Hebrew, "a saying." Septuagint, "If," &c., Deuteronomy xxiv. 1. (Haydock) --- Woman. Hebrew, "land." --- Lovers. Septuagint, "shepherds," (Calmet) seeking aid from idols and foreigners.

High. Literally, "straight forward." (Haydock) --- On the hills, idolatry and immorality prevailed. --- Ways, where harlots used to sit, Genesis xxxviii. 14., and Proverbs vii. 9., and xxxiii. 27. --- Robber; "Arab," (Chaldean, &c.) or "crow." (Septuagint) (Calmet) --- No sin is so great as to be irremissible to the true penitent. (Worthington)

Rain; about November, Deuteronomy xi. 14. This drought happened under Josias, (chap. v. 24.) and was different from that specified, chap. viii. 13., and xiv. 1.

Guide. Husband, Proverbs ii. 16., and Joel i. 8.

Wilt. Hebrew, "will he," &c. The faithless people will not use this language, but do all the evil possible.

Days, before the 18th year. God now pronounces sentence (Calmet) on all. (Haydock) --- Rebellious, a faithless wife. The kingdom of Israel gave way to idolatry first. But the people were less favoured than Juda, which had many prophets and good kings, the temple, &c. Moreover, the misfortunes of Israel did not open the eyes of their brethren. (Calmet) --- Both the ten tribes, and the two tribes (Worthington) which adhered to the line of David, prevaricated. (Haydock)

Falsehood. Their reform was only apparent, under Joas, &c. (Calmet)

Soul, and appeared comparatively innocent, ver. 6., and Ezechiel xvi. 51. (St. Jerome) --- Yet neither of them was excusable. (Worthington)

North. Samaria, or rather Assyria, where the people were captives. --- Face, in anger.

Ways, dividing thy love, and adoring idols with me.

Kindred. Only few Israelites returned under Cyrus. The rest came by degrees, though it was more fully accomplished by the conversion of the Gentiles.

Pastors. Zorobabel, &c., but more particularly Christ and his apostles.

Ark. It was no longer at Jerusalem. The law and its figures cease.

All. Many might embrace the Jewish religion. But the predictions of the prophets on this head, were not verified, till the gospel was preached. (Calmet) --- Then many embraced the faith: several captives also returned to God. (Worthington)

North. Septuagint add, "and from all places" where the Jews were in captivity. (Haydock) --- Many thus returned to their own country, ver. 14. (Calmet) --- Israel had been led into captivity sooner, but all were released at once. (Theodoret) (Worthington)

Gentiles, which they all covet, or to which they are invited in the Church. (Calmet) --- Me. On these conditions thou shalt be restored. (Haydock)

God. Hence proceed these miseries and lamentations.

Liars, unfruitful; and the idols have left us empty. (Calmet) --- They were placed on the hills. (Houbigant)

Confusion. Thus Baal was styled Boseth, contemptuously, Jeremias xi. 13.

Shame. We are justly punished with exile, (Calmet) and death. (Menochius)

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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