Ecclesiastes 1
James Gray - Concise Bible Commentary
The words of the Preacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem.
Ecclesiastes 1:1-2:26

THE PROLOGUE (Ecclesiastes 1:1-11)

These verses show the general result of the whole search for good on earth, the record of which is to follow (Ecclesiastes 1:1-3); a symbolic illustration from nature of the monotony of human existence (Ecclesiastes 1:4-7); and a plain statement of the facts in the case (Ecclesiastes 1:8-11).

THE INTRODUCTION (Ecclesiastes 1:12-18)

These verses describe the seeker (Ecclesiastes 1:12); his method of search (Ecclesiastes 1:13), and the result in general (Ecclesiastes 1:14-15) and in particular (Ecclesiastes 1:16-18).

VARIOUS VANITIES (Ecclesiastes 2:2-26)

Chapter 2 lists vanities as: the lust of the flesh (Ecclesiastes 2:1-3); the lust of the eyes (Ecclesiastes 2:4-6); pride of life (Ecclesiastes 2:7-8); conclusion (Ecclesiastes 2:9-11). The vanity of wisdom (Ecclesiastes 2:12-17); the vanity of work (Ecclesiastes 2:18-23); conclusion (Ecclesiastes 2:24-26).

James Gray - Concise Bible Commentary

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