Psalm 138
Contemporary English Version

(By David.)

Praise the Lord with All Your Heart

1With all my heart

I praise you, Lord.

In the presence of angels+

I sing your praises.

2I worship at your holy temple

and praise you for your love

and your faithfulness.

You were true to your word

and made yourself more famous

than ever before.+

3When I asked for your help,

you answered my prayer

and gave me courage.+

4All kings on this earth

have heard your promises, Lord,

and they will praise you.

5You are so famous

that they will sing about

the things you have done.

6Though you are above us all,

you care for humble people,

and you keep a close watch

on everyone who is proud.

7I am surrounded by trouble,

but you protect me

against my angry enemies.

With your own powerful arm

you keep me safe.

8You, Lord, will always

treat me with kindness.

Your love never fails.

You have made us what we are.

Don't give up on us now!+


138.1 angels: Or “gods” or “supernatural beings” who worship and serve God in heaven; or possibly “rulers” or “leaders.”
138.2 You were … before: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
138.3 and gave me courage: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
138.8 You have … now: Or “Please don't desert your people.”

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